Going For Number Three

We had just moved back to North Carolina and on each of the previous two moves, my better half had been with child.  The circumstances of this move were different and with our financial future in doubt at the time of the move, we knew that having a third child would not be in our best interest at the time.  However things on the job front had improved and I had gone to work for a great firm and was having a great deal of success.  It was time to go for number three.

We had gone through the now familiar routine of going off the pill and waiting three months before trying.  Yes the routine of covering things up was a bit haphazard, as I did not like to use them when making love.  A typically male reaction she would say.  It was a Wednesday evening and the kids were in bed and we were watching television.  Angela said that she wanted to go to bed and asked if I would be coming soon and I said yes.  She went on and I had no idea what she was up to.  Around 15 minutes later, I hear a “pssst, come here”.  I wandered into the bedroom where the lights were off but the dim light of the shower gave just enough light to show my beautiful wife lying in bed in a green teddy.  She looked awesome and I knew that tonight would be a special night.  She motioned for me to close and lock the door so we would not receive any little interruptions.

I moved over to the bed and started to kiss my beautiful bride of 10 years.  I started lightly and moved over to her neck and chest above her teddy.  Mmmmm she smelled wonderful.  I lightly pulled her, and got her to sit up, and started to give her a shoulder and back rub kissing her neck and shoulders as I massaged her.  After a bit of this we started to kiss again and gradually undressed each other.  Her teddy came off much easier than my shorts.  We spent what seemed to be an eternity enjoying each other and laying naked together. Her body felt awesome and I was as excited as I could ever remember.

After a few minutes of just looking into her eyes she says to me, “Make love to me.”  At that moment, she pulls me close to her, grabs my uncovered manhood and I push it into her.  I tell her that I am not wearing protection and she says, “That’s the idea”.  We make hard passionate tender love in many different positions.  She climaxes three times and tells me to fill her up.  I continue my thrusting and put her legs on my shoulder and pump her deep.  She is getting excited again in anticipation of my upcoming deposit.  I pump her wetness and shoot streams of hot sperm into her ripe womb.  After finishing, I make sure she climaxes again so that my deposit will be well on its way to its intended target.

We finish and hold each other for a while.  Two weeks later she tells me she is pregnant with our third child.  What an awesome night …

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