The Anniversary Crock Pot

Over our nearly 20 years of marriage, I have learned a lot about how my wife likes to give and receive love. While my love languages are focused primarily on physical touch and in words of encouragement, hers is focused more in spending quality time together. In order for me to better understand this, she has always explained it this way, especially when it comes to us having physical intimacy: “Babe, you are a microwave and I am a crock pot. I need to stew for awhile before I’m fully cooked.” Because we are very busy raising our children, we have had to get really creative when it comes to finding ways to spend that quality time together. Being the guy that I am, I am VERY motivated to find ways for the “stew” to cook.

Recently, we celebrated our wedding anniversary. I’m really blessed that this wonderful woman was given to me by God so many years ago. I’m equally as blessed that she has always been by my side: For better or for worse. Our anniversary falls during the holidays; we were blessed to have my wife’s cousin staying with us while she was on break from school. My wife loves surprises, so I arranged for her cousin to watch the kids so that I could surprise my wife with a special anniversary day and evening together. On the day of our anniversary, I planned on “working” a half day. When I woke up, I rolled over and gave her a big kiss and wished her “Happy anniversary!”

She smiled a big smile and hugged me tight. After I had gotten ready for work, I came back to the bed and sat down next to her and said, “Be ready to leave at 12:30 sharp, and dress comfortably.” I could immediately see it in her face; Click! the crock pot had just been turned on!

I went on to work; since it was the holidays, there really wasn’t much going on. This was great for me as it gave me a chance to finalize our plans for the day. The plan for the day was along these lines:

1) Couples massage

2) lunch

3) Pedicure for her

4) dinner

5) Go listen to some live music

6) Spend the night at a hotel and have some serious MARRIAGE HEAT!

I had already made all of the reservations, so it was time for a few last-minute details. I hadn’t bought her any lingerie in a few years so I stopped by a local store and selected something really sexy yet classy; it was a white silk gown with matching robe. Both were cut about mid-thigh and I knew that they would both look really good on her. The gown had thin straps that would rest on her shoulders; I was certain that I would be lowering those straps later in the evening. After making the gown and robe purchase, the next stop was at a nearby florist. My wife is a huge fan of red roses. I decided that a single red rose was appropriate for the evening and made my purchase. The morning was drawing near a conclusion so I had to make my last stop prior to heading home to pick her up: the hotel. I had arranged for an early check-in so that I could organize the room in a manner that oozed romance. Because it was a weeknight during the Holidays, I knew that the hotel wouldn’t be very busy. I made sure that our room was on the top floor nowhere near the elevator. I didn’t want any distractions nor did I want for us to be a distraction as I anticipated that we might be. The room had a nice king-size bed and a large comfortable looking chair with an ottoman. Unfortunately, there were no appropriately placed mirrors for people who liked to self-voyeur while having sex, so we wouldn’t be watching ourselves that night. I brought an iPad and speaker docking station, candles, and matches, the gown and robe, and the flower. I positioned everything in the order that I wanted, put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door and headed home to collect my bride.

When I got home, she was ready to go and was excited as to what the day held in store for her. While she loves surprises, she is typically unable to control her excitement and constantly asks, “Where are you taking me?”

It wasn’t until we were about two minutes from the spa that I revealed our first destination. We were both long overdue for a massage. The stress of life takes its toll and we are always drawn closer together whenever we get the chance to have a massage at the same time. When we arrived, we were promptly greeted and were brought some lemon infused water. The water tasted good and refreshing. Neither one of us said much as we were both mentally moving to a relaxing place. We were called back to our room and were given all of the basic instruction about what would happen, how firm we wanted the massage, to undress to our level of comfort, and to lay face-down under the sheet. When the masseuses left to give us a few minutes to undress, I got a blissful glimpse of my beloved as she quickly peeled off her layers. Her perfect hourglass figure looked amazing in the dancing candlelight. Her breasts looked full and her nipples were erect as we both eased under the sheets of our respective massage tables. Speaking of erect, I was thankful that we started facedown as I was in no condition to be laying on my back having just stared at my naked wife for 5 minutes. The massage was exhilarating; it lasted an hour and was successful in renewing our spirits.

After we left the spa, I took her to grab a quick bite to eat. I hinted that we would be having a large dinner so we split a small plate of dates and shared a grilled cheese sandwich. We also enjoyed a flight of wine. Pinot, Malbec, and Cab were just right for the palate and continued to help set the mood and the tone for the day. My wife fed me a few of the dates. She gently placed them into my mouth and had a look of desire on her face each time that she fed me.

The crock pot was warming quite nicely.

We made a quick drive to the place where she gets her nails done. I pulled up and encouraged her to get out and enjoy herself and that I would be back in an hour. She seemed so happy and leaned over to kiss me before she got out. As I’ve posted before, I love my wife’s feet. I was eager to see what color she would pick. While conservative by nature, she tends to have a flare for the dramatic when she picks out a color for her toes. Perhaps it is because she knows that I like it so much. Regardless, she likes to take care of her feet. Who am I to stand in the way of that? Anyway, I had an hour and I was going to need all 60 minutes of it. I rushed back home and gathered up everything that she and I would need for the night, including a couple of wine glasses. It was nice enough outside for the kids to play with their friends. My wife’s cousin asked how everything was going. After I told her that things were great, she said that all was well at home and wondered if it would be ok if she took the kids to the movies. After thinking about it for about 1/2 second, I told her that would be fine. I gave her some money for the movies and for dinner and I headed out for the hotel. When I got there, I set up everything according to plan. I set up all of the things that she likes to use to freshen herself up with in the bathroom. I hung our clothes for the next day in the closet. The robe and gown laid on the bed where I had left them earlier. I moved the red rose to lay on top of them. I turned on the iPod and set the music to repeat through our extensive collection of jazz music. I wanted to light the candles, but responsibility kicked in and I turned on a lamp. I saved the candles for later. My hour was drawing to an end. I made sure that I had the room key and closed the door behind me.

When I pulled up at the nail place, I could see my wife sitting inside. She was wearing those little foam slippers that they give women right after their nails are done to ensure that the wet polish doesn’t smear. She saw me walk in and she met me at the front desk so that I could pay.

“Well, what do you think?” she asked.

I looked down. JACKPOT: blood red! Her feet looked really sexy.

“Very nice,” I said trying not to blush nor trying to make too big of a deal of it. I looked up quickly to pay knowing that if I stared much longer, I was going to embarrass myself.

We headed back home. On the way, I told her that she had a couple of hours to get ready for the evening.

“The day could end right now and it would be perfect,” she said with a smile. I think the pot was getting warmer by the minute.

When we arrived home, my wife’s cousin and our kids were gone. I explained to her that they had gone to the movies. My wife was quite impressed with my “planning”. Who was I to say that sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good? I poured us both some water and I told her that I was off to shave and shower. I knew that it would take her longer to get ready than it would for me so I went first. After a nice shave, I got into the shower. I was just about finished washing my hair, when I heard the shower door open and close. I could tell that she had gotten in with me. Before I even opened my eyes, she had gotten soap onto her hands and had begun to stroke my dick. It was obvious that we had spent enough quality time together in her book, but for the first time in my life, I held firm. I had moved in behind her as I soaped her up and caressed her firm ass and legs. I then reached around and soaped up her perky breasts. She was really feeling it. I was too as I was as hard as a rock. Somehow, I managed to get out of that shower. I really wanted our evening in the hotel to be super special so I said, “We’ll finish this later.” While she didn’t protest, I think that she had her doubts since, at this point, she didn’t realize that we would be spending the night in a hotel away from the kids. I don’t know if all women are like this, but when my wife and I are alone in a hotel room, things kick into a different gear for her. She is far less inhibited and very free-spirited. She seems far less concerned about how we have sex or how loudly we do it when we are away from home.

I wore a pair of slacks and a sport coat with no tie. She looked amazing. Because it was cold outside, she wore a long sleeve blouse that was exactly the same color as her beautiful blue eyes. She wore a skirt that came just above the knees; she had shaved her legs and they looked silky smooth. She wore open toe shoes that showed off her sparkly toes. She looked so classy, especially when she put on her overcoat.

We drove to a different part of town for dinner. We enjoyed our drive. We both felt relaxed yet excited. We had a splendid bottle of wine with dinner. It was a fabulous Cab from Napa Valley. It was fun to watch her enjoy the wine and see it’s loosening effect on her. She handles alcohol well and has always been responsible with it. She rubbed her foot up my leg and put it into my lap. We smiled at each other lovingly. The time was coming. I paid the bill and we put the cork back in the wine bottle and carried it out to the car. I told her that we were headed to a nearby establishment to listen to some jazz music. That seemed to resonate with her as she slightly leaned back in her chair. She grabbed my free hand and sighed with a sweet and contented smile. If we had one moment where things didn’t go according to my plan, it turned out to be a fortuitous one. I had never been to this particular music venue before and we struggled to find it. After a few minutes of conferring with the GPS, we were still unable to locate the venue. I knew that the set had already started and that we were missing it.

My wife turned to me and said, “Please tell me that we are staying in a hotel tonight.”

I replied, “Your wish is my command.” She quickly turned her head and looked right at me with a look of complete focus. “Are you serious?”

“Yes, the room is waiting for us.”

“Forget the music!” she snapped. “Let’s go to the hotel. NOW!”

I quickly got the car pointed back to our side of town. It took us a quick 20 minutes to get there. She reflected on what a great day it had been and how much she appreciated how special I had made it for us. She rubbed my arm just a little more firmly than normal. The crock pot had fully warmed up.

When we arrived at the hotel, she mainly just giggled as we rode the elevator up to the top floor. I think that she was just stunned that I had pulled all of this off without her knowing about it. She was equally as struck by the way that I had prepared our “nest” for the evening. She looked around at everything. She noticed the music playing, the wine glasses, the candles, and, of course, her sexy gown and robe and flower. She picked up the flower, smelled it and said, “Baby, this is all so special. I will never forget this day for the rest of my life. I promise you that you won’t either after this night ends.”

With that she put her arms around my neck and we had a passionate kiss. Our tongues danced in one another’s mouths. I could tell that she was going to be really focused this night. After our kiss, she took off her shoes, grabbed her gown and headed to the bathroom. I took off my jacket and removed my shoes as well. I lit the candles in the room and turned off the lamp. I poured the remainder of the wine into our two glasses. I went to the bathroom and knocked on the door. “Honey, I have something for you.”

She opened the door. She was standing there in her bra and panties. I wanted to take her right there on the bathroom floor. I could feel my dick getting hard. She took the glass from me, took a sip, said, “Thanks.” and closed the door.

I finished undressing. I went ahead and took everything off. “Screw it”, I thought to myself, “It’s all gonna come off anyway.” I laid down on the bed. I didn’t even pull back the covers. I wanted to see her beautiful body in the candlelight as I made love to her.

After a few minutes, the bathroom door opened and she walked out. She looked so hot. She looked even better than she did in my mind’s eye as I had planned the day. Her curves looked so developed under the robe. I couldn’t wait to take it off of her so that I could see how she looked in the gown. I knew that it would show off her smooth fair skin. I had imagined all day long about how I was going to fuck her and now the moment had finally arrived.

She started walking over to the bed. I took one last swig of wine and set down my glass. She didn’t say a word as she laid down next to me. We started to kiss. She tasted like the wine. As we rolled around on the bed making out, my knee slipped between her legs and up against her womanhood. She was very wet. I rolled her over on her back and started to rub her clit with my fingers. She was gushing. I went done on her. She moaned and arched her back as she climaxed for the first time that evening. I kept licking and sucking on her; I also moved my hand under her gown and over one of her nipples and began rubbing it between two of my fingers.

“Baby, I want to suck your dick,” she said panting. All day, I had been thinking about how I was going to incorporate that big comfortable chair into our evening. Now was my chance. I stood up and walked over to the chair and, sat down, and pushed the ottoman away with my foot.

“Come here,” I demanded. She came over and got down on her knees in front of me. I spread my legs and she leaned in and grabbed my cock and immediately started sucking it. She went nuts on it (pardon the pun). She stroked it hard and sucked very quickly. A couple of times she looked up at me while she was sucking. She started licking my balls. I moaned as I was in pure ecstasy. I thought for sure that I would cum in her mouth, but then she stopped.

I opened my eyes just as she climbed up on me and slid down on my cock. Her pussy felt so warm as she began to rock back and forth on me. Her hands were on my shoulders. My hands were free so I lowered the straps on her gown so that her beautiful breasts were inches from my face. I licked her nipples while she rode me. She rode faster and I grabbed her ass as I moved forward a little on the chair. She then changed position and wrapped her legs around me while she furiously continued to ride me. I could feel the climax arising in me again and I knew that I wanted to get her back on the bed so that I could pound her hard. I stood up and we fucked in a standing position for about a minute.

“I love you baby!” She said quickly and loudly as she grabbed my face and kissed me. I continued to hold her ass and pushed her up and down on my shaft.

“I love you too,” I said.

I walked over to the bed and placed her on it. We squirmed to the middle and then to the edge of the other side.

“Finish it, baby!” she yelled. If anyone was within four rooms of ours, I guarantee that they could hear us. I supported my weight on my hands and I started to pump her really hard.

“Oh, baby, that is so good!” she yelled as she grabbed my ass. “Give it to me now, baby, now!” as she came again. Her head was hanging over the side as I pounded her and finally exploded inside of her. We held one another for a long time and fell asleep in each other arms completely content.

We slept in the next morning. When I woke up, I was ready to go again. I opened the curtains so that the light of day could come in. I went and brushed my teeth and came back to bed. She rolled over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, “My turn.” She got up and went to brush her teeth as well. When she walked back in the room she was brushing her hair. I went and turned the music on. When I walked back over to the bed, she had laid down her brush and was leaning onto the bed looking at me back over her shoulder. I came up behind her and pulled her back up. I kissed her neck. She sighed. I kissed her neck some more and then I reached around and grabbed her tits. She sighed again. After about a minute. I licked my fingers and reached around and began to rub her clit. She moaned again and again. She reached behind her and grabbed my dick and started stroking it.

Things were heating up quickly.

Finally I pressed up against her. She raised up and I entered her from behind. I positioned my feet a little forward and they rubbed up against hers; I could tell that she was standing on her tip-toes as I am several inches taller than her. I looked down. I could see that tight ass as I was slowly moving in and out of her. Her calves were flexed and looked very shapely, and, sure enough, there she stood on those blood red toes. We went at it this way for a few minutes. While the pace the night before was fast and furious, the pace of our sex this morning was slower and deliberate.

Eventually, we got up on the bed. I stayed behind her. She had her feet together so her ass looked like a little heart as I continued to thrust in and out of her. Because the room was bright, I could see our reflection in the screen of the TV. It wasn’t as good as watching in the mirror, but it was cool to see our forms come together over and over. She rubbed herself and eventually climaxed rather loudly. I leaned forward and grabbed her tits. The feeling of the smooth skin on her ass made me pump harder and faster until I too came. We held each other and eventually got up and packed. We took our things down to the car. I ran back up to the room one last time to make sure that we hadn’t left anything. A housekeeper was out in the hall. She smiled a coy and knowing smile. I’m sure that she had heard us that morning. I headed back down, checked out, and took my “crock pot” out for brunch.


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  1. Sipper says:

    Thanks texasman76! Is it just my situation, or do other wives lose their inhibitions when they are away from home in a hotel? My wife is a tomcat when we get to a hotel. We always have wild passionate sex multiple times. I’d love to hear if others experience this as well. Keep bringing the heat!

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