Sex While on the Phone

The phone rang and Kristy looked to see who it was.  It was a girlfriend she hadn’t talked to in a long time so she answered it.  She began to engage in the usual chit-chat and started catching up with her girlfriend on all that had been going on with each other.

Michael was sitting beside her on the couch the whole time and after they had been talking for about 20 minutes, he suddenly got an idea.  He had been listening to her and watching her and getting more and more turned on as time passed.  He loved to watch his wife do anything.  And even when she did the most routine tasks (like talking to a friend on the phone) it could turn him on big time.  Of course some of this was because she was usually naked when she did these things!  (And she was definitely naked now!)  But even besides that, everything she did turned him on.

He could tell by Kristy’s side of the conversation they weren’t anywhere near being done yet.  He didn’t think he could wait much longer.  He had to have his wife now.

So he reached over and started rubbing her leg.  He loved the feel of her smooth leg.  She had sexy legs and he often stared at them.  He made his way up her leg and then started rubbing her arm.  She noticed the attention from her husband, but continued talking to her friend.  Michael then started rubbing Kristy’s breasts.  Lightly at first just to give her a little tease, then he started to squeeze them gently.  Kristy was enjoying the sensations.  Michael knew just the right way to play with her tits.  She felt very relaxed as he rubbed on her and she could tell her pussy was getting wet.  She silently wondered how far her husband would take this, but continued talking to her friend like normal.

Michael alternated rubbing her tits, arms and legs for a few minutes.  The more he did this the more turned on she got.  She continued talking to her friend but it was getting a little difficult to concentrate with all the attention she was getting from her husband.  Not to mention the tension she could feel building in her pussy.  She finally spread her legs and Michael inserted his fingers into her aching pussy.  At the same time he started kissing her on her neck.  She instinctively closed her eyes to take in all this pleasure.  (And to concentrate on her phone conversation!)

Michael began to massage her clit and she felt the affect of that instantly.  She continued to the conversation, making sure to say, “Uh-huh…yeah that’s true…exactly” periodically.  She had to turn the receiver away from her mouth so her friend wouldn’t hear her breathing hard.  Michael continued to rub her hot spot and slide his fingers into her hole as deep as he could.  He could tell she was enjoying it because she was getting wetter and wetter and with her free hand she was rubbing Michael’s cock.

“Uh huh…that’s right.  I’ve felt that way too,” Kristy said into the phone.

Michael continued to rub her clit and he felt her start to tense up.  He knew she was on the verge of cumming.  Kristy spread her legs more and he knew she wanted it.

Rubbing her wet clit he could tell it was getting harder and harder for her to keep calm as she talked to her friend.  The conversation still didn’t sound like it was ending anytime soon, but her friend was doing most of the talking.  Which was good because Kristy couldn’t say much right now anyway!  Michael started rubbing harder and she started breathing harder.  She closed her eyes tighter and bit her lip to concentrate both on her friend talking and the pleasure that was building.  She lifted her hips a little to push against Michael’s hand rubbing her.

“Yeah, that’s true,” she said calmly into the phone.

Finally Kristy could feel the orgasm about to hit her.  She turned the phone so the receiver was pointing up.  She couldn’t guarantee she wouldn’t moan and didn’t want her friend to hear.  As soon as she did that, waves of pleasure washed over her as the orgasm hit.  She closed her eyes tight and twitched as she made a slight grunt.  She kept her mouth closed by biting her lip to make sure she didn’t make a sound.  The orgasm washed over her in wave after wave of pure pleasure.  It felt so good.

Her friend kept talking away like normal.  Kristy was proud that she had been able to continue paying attention to her friend the whole time.  She brought the phone back to her mouth and said, “Yeah, that’s true….right.” to let her friend knew she was still there.

Then she got up and pulled Michael by the hand into the bedroom.  She got on the edge of the bed on her hands and knees with her ass stuck up in the air.  Michael stood behind her with a great view of her pussy from behind.  He slowly guided his cock into her wet pussy.  Kristy could feel it slide into her and savored the moment when her husband’s cock filled her up.

“Right,” Kristy said into the phone.

Michael started pounding his dick into her wet cunt as hard as he could.  It was so wet and he was so turned on by now he knew it wouldn’t be long.  Kristy was enjoying it as she felt his rod hitting that sweet spot when he did her from behind.  She again had to bite her lip to keep from moaning too loud into the phone.

“That’s how I’ve always felt about that too,” she said into the phone as calmly as she could manage, hoping her friend couldn’t hear the bed squeaking from Michael pounding her with his hard cock.

Michael was enjoying this immensely.  He always enjoyed it when he got to fuck his wife.  But watching her trying to keep quiet and act normal on the phone while he was doing it was hot and turned him on even more.  Suddenly he felt his own orgasm cumming.  He let it go while thrusting even harder into his wife.  Kristy felt his cum shoot up inside her, filling her up with his cock juice.

“Right,” she managed to say into the phone.  But she was also concentrating on the feeling of her husband’s cum filling her up.  It was so warm and she loved the feeling of it shooting up inside her.  Michael kept thrusting a few more times until he knew he was done.  Then he slowly slid out of her.

Kristy got up and silently kissed Michael then got a towel to clean up.  Then she went to sit back down on the couch to continue talking.

Her friend on the phone never knew a thing.


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12 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Hot little story Hornyhubby! Brings back a memory of mine. I once jacked off my hubby while he talked business on the phone. He struggled to maintain control. Did pretty good even when he started to cum.

    God bless and stay horny dear sir!

  2. Anonymous says:

    That what I call a Steaming hot conversation!
    I’ve had one or two of those but I had to hang up couldn’t concentrate on the topic of discussion Hahaha.
    I loved this story.
    Love and peace.

  3. David Cromie says:

    Few months after my wife and I were married and still in the “honeymoon”. I was talking to my mom in bed. My wife took my cock out and started playing. She then used her tongue up and down the shaft. I had to end my call with my mom. I did the same thing back to her when she was on the phone with her mom. She let out a moan and then your eyes got tight. She had to say goodbye quickly to her mom.

  4. Amanda says:

    I will try this one. Sometimes my friends just cant seem to get off the phone with me…so why not get off with Caveman while on the phone. He would love this.

  5. Michael Walken says:

    Phone sex? One time she called me at work on my cell… She said ” shhhhhhhhhhh. Listen! Don’t say a word.”

    She told me she was naked, in bed with her rabbit! She put the phone on a pillow next to her,,, while she touch herself… all over, twisted and carressed her breaat and nipples.. ran a hand down her thighs, Used the rabbit toy and had several orgams…

    I just had to listen !!! and counted the hours when I could go home.

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