Breakfast In Bed Part 2: Making It A Day (L)

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Ben and I lay in bed enjoying some nude cuddling, and the warm afterglow of our orgasm. I lay in his arms, my head on his chest as I cupped his balls in my hand, just holding them.

Suddenly my cell phone rang. It was our oldest daughter Alicia.  “Hey babe, good morning! ” I said answering the phone.

“Hey, mom! What you up too?” She asked.

“Not a whole lot, just talking to your daddy. Are you at work?” I nonchalantly ran my hand over my pubic bush for Ben.

“Yeah. Is Daddy off today?” she asked.

“Yes, how is Trey?” I asked, as Ben got out of bed and walked to the bathroom.

“He is good,” She replied.

We talked for a good ten minutes or so before she said that she had to get back to work.  “Well, tell daddy I said hi! Talk to ya’ll later! Love ya’ll!” Alicia said.

“OK, I will! Love you too, baby! ” I said, then hung up the phone.

“Who was that? ” Ben asked, having returned from the bathroom a couple minutes later.

“Alicia, she just called to chat,” I replied, then lay back in his arms.

“I see. Is she working today? ” Ben asked as he stroked my arm softly.

“Yes. She said to tell you, hi,” I said,  tracing my fingers lightly over his hairless chest.

With his right hand he began to trace his finger around the nipple of my left breast, then took it between his fingers and rolled it gently causing it to perk up.

“I do love your tits, Gina, baby! I could play with them all day. I love how hard and firm they get!” Ben said.

“Mm-mm… well there is a certain part of you that I could play with all day and I really love how hard and firm it gets my dear!” I said, then reached down and grasped his sleeping penis, gently massaging it.

We kissed. His cock responding quickly to my touch. My pussy tingled and became quite moist from his manipulation of my nipple.

“I love you so much, Gina! I want you, baby! I want to fuck you, baby! I want to slip my dick inside your sweet pussy and fuck you hard. I want to make you cum. I want to cum inside you!” Ben said, his dick rapidly becoming erect in my hand.

My pussy was wet and pulsing from hearing his words of passion.  “Baby,  I so want that too! I am so wet for you right now! Do it baby! I want you inside me, I need you to fuck me!’ I panted, grabbing his hand and placing it between my legs onto my hot cunt.

He pushed me onto my back and we kissed passionately once again. He rubbed my cunt as I continued to work his now hard cock with my hand.

I opened my legs for him as he mounted me. We looked into each others eyes as I felt the swollen head of his cock slip between my pussy lips.

Baby! YES! All of it! Give me all of it!” I groaned, then grabbed his hips and pulled him to me, pushing his hard dick deep into the depths of my hungry pussy.

“Gina, baby! You feel so good! So hot and wet! Your pussy feels so tight! FUCK BABY! “ Ben groaned as he slowly began thrusting.

” B-Baby,your dick feels soooo good! I love it baby! Do me Ben!  Fuck me, baby” I panted as I worked my hips to meet his, then wrapped my legs around his waist.

We continued to gaze into one another’s eyes as he pumped me, his nuts slapping against my ass. We said nothing, just watched the passion in each others eyes and face. It was so erotic!

My breathing soon became rapid and shallow as I felt my orgasm building.  “B-B-BA-BABY! I-I’M G-G-GONNA C- CUM!  OHHHHH-BA-BABYYY-Y-Y!” I screamed. My legs shot into the air and my toes curled as I exploded in an intense orgasm.  My nails dug into his shoulder’s, causing him to let out a deep groan as my body spasmed beneath him.

Ben got up on his knees and turned me on my side in a scissor position. Holding my left leg he began to thrust hard and deep. The bed creaked and rocked as he pounded into me.

“Mm-mmph! Mm-mmph! BABY!  I panted reaching between my legs and fingering my clit as he pumped me. I squealed as he gave my ass a smack, then another.  This added fuel to my fire as I exploded into another orgasm. My entire body shook and I panted hard trying to catch my breath. I grabbed one of his hands and squeezed.

“Turn over, baby! Let me see your sweet ass as I fuck your hot cunt! Can’t get enough of your tight pussy baby!” Ben growled, smacking my ass cheek playfully once more.

I did as he requested and got on my hands and knees. With my ass in the air, I grabbed a pillow and hugged it under my chest. 

“Oh, BEN! MM-MMPH! Fuck me! Oh, BABY, I love you! Harder, HARDER, baby! MM-MMPH!” I cried as he grabbed my hips and pushed his cock back into me. He began thrusting hard, pushing and pulling on my hips.

“I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! Oh, YEAH!” Ben bellowed rather loudly as he pushed deep into me.

The feeling of his pusating cock and his warm cum sent me off on another orgasm of my own. I squealed in ecstasy as my body spasmed. I honestly would be surprised if the neighbors didn’t hear us. Would have been fun explaining that! (hehe)

We collapsed together onto the bed, both of us sweating a bit and trying to catch our breath.

” I-I do believe you tried to kill me baby? Death by dick! ” I said laughingly.

“Gina, baby! You are a hot lay! And I love you with everything I got! If I were to die today, I would die a very happy man!” Ben said. “How about a shower?”

“I love you too, baby! I am already the happiest woman on this planet! I think a shower would be a good idea,” I replied.

I don’t think the day could have been any better.  God bless!  Stay wonderfully horny and happy!



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12 replies
  1. Blondie says:

    Great sexy story as always, GG! Made me horny for my man editing it.

    Oh, and, you mentioning neighbors made me think of a time right before a move that our elderly neighbor told my husband how he and his wife could hear us a lot (this was right before we were moving, thanks neighbor for telling us that now! lol) and stated how they were sure we’d end up pregnant again soon cause of all the sex we have! lol They were right, I got pregnant in that house with our last child.

  2. hornyGG says:

    Lol! You two are in the process of moving now am I correct? Gonna leave something for your current neighbors to remember ya’ll with? Careful! Lol.

    Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed the story, and even happier it got you a little worked up! My job is done! Lol.

    Love how you edit, thanks girl! Keep it horny and God bless as always!

    • hornyGG says:

      Thank you so much seeking passion! I am thrilled you enjoyed the story. It was fun to write. Hope you have a wonderful day my dear. Always love your comments. God bless you always and of course stay horny!

  3. shanto says:

    Wow.. simply wow.. this story has the right mix of emotions and physical expressions..
    Lovely.. HOT to be precise.
    I’m a bug fan of your stories from now on XD Hehe..

  4. hornyGG says:

    Lovemyhotwife, thank you so much for the comment! I am so happy you enjoyed my story. It means alot when I get comments like yours. Thanks again, God bless and stay horny!

    • hornyGG says:

      Thank you so much Madeline 27. Always good to hear from you sweetie. I hope you have a blessed day! Stay horny my dear!

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