Combat Boots

Alone in our room I formulate a plan. I want to make tonight special. Really special. We haven’t had a special sex night in a while. I mean we have had sex, but it just felt, like I was going through the motions. I’m going to fix that though. I know it hurts us both when we just go through the motions. I go over all the things you like:

1) In the shower
2)Spanking me
3) Role play
4) Food/licking
5) Toys

I know that these are your favotorites, so I try and make a senerio so that I can fulfil all of them. And then the plan hits, me, and I run out the door, slipping on shoes as I go.

The kids are at school, but I call my mom and beg her to take the kids tonight, and she senses that im stressed and promises to get them from school and bring them home late after a movie. Perfect!

In the car on the deserted road I take a picture of me fingering myself and send it to you, knowing that it will make you wonder what has gotten into me and make you ready for tonight.

I give you scant details, and you know that I’m up to something. I can tell that you’re excited. I get in the store and I buy some new things, for my new idea. I get an extreamly short skirt, some thigh-high combat boots, a few giant suckers, and some fresh strawberries.

I saw the cashier give me a wierd look, but I smiled and pretended I didn’t know what she was thinking. I went home, and cooked your favorite dinner, chicken and Mac ‘n Cheese, and I light candles all around the room.

I put the food in the oven when it was done so that it would stay warm, and I went upstairs and got into my outfit.

I wore a tied up button up shirt, that showed a lot of cleavage, my super short skirt, and my thigh high-boots, with my stockings under them with holes for affect. I put my hair into pony tail, like a dirty school girl.

I put a note for you on the door, telling you to come and find me for a suprise, and I send you another dirty picuture, but this one was of handcuffs.

I give you just enough to make you continue to think about what I have in store.

I get in position, in the shower and I cuff my hands to the rod above my head, so that the lollipop is dangeling in my mouth, a strawberry is between my breasts, and the words Spank Me are on my ass, and I wait for you to come home, my body shaking with anticipation.

When you finally get into the house, and you see the candels and the letter, you race up the stairs, and find me dangeling in my outfit with my legs spread wide in the shower. The bulge in your pants looks so delicious it’s painful, but I barely have time to think this before you race up to me and you wrap your arms around my body, and you kiss me so deeply and passionatly, that’s when I noticed that my lollipop has been spit out, no suprise there.

Pressing my body aginst yours until I feel my breasts are going to catch on fire, you kiss my lips and suck them like you are the lone surivior of some terrible accident and you need love, and my body reponds to yours with the same passion. I feel the wetness leak from my pussy, down my legs and into my boots making me moan. You slide your hands up and down my body, stopping when you get to the bottom of my thighs. You lift me up so that I can wrap my legs around you while I have my hands cuffed. You’re as hard as you have ever been, if not harder. I feel it and long for it. You rip my skirt as you pull it off and that just makes me moan more.

Next you move you mouth down to suck my tits, you spot my hidden strawberry. You get it into your teeth and you bite into it, and watching the juice drip from your mouth makes me moan, and then you’re kissing me again. Lighting my body on fire again.

Softly you put me down and take off my top as you lick and kiss behind my ear. My moan breaks the silence as you see that I have written “Spank me” On my butt.

You grab the cheeks and you squeeze them in just the right way. Rough and soft, and you slip a finger into my pussy as you spank me from behind. You make me moan as you remove your finger.

You slap my ass and you groan in pleasure. I moan with you and I beg you to fuck me. I need you. I don’t need nice, slow lovemaking, I want a rough deep fuck. Nice and slow is fun, today I didn’t want that.

“Keys?” You ask

“Bed,” I moan and you hit my ass nice and hard (But not too hard, I know you’d never hurt me) and you return with the keys, you take me into your arms and you lead me to the bed. In my plan you would have fucked me in the shower, but that wasn’t where this was going. You sent me on the bed and I wrap my legs around you as you position yourself over me. I grab your rock hard dick and I press it into my pussy, both of us are moaning on entry. You thrust it inside, deep, deep, deep, all the way to the top and hold it there as you kiss my lips sucking on my bottom one. You thrust it out and in again and again, that night we came so many glorious blessed times, over and over.

I plan to be a dirty school girl alot more often.


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3 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    What a blessing for you to give your hubby such anticipations throughout the day – letting him know that you were riveted on him and planning! I’m glad it turned out so good! God bless you both! I love your stories

  2. cj1975 says:

    Great story,can’t wait to get my wife alone and give her ass a good spanking. Not too hard,but she trusts me when we play like that and its a huge turn on for us both.

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