My Best Friend

My best friend entered my world simple unexpected and surprised my dull life with a love of another kind.  He stood in the doorway to my classroom, as just another room parent, smiling.  I briefly looked him over, but passed him off as another parent to deal with this year.  How surprised I was to find my heart falling for him.  How much more surprised I was to learn that he too loved me!

Oh God, thank you for the healing that you started so long ago in both of us, to bring us to a place where we can see your hand leading and guiding us.  A date after church to watch the race, and then more evening church.  The stars were especially bright that night.  The angels were singing.  It changed my life.  It changed his.  We are older, wiser than what we used to be back when we were in our 20’s and the mistakes we made then based on foolish choices are in our past.  I knew.  He knew.  It was a gift of love from God.

The wedding several months later was simple on a boat with friends.  What a treasure I have! His banner over me is love.

He comes home on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and he (though perhaps tired) still has enough energy to talk to me and to snuggle with me and to ask me about my day.   I treasure that!  Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful in making an effort.

He is one who follows God with his whole heart! He enjoys being the spiritual leader and head of our household and has made a point of learning to think about me when you are making decisions.

He is so complementary and always telling me how beautiful I am; whether I’m dressed up for church, a hot date, or business clothes or in wearing the pj’s he saw me in for the millionth time.

When he whispers something that is so erotic and exciting when we are making love, I am full of amazing passion and lust only for my husband. To feel the amazing touch of his hand as it touches me and stirs up such a fire inside of me. I love to invite him in to my secret garden.  What a joy to know that loving my husband this way is not only serving God, it is honoring my husband; and God calls it worship.  Amazing love.

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