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It was a Monday Morning …..(part 2)

See part 1, click here After Chris left I got up and got dressed. I lay on the couch realaxing and thinking about what had just happened…when suddenly my phone buzzed. It was my friend Carrie. We had planned on lunch that day before the “unexpected adventure” happened. After getting off the phone I got […]

It was a Monday morning…..

It was a Monday morning ….. I got up at the usual time, showered and went into the kitchen to fix some breakfast while Chris showered and got ready for work….. it was a normal day and after finishing breakfast Chris kissed me goodbye and left for work…. I got some household work done and […]

My life long dream come true!

Hi, I’m Lizze and my story begins like this, Chris (my soulmate)and I met at dancing party. From the moment our eyes met we knew we were right for each other. Things sort of took off from there and he asked me out. Chris and my thoughts, beliefs and views were similar. Chris’ parents had died […]