Hotel in Austin – Public Sex

This is a true story of my lovely Christian wife and me.  We’ve been married for 30 years, we have two grown children, and she’s as beautiful as ever.

We met when she was eighteen; I was a few years older.  She had virtually no experience with me.  She suspected that men found her desirable, but I knew they did.

One evening she and I went downtown to catch a bit of the nightlife in Austin.  Before long, however, we ended up in the lounge of one of the newest and swankiest hotels in town.  It took a few moments for our eyes to adjust to the light, but we soon saw that it was a large room with tables, couches and along the walls, benches with lots of pillows.

The place was packed and I felt a bit intimidated and slightly claustrophobic.  At first we sat on a long couch in the middle of the room, but it felt like we were on display somehow.  Not comfortable.  Then my wife, Rose, spied a couple leaving the room.  They had been sitting in a corner.  Rose grabbed me by the wrist and led me quickly to the open spot.

She was wearing a crushed velvet blouse and, in true Austin style, a chambray skirt that went below her knees.  I love it when she wears skirts.  We sat and shared a drink.  And she started getting horny.  And of course, so did I.

Although it was crowded, we slid into the dark corner and pulled some pillows into our laps.  She pulled me over to share a wet kiss.  And another. And another.  My hand reached around behind her to feel her left breast.  I knew we were well hidden.  Rose was braless, but I couldn’t reach under her blouse. So I slowly untied the strings that covered her cleavage… and slid my left hand inside her blouse.  I found her right nipple… and slowly twisted it and rolled it between my fingers.

She’s modest, not wanting to draw undue attention or lead minds or hearts astray.  But she also loves the thrill of secret – yet public – sexual play.

My right hand slipped under her skirt, up the right leg.  Between her legs I felt the crushed velvet material.  It fit tightly;  I couldn’t slip beneath it.  I was so surprised when she turned to me again, giving me a wet open-mouthed kiss, and told me “unclasp it.”  She told me there were five clasps, and she raised her ass up slightly to give me access. I moved my left hand down behind her, again hidden, and slowly undid the clasps.  She sprang free.

My hand felt her heat, wetness … found her clitoris.  I rubbed it quickly, looking around so as not to be seen in our public sex.  Plunged inside over and over.  She half stood and leaned over the table.  If anyone could’ve seen her, they’d have seen her eyes closed, ecstatic look on her face.  Nothing more.

She came.  I couldn’t believe the excitement.  We kissed again, our secret intact on our public sex.

Until now.


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    • ladygarden says:

      Thank you for sharing this hot story Joseph. As our stories can certainly attest–we too love the thrill, secrecy, and risk of public sex.

      Will never forget my husband’s face on our honeymoon at Venice Beach. Enjoying a wonderful outdoor breakfast at the Sidewalk Café (where they film all those sitcoms and films); I placed my foot on his unsuspecting crotch and proceeded to made him all hot and bothered right there under the table! 😀

    • Joseph says:

      Thanks Ladygarden and Lovinghusband! Glad to know other Christians who love the excitement, the thrills and the risk of public sex!

      It seems to me that part of the thrill of this site is that we are all making our sexual experiences with our spouses public to the other believers on this site. It’s not exhibitionism or flashing or voyeurism; I don’t think it’s a fetish, or unhealthy. But it is certainly erotic, and it is public to some extent. There’s even a flavor of the forbidden here, though not in a shameful way. Ladygarden, I have never read a more beautiful depiction of anal sex (or anal play) than you have written. It’s a privilege to read your accounts of such intimacy, and in such detail. It is hard not to get hard, reading them! Thank you for sharing yourself and your husband with us!

  1. lovegood says:

    What a blessed wife! In public, but in secret is so exciting!! I love it when I wear a skirt, and we go out somewhere! I always anticipate where and when my husband will reach up under my skirt and start teasing me with his fingers! I’m usually wet before we even leave the house! I love wearing thin, lace panties to give him easy access. I don’t know what it is, but I get really turned on when he slides his fingers in from the side, right in at the crotch of my panties! I love when it’s not the expected entry?. An added plus is when we’re just walking to our destination he’ll ask me if the I can feel the air blowing on my pussy. And when I answer yes, he’ll say “how does it feel”? He knows how this turns me on, so I’ll try to drag out long sexy responses. Few-wee, I’m wet just thinking about it! Many sexual blessings to you and your wife!

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