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Erotic letter – Notes to my soul mate, my lover and my best friend…

Erotic Letter – I dream of you nightly. I think of you daily, I am so lucky going through life with you by my side. How can  I not write this letter to celebrate Valentine’s Day,  a day for lovers , to let you know how very special you are to me?  I’m compelled to do so…

Such wonderful intimacy we share, no covering up, complete vulnerability. To possess such passion and desire within, to experience such intimacy with someone…  is intoxicating.

We both have questioned the norm in this relationship because it exceeds all expectations and boundaries.  What a joy it is to make love to each other passionately. What joy we take in discovering the pleasures of each other’s bodies. Sex between you and I makes us feel alive, it lets the other know how much we cherish them , it’s exciting and thrilling to know that we desire each other so much.  Your kisses are like the breeze whispering over my lips. Gentle, fluttering, soft… at other times, they’re demanding and stormy…and always, always, equally passionate. I feel breathless and yet so alive.

It’s magical to be with a man who feels the same as I. When we’re on a picnic and the need for each other becomes too intense, we make love with abandon . When we’re in the ocean kissing, I have no qualms about slipping you inside me and letting the waves takes us to the brink of ecstasy. If we are driving somewhere and you’re aroused, I want you to pull over so I can pleasure you with my mouth, taste you, devour you…

When I need to cum I want you to sense that urgency and take me, bring me to the very depths  of carnal pleasure.  I love knowing that I’m with a man I can masturbate in front of;  touch myself for both my enjoyment and your visual pleasure.  One-sided, both sides…it’s all good. I don’t care what is normal for other people , I only know that I am so connected to you, so “one” with you that I want to make love every day,  I need it as I need air to breathe or eight hours of sleep each day. Insatiable lust, unparalleled desire, we have so much chemistry together that “normal” has been redefined.

Making love with you is exquisite, sensuous. I feel like a precious china doll in your arms. Held tenderly, passionately revered…

I’m imagining you in bed beside me now. Reaching over, cupping my breast. Fondling my nipple as it grows hard….I’m imagining kissing your mouth. Oh how sexy your mouth is…I get transported to another place when I kiss your mouth. Our tongues touch ever so lightly. Our lips are just barely grazing each other, and that wonderful delicious fire is rapidly spreading through my body.

As we kiss, I do what comes so naturally when I’m in your arms; I open my legs a little. Shivering involuntarily, I can feel my pussy tingling and the urgency in me is already building. You’re on top of me now, kissing me ever so gently. Teasing me with your lips. I open my legs a little wider as I feel the hardness of your manhood pressing against me.

I feel myself growing more aroused as ever so gently you reach down and touch my labia, gently opening me.  My breathing is quickening and I arch my hips in a desperate attempt to feel the contact with my clitoris. You’ll have none of that and you whisper in my ear “patience darling”, as your fingers tug and tease at my pussy lips exploring and opening my dripping cunt but not touching my pleasure center.

I whisper, “I want you, want you inside me “ , but in reply you just press your cock against my steaming crotch, further teasing but not giving me what I want. “Please, I beg, need you so bad, need to cum.” But despite my pleading, you tell me “not yet my love, I want to enter that sweet pussy of yours and have you cum all over my cock. I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked.”

I’m squirming and pleading with you, never wanted your cock so bad. My clit is so engorged, pussy lips swelled up and glazed in my juices. Want your cock, need you, my hips are bucking up trying desperately to get what I want.  You whisper in my ear, “I want to feel your pussy milk me, want to feel that tight little snatch convulsing on my rod.” You continue trailing kisses down my throat, igniting the fire within my soul…

And finally, finally, you whisper “NOW you’re ready baby” as you plunge your rock hard manhood deep inside me.

Instantly it starts happening, I go over the precipice and wave after wave engulfs my steaming pussy. I feel myself squirting all over your beautiful cock with every deep thrust  that you give me. And finally my body stops jerking and spasming and there it is, that smile….the smile that tells you how satisfied I am, how much passion you’ve tapped into and released in me. How alive and womanly I feel in your arms.  How I feel made love to like never, ever before….

The wonderful thing about us is that you’re also my best friend. The first person I think of when I have news to share. The first person I think of when somethings bothering me. The man who’s opinion I want. The man who has the shoulder I want to cry on when I’m sad. The man who treats me as a princess should be. You’re the guy I laugh with. Oh what fun we have together! Do you remember when we tripped in the sand and fell on the beach into each others arms?  Remember our “date night” when we met at the motel and everything was perfect EXCEPT you had on two different shoes? Remember that crazy, funny romantic time in Vienna, standing on the toilet seat so we could see the stars out the window?  What a wonderful combination of friends and lovers…unquelled passion , true companionship…

This is how it should be when you’re in love with someone. You are my go-to guy…for everything. Every little thing I want to bounce off of someone comes to you.   I want to see things and do things with you that we haven’t experienced so far , I want to experience every little thing life has to offer, with you by my side.

I am so, so grateful for the gift that is you. THANKYOU for being wonderful you.


Erotic Letter Ideas

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erotic letter

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  1. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Beautiful! Like you, my husband is also my best friend. If there is anything we haven't shared yet, we'll get to it eventually. He has taught me the freedom we have in marriage to experience it all with each other. 35 years and better than ever!

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