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Get in the bedroom now!

My Beloved is usually soft spoken when it comes to sex.  She softly tells me what she wants.  She doesn’t usually make demands.  But on this day she was very demanding!  I was in the kitchen getting the kids their after school snack when my wife walks through the door.  She’s home early from work […]

When Willing Turns to Wanting

My wife and I both work full time.  We also have two young daughters.  Life gets busy and sometimes by the time we have time for sex one or both of us are just too tired to be in the mood.  We try to accommodate the needs of the other.  We’ve made it a habit […]

Pillow Talk

My wife and I recently played a game called pillow talk, some of the questions had obvious answers, would you watch porn or would you have a threesome, obviously the answers were no for both of us.  But one question in particular was very enlightening to both of us and I wanted to share it. […]