Gentle Breeze

I’m laying in the grass enjoying the gentle breeze
I look to the west and see the beautiful setting of the sun
I look back when I hear your approach
And softly lick my lips knowing what will come

I meet your gaze as you come towards me
I start to get up to greet you
But you motion that I should stay sitting down
You sat down beside me and me closer to you drew

I rapt my arms around you and looked into your eyes
You softly kiss my mouth, your tongue brushes against mine
Then we start to kiss harder, your hand behind my head
We lower to the ground, your lips tracing my neckline

I softly moan, as your hand caresses up my side
I pull you tighter against me, not wanting to let you go
My hands roam your back, while yours pull me close
Your lips along my neck achingly, tenderly, and slowly go

I seek your chest beneath your shirt
You move back for a moment only to toss your shirt aside
You then lay on the ground as I massage and kiss your chest
Your hands playing with my hair as you quietly sigh

As I kiss slowly down, your hands draw my shirt up
You pull it over my head, lay it aside, and stoke my strap down my arm
You kiss along my neck, towards my arm, and then down towards my breast
I undo my bra, it slides off my arms, we embrace and I feel so safe and warm

You lean over me, your eyes examining my every curve
You softly caress around my breasts, sending shivers through me
You kiss up from my stomach, between my breasts to end at my mouth
Our mouths meeting, your tongue traces my lips, like this we could always be

Your hands skim down my side, and playfully tug at my pants
You slowly undo them, smoothly take them off, and place them on the ground
Your hands tenderly wander up my legs, causing me to giggle a bit
Your hands stop at my waist, and the look you give me causes my heart to pound

I shiver slightly as a breeze brushes across my skin
I bring my hands up and trace across your chest
You lean down and kiss the hollow of my neck
And on your belt my hands do rest

I quickly undo your pants, and roll you to the side
I excitedly pull them off, taking boxers too
Tossing your pants away I sit softly by your side
Taking a moment to enjoy the view

I eagerly lean in, planting kisses on your neck
I straddle you and feel your hands tightly wrap around my back
Rocking me faster and harder
As your neck I do attack

I intently kiss your neck, causing heavier breathing in us both
When you suddenly roll me to the side, and slip my underwear away
And then you’re on me, kissing tenderly at my neck
Then you’re at my breasts and lightly with you tongue my nipples do you play

Your hands stroking down my sides, causing shivers through me
Reach my hips and one slides to my inner thigh
It searchingly slides up, you look to me and I nod for you to proceed
You’re hand reaches the center and with fingers moving so deftly I must let out a sigh

Moaning I draw you to me, gripping you as we rock as one
Your hand still caressing, causing such pleasure
Waves of shivers run through me
Filling me with ecstasy beyond measure

Pressed against each other such I can feel that you’re aroused
I slowly reach down and stroke, pulling you towards me
You stop kissing me so you can look at my face
As you enter me

You slowly enter me and I can’t hold back a gasp
For the feeling is so great
Time has no meaning when we’re together like this
It seems like an eternity and only a blink to the moment we both anticipate

Somehow it’s timed right, with both of us in perfect harmony
As waves of ecstasy wash over us both in time
We stare into each others eyes, enjoying the love that’s there
Knowing everything of me is yours and all of you is mine

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