A Vivid Dream or A spiritual Union?

Had this dream last nite…vivid dream

I was part of a recorded event. A recording which was being made to rekindle the flame of marriage for my husband and I. After 25 years of marriage, the fire was very dim. My competition found me with Golden protection surrounded my head (words repeated within the dream) making my face more clearly visible. During the competition, my body type, my facial expression and my emotional state was open, in clear view at all times.

In the dream, I looked fit but not athletic, innocent but not like a child. (The attributes my husband said attracted him to me) I was going through my series of stances in the forward warming shute. (again words from the dream) My danseur noble, trainer, (My husband the male ballet dancer?) was correcting my stances or posture,

I woke up feeling like I had been a part of a spiritual union, part of a ritualistic intimacy. I had been successfully seduced both emotionally and physically. I was now ready to rekindle the flame of our marriage.

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