Valentine Surprise

I was working double shifts this past February.  This usually meant that I got up early in the morning and left the house before my wife would wake up.

I would normally get back home after she was asleep.  Valentine’s Day was no exception. Of course, after more than 20 years together, romance was not always at the top of the “to-do list” anyway.  As I came in the driveway I noticed a dim light in the bedroom window.  Not too unusual; she would sometimes fall asleep with the TV or the reading lamp on.  Exhausted from the long day, I went upstairs to the bedroom to shower and get some sleep.

As I quietly entered the room, I got a bit of a shock.  The dim light I had seen was not the TV, it was candle light.  And in the flickering glow I saw what was possibly the last thing I expected.  Instead of being curled up asleep in an oversized T-shirt, my wife was wide awake.  The bed sheets were pulled back and she was laying on her back, nude except for one item.  The only thing she wore was a new, red thong!  In honor of the holiday, the little panties consisted of nothing more than a lacy red heart, strategically placed, and thin strings to hold it on.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” she whispered.  I leaned down and kissed her hard on the mouth, rubbing my hand over her big, soft breasts at the same time.

I came up for air and replied, “Wow! I didn’t get you anything!”

“What you see is only part of your present,” she smiled. “Since you’ve been working so hard, tonight I’ll do anything you want to!”

Now, we’ve been married a long time, and my wife isn’t exactly a prude.  I began searching my fantasies for something new, something we had not done together before, or maybe something we hadn’t done in a long time.  As I pondered the offer I let my lips explore her body.  Kissing her neck, down her cleavage, gently exploring each hard nipple in turn.  I passed my mouth slowly over her flat, smooth stomach, down to the edge of the lace heart.  She spread her legs and I placed lingering kisses on the inside of each thigh, and one in the center of the heart.  I rested there a moment, enjoying the view of her thin panties and bare breasts.  Realizing how much I enjoyed looking at her, I made my decision.  But would she really go through with it?  I had hinted at this before, but she had never actually done it.

I stood beside the bed.  She already had a bottle of warmed-up massage oil on the night table.  As I picked up the bottle I said, “Hold out your hands.”  She did and I poured a generous amount of oil in her hands.  “Oil up your breasts while I undress!”

Hesitantly at first, she started rubbing the oil on her breasts.  The nipples hardened as they shone in the candlelight.  Before long she was rubbing her breasts vigorously and playing with her nipples.  I was half-way undressed when I picked up the bottle again.  I poured out a little more oil on her stomach.  She took the hint, and continued rubbing on the oil, now moving her hands from her breasts down to the top of the thong and back up.
As I removed by pants and underwear both at the same time, she looked over at my erection and moaned softly. “Mmmm” as she reached and grabbed my penis with one oily hand.  It felt great, but this was not my plan.

“Not yet,” I scolded, as, with great effort, I pulled her hand away from my crotch.  Still holding her arm by the wrist, I poured just a little bit more oil in her hand, and placed her hand on her belly, just above the top of the thong.  “A little lower,” I said, nervously.  She looked at me as if to protest, but before she could say anything, I reminded her, “You said anything I wanted.”

Slowly, she slid her right hand into the panties for just a second.  As she started to move it back upward I said, “Keep rubbing.”  With her eyes locked on mine, she slid her hand back into her panties.  She rubbed a few seconds before her eyes closed and her head tilted back. I could tell she was fingering herself, but I wanted a better view.  I took hold of the thong, and as I slid it down, she lifted her hips to allow it to slide all the way off.  I let my hands wander over her thighs, belly and boobs, but I never took my eyes off of her love spot.  In all of our years together I had never seen her masturbate before, and I was loving it!  Her middle finger dipped into her wet slit, then back to her clitoris.  She flicked it faster and faster until I recognized the unmistakable signs of impending orgasm.

Her hips bucked, her breath quickened and she moaned softly as she made herself come for me.  What a gift!  Overcome with love and desire, I knelt between her legs and thrust my throbbing hard-on into her dripping slit.  She shuddered and wrapped her legs around me.  As I thrusted into her I lowered myself to my elbows so I could feel her oily breasts against my chest.  With our hips grinding together, I knew it was only a matter of seconds until we came together.

“I was nearly overcome with desire after watching my wife finger herself, as an unexpected Valentine’s present to me.  I had quickly climbed between her legs when she finished, ready to add my own orgasm to hers.  However, after only a couple of strokes, by wife unwrapped her legs from my waist and pushed my chest up and away from hers.  She began turning, so that we rolled over, with me on my back and her on top of me.  She raised herself up on her arms.  Now I could see my penis entering her and, by leaning up just a little, I could kiss and suck on her nipples.  I began massaging her breasts, then ran my hands down her sides, over her lower back and grabbed one butt cheek in each hand.  I pulled her tight against me, then thrusted up into her.  To my surprise, she lifted her hips all the way up, pulling me out of her.  Now she was kneeling across my thighs, her hands resting on my stomach.  She took both my hands in hers and rubbed them over her breasts, smiling and moaning.  I was trying to maneuver my erection back into her, but she would not allow it.  As she led my hands over her breasts, she asked me, “”Did you enjoy the show?””
“”Oh my God, yes!,”” I exclaimed, “”You are incredibly sexy!  Thank you!””
“”Well,”” she hesitated a second, “”now it’s my turn.””
I must have looked confused, because she smiled a little as she took my right hand from her chest and placed it on my erection.  Now I understood.  She wanted a similar show.  But I didn’t know if I could.  I began to understand why she had for so long refused what seemed to me to be a simple request.  I suppose everybody masturbates at some time in their life.  But such things are supposed to be secret, rarely acknowledged, certainly not performed in front of another person.  I began to realize how truly exceptional it was that my wife had been willing, tonight at last, to grant my request.  The act was so private, so … intimate.  As she poured a little of the oil onto my member, I knew that I could not refuse her request.  In a strange, new way, this “”performance”” was a whole new level of intimacy for us.

As I began stroking myself I said, “”Let me look at you while I do it.  Wearing your new thong.””
“”Oh,”” she smiled, “”you like that?””
“”Oh yes!”” I replied as she climbed off the bed to retrieve the heart-shaped panties.  She knelt over me on the bed and began rubbing her breasts all over my body, avoiding my erection.  My right hand stroked my shaft while my left played with my balls, or grabbed  a tit when it got close enough, or rubbed her butt.  When she rubbed her breasts over my belly, I put one hand on the back of her head and tried to push her mouth toward my erection.
She laughed and pulled away.  “”No way!  You have to finish the job yourself!  But here’s some inspiration.””
With that she repositioned herself again.  Now she was on all fours over me, but head down.  Her slit was only an inch or two from my face.  Her breasts pressed against my stomach and chest, her face almost touching the head of my penis.

I ran my free hand over her back to her butt.  I could see the soaking wet red lace stretched over her slit.  I lifted my head and pressed my face against the thin lace, tasting her juices.  With one hand I pulled the thong to one side and thrusted my tongue into her.  The other hand was pounding swiftly now.  In another few seconds I reached climax, my cream spewing out and up at full force.  She pulled her face up a little and out of the way so that the ejaculation went mostly on her breasts and my stomach.  As my orgasm finished, she slid downward a little so that her breasts were on both sides of my shaft.  She rocked gently forward and back, causing me to come even more.

I grabbed her butt with both hands and pushed my face hard into her wet little slit.  She got up, turned around and laid down so that she was on her side, facing away from me, with her butt against my shaft.  She raised one leg slightly, reached down and pulled the thong to one side.  I slid into her once more.  My member was still very sensitive from the recent orgasm.  I pulled her tight against me, reached around and cupped her breast.  “”Did you enjoy the show?”” I asked.  “”Mmmmm”” she moaned, closed her eyes, and relaxed.  As we both drifted off to sleep, I thought it was the perfect ending to my Valentine’s surprise.

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