Our Trip To Italy

Being singing stars meant we had to travel, especially around Europe. So my husband and I went to Italy so our bands

could perform our hits in the Italian Alps. By this time my husband and I were married for 2 years and we are always grateful to God for helping us to have this wonderful marriage.

After my show, I watched my husband do his performance the next day, wearing the pretty little lingerie night dress that he liked. He knew how to make me laugh, and the way he did it that day really turned me on. I remember saying “Baby, I’ll be spreading my legs for you tonight!”

Then, my husband came back to our hotel room. I told him how turned on I was by his ways.

“And you get me going when you do certain things, sweet heart.” My husband told me. “I’m always turned on by you, baby.”

We started to kiss, my husband touched my breast, working his way down to my ladyplace, feeling the wetness and heat.

I lay on our bed, and sure enough, my husband was shirtless and climbed on top of me. We kissed passionately, before he unbuckled his pants, & lifted my dress over me. It didn’t take long for my husband to be rid of his pants.

We kissed, hugged and caressed one another, while my husband gently moved around inside of me, knowing very well how to pleasure me. The feeling of my ladyplace embracing his man part while we hold each other is a feeling so beautiful and special, that it can only be truly experienced by people who are married.

My husband thrust inside me, and I had an orgasm so strong, I grabbed the bed sheet while I moaned.

My husband came as well right after I did, he moaned and held me tighter. Then, my husband held me while he showered my neck with kisses before he lay his head on my chest.

“You make love to me so beautifully.” I whispered, “I’m glad I can make you happy, you are the most beautiful woman in the world.”

The next day, my husband and I went to Rome, and in Rome, I became pregnant with our first daughter. But that’s another story, and I look forward to sharing it 🙂

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  1. CHW says:

    I am caught in the narrative of Italy, bands, Hot monogamy. I would imagine you have many high and lows in traveling like that. Maybe you can write a Erotic Novella and submit it here are marriage heat like Blondie and GG.

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