Pregnant sex show for my husband

I’d like to share with you all an experience that still makes my pussy juices flow, it was an experience when I was 4 months pregnant and feeling hot and horny all the time.

My husband had been working late and was relaxing on the bed, I was about to give him the sexual experience of his life.

I had taken a shower and soaped my breasts and body in sweet smelling body wash taking care to wash my pussy lips and hole so as it was fresh for when my husband would be feasting on my Hollywood waxed vagina.

I had dressed in the sexiest underwear and sprayed fragrance on my neck and chest … I was all ready to give my husband the ride of his life.

I entered the room to find him lying on his stomach asleep, I slowly walked towards him and climbed on the bed, my pussy already starting to moisten and create a wet patch in the gusset of my knickers. I climbed on top of him and sitting on top of him began to massage his back while circling my hips so my clit was stimulated. He woke from his sleep and growled with pleasure as I continued to massage him and reached down to pull my knickers to the side so I could rub my feminine juices into the small of his back. As my hand reached down to pull my panties to the side I couldn’t help but touch myself, my vagina was dripping wet. I ran two fingers along my slit then massaged and stimulated my throbbing clit. I then pushed two fingers into my tight hole, circling them round so I could feel the walls of my hole, oh, I was so turned on, I really needed cock inside of me. My husband by now had turned himself over and I was presented with his hard throbbing member. He took his cock in his hand and while I had my fingers inside myself he was rubbing his swollen tip over my clit.

“I want to taste you, baby. I want to fuck you with my tongue.”

I seductivly crawled up his body so I was straddled over his face and lowered myself on to his waiting tongue. He slowly licked my outer lips and with his teeth nibbled on my throbbing clit. I was in heaven and so close to exploding. He then probed my longing hole with his tongue. I spun myself around and while he was eating me out returned the favour by sucking him off like my life depended on it. I was running my tongue up and down his shaft and sucking on the head. He was on the brink and I certainly was I needed him inside me to shoot his cum inside my tight pussy. I switched positions again and thrust his cock inside myself grinding down to make it go deep inside me and hit my g spot. I rode his cock hard like the pro that I am all the while my clit being stimulated as it rubbed against the pubic hair sourounding his man hood. Our movements quickened and then I felt him thrust that bit harder as he shot his load. I wasn’t far behind him, we both cried out in pleasure.

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13 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Ladyjk – this was beautiful and erotic! I’m up late and will have to wake my wife for you know what! Thank you for the motivation (you know what I mean)! I love having my wife’s dripping cunt all over my face too! I like the way you prepared, too! God bless you both.

  2. Blessedhubby says:

    Lady, thanks for sharing your story my wife and I are new to the site for the past week or two we have gone crazy with the stories.
    She likes to read out loud while I tease her.
    The stories make for much more intense orgasms for her and that makes it exciting for me. Thanks

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Ladyjk, I did wake my wife – and she did put her wet pussy on my face and mouth. I drank her in to my heart’s content. It was wonderful! Just to add to your swelling and tingling!!! Thanks again!

  3. Marriage Heat says:

    Ah posted this for readers of Marriage Heat. We are marriage heat will post this here!

    Garrett and I have found out we are going to have a baby. It came as a little bit of a shock, but we are excited! The doctor said I’m 2 months. I wanted to share with everybody I know and this site came to mind. I thank God for this wonderful experience that my husband and I are about to share. I think I will be having a lot more stories to share as I’ve been feeling pretty horny lately. Anyway, I just wanted to share this miracle with everybody! God is good!

  4. hornyGG says:

    Ah, congratulations to you and Garrett! I am so proud for the two of you! God bless you both, your upcoming new arrival as well as the rest of your family.

    I am looking forward to more hot stories from you two as they always heat me up! Keep it horny and enjoy!


  5. Ashleigh says:

    I was horny all the time when I was pregnant! This story has me ready for lovin. Hubs is sick so looks like it’s time for my fingers 🙂 thanks for the inspiration tonight ladyjk

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