A Fruitful Massage

We had talked about ‘the shower’ several times since we had got married. It felt a bit naughty, coming home when you might not have been expecting me. But I flattered myself that you might have been thinking of me as you stood in the shower.  I wandered in to our room, and settled down on the bed. I could see you through the glass, and was pretty sure you had not seen me. You were lost in soap and steam.   My thoughts about you had aroused me in any case, but seeing you now, through the glass, made me even more excited. Gently, but erotically charged, I undressed and settled down, naked on our bed, and caressed myself with my hand.

I heard the water cut off, and jumped up to stand near the glass door. As you opened it, you smiled.

‘Now what are YOU doing here?’ And you laughed that wonderful laugh. I said nothing, but held out a warm pink towel, wrapping it round you, and cuddling you close. ‘Let me dry you, sweetie’ I said.

I sensed that you had no objections, and enjoyed my hands, through the soft fabric, touching your legs, your arms, your back, your breasts, and carefully drying those intimate parts that we shared.

‘Oh this feels so special’. I said. ‘I want to make you feel so relaxed today, and I hope you’ll let me pamper you’.

With that, I led you to the bed, to another warm soft towel, laid out for you to lie on. Indicating that you should be on your back to begin with, and that you should make yourself comfortable, I reached for a bowl.

‘I know you like fruit’ I said. ‘I have with me cut up strawberries, raspberries, grapes, cherries, kiwis’ and with that, I began to offer you a strawberry. So juicy, so sweet.
‘Now lie back and just enjoy’.

I had thought about massaging you often. But it wasn’t just about rubbing my hands over you. I needed little goals to aim for. I have some warm, lightly scented oil. And soft music playing. But I also want to share in this fruit.

‘Now this is going to make you laugh’ I said, and began placing pieces of those summer fruits all over your beautiful body.  Halved cherries on your nipples. A strawberry on your navel. Kiwi fruits on your shut eyelids, and a strawberry in your mouth.

‘Now sweetheart, just enjoy my rubbing the oil in you, but please let me eat you as I go’. And that was my aim. To softly rub that warm oil, first on your legs, so carefully but firmly rubbing with my hands on your calves. Relaxing. Caressing. Working my way up over your knees. To your thighs, so so softly, rubbing over the top, and gently inside them.

‘Oh the beautiful triangle of your sex’ I gasped, as my eyes met with that feast. I planted a kiss, right on your hair and slowly rubbed some oil between your soft lips, and pushed a firm juicy strawberry just between them.

‘mmmmm…I’m going to enjoy eating this’ I said, as my lips warped round that fruit, to engage with yours. To eat the fruit, and lick your lips as well as mine, so slowly tickling your clitoris with my tongue, enjoying every moment.

And then the soft massage with oil moves over your stomach, eating the fruit as I go, feeding you from time to time with grapes, cherries and other delights. Eating those cherries from your nipples, I began to massage your breasts. Oh that felt so amazing. Such soft mounds in my large hands. I can’t resist kissing them as I move my hands over them. Kissing your nipples as I eat the fruit from them. And the kissing your own lips as I massage your soft, warm breasts.

I feel so good lying here next to you, my hands moving so easily over your warm smooth flesh. Gentle kisses, eating the lovely fruits of the earth.

‘It’s time to turn over’ I say.

I’m sitting astride you, my bottom on yours. We both love that feeling of flesh on flesh, and this feels wonderful, my hands rubbing your shoulders, your upper back, smoothing the warm oil over your naked body. As I bend forward, you cannot but help feel my hardness between your cheeks. I’m kissing your hair as I rub, and kissing the side of your face.

‘If you lift up your face, I can give you another grape’ I say. And as I do just that, I slip my tongue in your ear, wiggling it round, making you feel so warm inside, and wanting to moan, but with a mouth full of fruit, what are you going to do? I am such a tease today.

Moving myself further down, I place fruit all over your back, so that as I rub your bottom, I can eat from you, like a table. I can plant little kisses with my mouth, as I kiss your bottom with my hands. Oh, I love your bottom. And with the oil, I can’t resist placing little smacks, each time a little harder. ‘Oh this is so arousing’ I moan at you.

But still there are legs to be rubbed, and I want to concentrate on those as well. Rubbing your calves, and your thighs, warming you, relaxing you.

‘Sweetie, can you open your legs a little wider?’ I say. And here you are. My hands gently gliding between your thighs. Softly touching, moving occasionally near your vagina, feeling a wisp of hair, and so much warmth.

I can bear it longer. My hardness is straining to be near you. My hands run over your lips, but they need no oil.

‘Please may I, my love?’ I ask. And your moans say it all. I’ve imagined entering you this way before. You lying flat on your front, your bottom pushed slightly in the air. I hold myself in my hand, and lean on you, pushing so carefully inside you, and at exactly that same time, my tongue once more going in your ear.

‘Oh myyyyyy’ you gasp. Here I am, filling you, wanting you. My penis slowly moving inside of you, to try and find the places that seem best. I have this idea that my tip can stimulate your g spot from this angle, rubbing carefully over it. I so want to make you explode with joy there.

My hands reach round under you every so often as I move. Now to give you a piece of fruit, now to touch your breasts and fondle your nipples; now to move down and touch your clitoris as we make love.

I sense your first orgasm, twitching round me. Oh such an amazing thing, the twitches round my penis, and the gush of moans from mouth and the gush of warmth across the tip of me inside you. Oh how amazing it feels.

My fingers are wet from being underneath you, but with a little movement of them, I sense that you want to kneel up. That enables me to pick up speed. We’ve been here for nearly an hour now, caressing and rubbing. You feel so beautiful, but I need to drive in harder to you, and if you kneel up, I can drive in harder, talking to you.

‘Feel me deeply love, feel me push in you, feel me urgently needing you here’.

My hands on your hips, rubbing your back, occasionally going under you to feel your breasts and clitoris once again, I feel you and hear you and can stand it no more.

‘I have to explode’ I say

And all I can here you reply is

‘Yes…please….for me…with me….in me…nowwwww’

And after an amazing orgasm, we both collapse, cuddling, enjoying one another’s company.

‘The shower calls us again I think’ you laugh after the longest time of just being in one another’s arms. Shall we get in together?’

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