Fantasy Time – A Diamond in the Buff

Fantasy Time – It was a hot sticky August evening in the Midwest. High humidity and generally uncomfortable; just the

way I like it. We were visiting my husband’s family for a weekend reunion and decided to go for a walk. We needed some fresh air and with all of us in such close quarters, there were not many opportunities for some passionate marriage heat.

He said he wanted to show me some of his old stomping grounds. Since everyone was having a wonderful time eating and drinking, joking and playing with the kids, no one objected when we said we were going for a walk. It was around 10pm and the party was still going strong. The kids enjoy sleeping over with nanna so the timing seemed natural.

Walking hand in hand through his boyhood residential neighborhood, he told me stories of his youth and how he first discovered girls. He pointed out P’s house where he kissed his first girl playing Spin the Bottle in 7th grade. A few blocks over we passed what he said was S’s house. Apparently in high school one night several of them went to her house playing Truth or Dare and they all ended up skinny dipping briefly in her backyard pool. He assured me nothing happened. And finally we walked past C’s house. Apparently after the Homecoming Dance his sophomore year, she invited him in while her parents were asleep upstairs. Sitting too close together on the couch, their young hormones kicked in and before they knew it, the top of her gown was down to her waist and he was working her young breasts. That was until they heard the stairs creaking and her father who happened to be a police officer was coming down to investigate. Fortunately, she was able to cover up in the nick of time. Yet looking back now, her dad knew what was going on and K went home soon thereafter. Boys will be boys I guess. Obviously he was not closely following the Lord back in those days.

So here we are still holding hands cutting through a dark field towards his old high school. All this talk about his adolescent romance was making me hot and bothered. It turned me on hearing about his past escapades and it made me very thankful he doesn’t have Facebook so none of those old flames could attempt to track him down, lol!

As we approached the back of his school, there was the football stadium and two or three baseball diamonds. Since it was midsummer and after 10pm, it was dark and quiet. He is from a small Midwestern town. It was almost creepy it was so still. All we heard were those beautiful night sounds of crickets and other insects looking for love. And then came another confession from his past.

“You know, Kay, I always wanted to take a girl back here in the dark and make love to her. It would have been fun under the cover of darkness outside with a minimal risk of being caught.”

“Well, I don’t know, babe, sounds like with those stories you just told that you were quite the young stud!”

“Not actually, I was shy and introverted. Those were my only experiences with girls.”

Not convinced, I took him at his word. Yet thinking about him at age 17 kissing and making out with other girls made me want to “compete” with those memories. Sure, that was a long time ago, but I wanted to make sure his mind never wanted to stray back on those days. Again, I was becoming a little moist hearing his recollections and wanted to plant my own memory in his mind of his misspent youth.

“Tell you what, babe,” I told him. “How about we fulfill that fantasy right now? All this talk about P, S and C is making me a little jealous,” I pouted, “and I want to give you an experience right here that will top all your past memories of this place.”

We were out in what I guess was the middle of the sports complex. There was a backstop for the one baseball field that backed up into the outfield fence of another baseball field. Kind of hard to see in the darkness.

Seeing I now had his attention (I could see an erection coming to life through his cute running shorts) I decided to give him a challenge of my own.

“OK, mister, here’s the deal. I am willing to make love to you right here, right now at your old high school baseball field. But one catch, since you seemed to like playing Truth or Dare, etc., I dare us to strip naked right here, lay our clothes in a pile on these bleachers, and we’ll walk down to the other field and do it right there on one of those benches, where the players would sit during a game.”

“You mean undress here, and walk naked through the outfield grass all the way to that other dugout?”

“Yep, those are my conditions, babe; I want to erase any and all memories of your high school shenanigans with those other girls. I don’t care how long ago it was.”

And to show him I meant business, I expertly lifted off my sweaty tee in one swift motion and freed my breasts from the sports bra they were crammed in to. It felt nice freeing them into the warm night air.

“Wow, Kay, you are serious, aren’t you!”

“Got that right, my love. Let’s go before it gets too late and we are missed.”

To my surprise, my husband hesitated. I couldn’t believe it. He froze at my challenge. Looked like he needed a little encouragement.

“Oh, come on, old man, let’s live a little, this is fantasy time. Time to put up or shut up. Put your money where your mouth is. As I said, tonight I want to erase those images of your high school girlfriends away from you forever.”

To further encourage him, I peeled down my shorts and panties at the same time and tossed them at my husband. For safety sake, I kept my sneakers on. Didn’t want to step on any broken glass or crunch any bugs with my bare feet in the dark. Gross!

And with that, I turned my back to him and started walking towards what he called the dugout where the players sit during a baseball game. Part of this was pure bluff, part of it was dare, but most of it was marital lust. All this talk tonight was making me horny and I wanted to feel my husband inside of me out here in the darkness.

After several strides alone strolling naked through the outfield grass I heard him say, “Hey, wait up.”

I turned around and he was walking towards me, naked, clad only in his sneakers. He was half erect and his balls were swaying with each step; they looked very manly and sexy.

Clasping my hand, we walked hand in hand through the baseball field grass towards the dugout. It was very humid in the still night air and I was sweating. I could feel the sweat beading between and down my breasts. Yet I didn’t care, it felt natural. My only regret was when I realized I hadn’t shaved my legs or pits for a couple of days—that was planned for the morning shower tomorrow. Well, I thought, it was dark out here, and hopefully seeing a small crop growing under my arms wouldn’t scare him off!  The things us girls worry about, lol.

We reached the infield and he led me to the first base side of the diamond. The field was still striped and the bases were out; perhaps there was a game scheduled for tomorrow. Would anyone notice the 2 sets of footprints in their pristine diamond in the morning, I wondered?

We made it to the fence by the dugout and walked down the three steps or so to the bench where the ball players sit. Fortunately, it was heavy duty plastic or fiberglass. I thought benches were made of wood. Oh well.

As I turned around with my back to him while taking in our surroundings, he gently embraced me from behind. His now erect dick was pointing straight at the cheeks of my ass. I could feel his heat. It felt wonderful.

He pulled me closer from behind and the thrill of anticipation overwhelmed me. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back towards him. He grabbed me tighter so I could now feel his erection smashed against the small of my back. As he started to slowly lick and nibble at my throat that I presented for him to enjoy, his massive hands started working my breasts. Gently and expertly, he slowly kneaded them with both hands. I love when he takes me from the rear like this. Tilting my head back farther, I could smell his sweaty musky scent and the stubble of his beard against my throat and cheek. His penis was growing bigger and stronger against the small of my back. The fire was growing between my legs as our flesh continued melding together.

As I continued to slowly collapse backward onto his muscular chest, his hands started lifting and squeezing my breasts more frequently while still gently kneading them the way I like it. He is so good at playing with my titties. They are heavy and I love feeling them resting in his hands and seeing them overflow as he slowly lifts them up and down like he is weighing cantaloupes at the grocery.

Shivers started running up and down my spine as he started to take my erect nipples between his thumbs. Slowly yet with increasing pressure, twirling and rolling them as he did so. I was melting before him, letting more and more of my weight fall back into him. Being barely 5’ 2”, I felt so safe and secure relaxing back against his athletic 6’ 3” frame. Oh how I love this man.

On impulse, as he lifted up my titties for the umpteenth, I tilted my head down and took the right engorged nipple into my mouth and feasted on its loveliness and sensitivity. I love sucking my own titties and my beloved loves watching me do so.

Flicking my tongue against my strawberry sized nips, I loudly sucked them into my greedy mouth then let them plop out. Then in and out again several times, like a baby sucking a pacifier or a child enjoying a lolli. We both admire the sounds my mouth makes working both my breasts and his penis in and out of my mouth.

After several minutes of this bliss, I straightened up and took several steps towards the dugout fence. I guess it is there to protect the players from stray balls going in there during games or something. Reaching the chain link fence, I stretched my arms far out to either side and tightly grabbed the openings. Then I bent over and opened my legs, presenting myself to my husband.

The image burned in my mind. There we were, alone in the darkness of that baseball field. According to that outfield fence, our clothes were 404 feet away. We were naked and exposed out there in that dugout. I was bent over and opened up for my husband, awaiting his tender yet powerful touch. The anticipation was building deep inside me. I was really getting wet now. The sweat was more prominent than before which made it seem all the more natural as we were in the great outdoors alone and ready to consummate our precious marriage yet again—this time—practically under the stars.

All these beautiful thoughts were flashing through my mind when suddenly the breath was forcibly taken from my lungs. K brought me back to the present with one expert thrust deep into my greedy pussy. I wasn’t ready for it and it about knocked me over.

“Oh, K,” I panted as he thrust into me again and again. Deeper and deeper each time. My wetness enveloped him and it’s a good thing because the way he felt that night and how much he was stretching me, he could have really hurt me. “You are so manly and your cock feels so good in my pussy. So good…”

He merely grunted and started pounding away. That was not like him. Usually he slowly builds with intensity and matches my grinds and hip action. But not tonight, he took me hard and was not letting up.

I watched my titties sway forward and backward, forward and backward in unison to his thrusts. I remember stretching onto my tip toes to take him in all the way. Looking down at my legs, I could see my thighs starting to quiver, this had never happened before. What was happening?

Despite the humid summer night with our bodies now soaked in sweat as my husband took me from behind, I could see goosebumps on my thighs. How weird, I wasn’t even cold. Yet I kept hearing the sensuous sounds of flesh on flesh slapping together into the night as his dick and balls pounded my ass, and my titties danced up and down upon my chest.

I must confess this was starting to hurt a little bit, yet it was a good hurt. A hurt that I crave my husband to bestow upon me from time to time. This was one of those times. Yet I still was puzzled, why was he being so rough tonight? Why so hard? Not that I was complaining mind you. It’s just that he usually slowly builds to his manly powerful thrusting. Yet not tonight, he took me rough and hard from the get-go. At this pace, I didn’t know how long either one of us would last.

My wondering mind was snapped back to the present with his first hand slap against my ass. Oh how I love when he does this. Not too hard, but enough to be felt. I love when he does this while taking me from the rear. He kept alternating slapping my ass cheeks then holding my breasts in his hands. When he gently bit my shoulder, it put me over the edge.

“Oh, K, you feel so good in me, sooo good…I can feel your…balls slapping against my…pus..” The first of several massive orgasms overtook me in mid sentence. “I am cumming, I am cumming, mmmm, mmmm, ahhhhhh, ahhhhhh, Ahhhhh, my husband! Fuck me, baby, fuck me harder, babe. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

My cries were echoing around the baseball diamond,  I could hear myself crying out a second later. Like a tape delay broadcast. It made me even wetter hearing myself crying out in pure ecstasy.

“Oh, Kay, your big tits are heavy; they are hard to hold on to,” he said. Yet he continued pounding me from the rear.

I lost it again when he slowly started running his nails down by spine; I was panting like an animal. “Oh, Oh, Oh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhh, Ahhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, my husband, my husband, YOU FEEL SOOOOOO GOOD! Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I cried out again, the passion overtaking me. I was out of control. Our bodies in perfect unison despite our differences in height.

Still pounding, my husband said, “You wanted to erase all my high school memories, right? Well, I am fucking you like a high school football player right now. What do you think?”

So that’s why he was so rough tonight. No foreplay, just hard raw sex. Like two dogs going at it out doors. I loved it.

“Yes, stud, that’s right. I’m your naughty cheerleader, fuck that pussy, that’s right, pound me, babe, pound me. Tell me how much you love my wet pussy. Tell me!”

“Ooooooooh, babe, yes, Kay, yes. I love your wet hairy pussy. I love it! So warm, so tight, so hairy. I love how God made you.”

That put me over again. “Mmmmmm, Mmmmmmm, AAAAAAAAGH! AAAAAAAAAAAAGH! AGGGGGGGGGGGH!” This time I literally screamed through my orgasm.

So loud apparently, K covered my mouth with his hand for a moment until my cries subsided nearly a minute later.  “Quiet hon, someone might hear us. That was loud, babe!”

It seemed my entire body was now covered in goosebumps; the peach fuzz on my thighs and arms were standing on end; my nipples and clit were engorged, we were bathed in sweat and I felt as if my husband was going to push me right through that fence with his powerful loving. My thighs were starting to cramp. And I loved it, making passionate love with my soul mate outside in a secluded area. We were one with nature and we were one with each other.

With my body taking the brunt of his masculine yet tender brute force, I needed a change of position. So I stood up and started to push him backward with all my might, backing into him. He got the message for what I wanted to do next.

With him against that bench, still standing, I got on my knees and went down on him. Oh, my pussy tasted so good on his dick. I love to taste myself mingled with his pre cum. He was rock solid and I truthfully didn’t know how he lasted this long. Before I knew it, he started making love down my throat, so I simply opened up and let him go at it. He was gentle yet huge. Fortunately, I overcame my gag reflex years ago and am able to take him all the way down to his hilt. I love feeling him down my throat.

Running my hands up and down his runner’s thighs and squeezing hard, I was full of lust for my beloved. He started to moan in pleasure but he was not yet spent. I can tell. After a few more strokes I reached around and started squeezing his sexy tight ass cheeks. Oh, how I love to mold his cheeks in my hands. So hard, so firm, so hot is his sweet ass.

When my pinky found its way to his tight asshole, I saw him go up on his tip toes. His weakness—my reward. He is very vulnerable in this situation. My pinky probed a little deeper and deeper while I continued going down on my husband. I tasted even more precum now. I ran my mouth and face over his glistening pubes licking them with each sweep.

“Oh, Kay, you makes me feel so good doing that. Don’t stop, don’t stop, I love you so much, babe. So much.”

His words brought me even more enjoyment knowing how good I was making him feel. I didn’t want this mutual blissful marital lust to end. We were caught in the moment of husband and wife, loving each other and sharing ourselves just the way God intended.

He saw it first; the flashing lights approaching us.

“Kay, what is that! Quick, get down!”

He fell out of my mouth. “What? What’s happening? Oh no, is that the police?”

Quickly, we ducked down onto the dirty floor keeping our heads down as we heard the approaching vehicle. How could this happen? I thought we were alone and secluded. Wonderful…Then the awful realization hit me—we left our clothes way up at the other field. We were stark naked and had nothing to cover ourselves with!

Terrified, I lay atop my husband making sure we were under the lip of that dugout. Our hearts were racing, our bodies drenched in sweat, the taste of my yummy pussy mingled with his sweet pre cum still on my tongue. We were still panting like animals. And we didn’t move. We lay still with me on top of my husband. I grabbed his hands and held them tight. I couldn’t believe all this was happening.

We heard the crunching of what I guess was gravel until it stopped yet the motor was still running. Thankfully we didn’t hear any car doors open for several moments. What were they doing? Since it was still hot out, they must have had their windows down as we heard the police radio chatter.

To our horror a bright spotlight was making its way around where we were. We could see it piercing the pitch black darkness. I buried myself down further against my man and wrapped my arms around his head and face.

“Oh, K, what are we going to do if they discover us out here naked? Is this indecent exposure? What will our family say? Oh shit, what are we gonna do, babe?”

“Shhhhhhh, just remain calm and don’t move. This will be ok. They don’t know we are here. Just lay still. Besides, your breasts feel wonderful pancaked against my chest—you know that?”

I could have choked him right there. Laying there naked on top of each other hiding from the police like two horny high school kids in heat–and here he is saying how much he liked feeling my boobs pressed down hard against him. Men!

We heard a policeman say, apparently into his radio, “Well, dispatch, we got reports of a woman screaming out here in this area, but I don’t see anything. Are you sure the callers said it was coming from the sports complex?”

“CALLERS?!?!?!” I thought to myself.

“It looks pretty quiet. Dispatch, I’ll standby to see if I hear anything.”

Are you kidding me? Someone heard our lovemaking and my cries of passion into the night? I couldn’t believe it! Way out here? People heard me crying out as my beloved ravished me from the rear for all he was worth? Was I that loud? I was embarrassed and humiliated.

My lower back started cramping and I wanted to get more comfortable but I laid right there in that prone position, naked, atop my husband. I dared not move a muscle.

We saw the reflection of the spotlight circling the area again and it seemed to be going lower this time, right above the lip of the dugout. Maybe he was standing outside his cruiser?

I was frozen with fear at this point. It reminded me of that scary scene near the end of “The Sound of Music” where the Von Trapp family was hiding outside in the dark garden from the Nazi police. They were shining their spotlights looking for them; it felt that similar. Except they were not naked!

My mind was racing at this point when I felt something. For reasons I still cannot fathom, by beloved started to get a hard-on. Right then and there! What???

Glaring at him I whispered “Really, K, really? We’re about to be arrested for public indecency and you are getting hard? Are you serious?”

A big grin came upon his face and he whispered, “I can’t help it, sweetheart. My soul mate naked lying on top of me, her big titties pressed down hard against my chest making it hard for me to breathe; smelling the scent of her pussy on your breath, and your big hairy bush totally covering my cock and pubic area. Wow, you are a hairy girl!”

I was at a loss at this point. Clearly my husband wasn’t afraid of the predicament we were in. In fact, he seemed to be getting turned on again. And his full erection was living proof! I just shook my head then bit into his shoulder causing him to yipe in pain.

After what seemed like an hour of cowering naked from the policeman, we heard him say “Well, dispatch, there’s nothing here. My shift is about over and there’s a thunderstorm coming. I’m heading back to district.”

I let out a huge breath of relief seeing the spotlight shut off and hearing him turn around and pull away. My heart was still racing out of fear at this very near brush at being discovered in the nude by an officer of the law. Especially at our age! Oh, how terrifying!

Waiting several minutes to make sure the coast was clear; I slowly lifted my eyes up over the lip of that dugout. We were alone again. Thank the Lord.

“Come on, Kay, let’s get out of here.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice.”

Hand in hand, we double-timed it back towards those bleachers in the darkness. Sure enough, the wind picked up and a storm was approaching for sure. We could see lightning and there we were, outside all alone in the nude. We were about halfway there when the first flash of bright lightning very close to us suddenly flashed. For a moment our naked forms were clearly visible for all to see, almost like a strobe light. How embarrassing!

We were almost there and the wind was really picking up. Another flash of lightning as the conditions were quickly falling apart and there we were, out in the open.  Finally we reached the bleacher area where we had placed our clothes.

And they were gone…

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16 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Way to leave us hanging my dear! I would have been scared out of my wits! Of course like your dear K, Ben probably would have gotten a boner as well. Like you say, MEN!

    Must know what happened next! Wasn’t planning on jilling off this morning, but my pussy is hot and wet now ( my hand is already between my legs, my gown bunched around my waist.) Shame on you two for being such a tease! Lol.

    Anyway, gotta go so I can cum! God bless my dear friends, love ya both! Stay horny!


  2. ladygarden says:

    Way to go GG; so honored to hear our story brought you to climax(s) this morning! A lovely way to start your day, :-D.

    Sitting here in the nude at my computer, after a nice refreshing shower; the thought of your hand between your legs pleasuring himself is making me moist too. So much so, I am trying to type this post with only one hand lol.

    How do you think we found our clothes out there? Or did we? What do you think happened?

    GG, please know you both are very dear to us and we love ya both too. We always look forward to reading your comments and especially your stories. We need to get a Kindle or Amazon account so we can read your hot nude modeling novella. Do you recommend???

    Oh gotta go, I’m almost there…mmmmm

  3. Lovinghusband says:


    If your aim in writing this story was to make all of us erotically on fire – so that we would search the highways and byways to be with our spouse – then you were right on target!


    You masterfully took us all back to our memories of early romance – while reminding us that God’s patience and mercy finally had us land with our covenant spouses. Yet, I admit that there is something about thinking about my spouses sexual thoughts before me that makes me horny!

    Your descriptions took me over the top this morning. My wife and I had wonderful sex last night, with powerful orgasms. then, just a few hours later, I’m reading of you two walking naked through a baseball field, sucking your own tits, sticking your pinky in K’s asshole, and getting a loving, rough fuck!

    All of that had my hard boner spooning my wife in bed – and led to more orgasms than we had certainly planned on happening this fine morning.

    Wow indeed!! Where did your clothes go? Did you have any identification on your clothing? What happened when you got back to family’s house naked?

    Thanks for your story and its effect on us! All you wrote promoted red hot monogamy between me and my beloved – and I mean RED hot!

    God bless you and K!!

  4. hornyGG says:

    I’d say get my book! After all you two were instrumental with the whole thing!

    PS: I had two wonderful orgasms! What a way to start the day indeed! Lol.

    • ladygarden says:

      LovingHusband thank you for your feedback. We must admit to getting wet and hard after reading your brief words about you and your wife doing the wild thing!

      Yes, it was thrilling walking together naked outside in the dark, especially when he surprised me by nailing so quickly from behind. Glad you liked reading about sucking when I suck my own titties. May I ask if your beloved does that for you? K loves when I do so.

      We always look forward to reading about the Red Hot action between the two of you. You write wonderful, thoughtful posts and please keep it up. The two of you are a great writing team, reading about your love making always works us up! 😀

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Kay, my wife has licked her nipples for me – but it has been a long time. I just love watching her even grab her own tits! Guess what I am going to request tomorrow night? I think she her tits are big enough to pull it off!

      It is exciting to know that our stories get you and K horny! It certainly works both ways, trust me!

    • ladygarden says:

      GG you are so sweet and thoughtful Bless you for your kind gift that I understand is on the way. What a beautiful person you are. BTW the conclusion to our story will be up soon. And hopefully as you read it to Ben, he will be up too, 😀

      Thank you for your continued special friendship and horniness!

  5. Lovinghusband says:

    PS – I love the sexy talk that you and K engage in! What you say is so erotically charged. To tell you husband that “you feel his balls slapping against your pussy” and things like that are having a good effect on my wife’s and my during sex conversations. Nothing beats my wife say, “Fuck me harder”. This talk is only for sex – but what a wonderful place to utter those magic words! Thanks for sharing.

    • ladygarden says:

      PS Loving Husband–his balls slapping against my hairy pussy feels wonderfully erotic and masculine. Glad our nasty conversations influence you and your dear wife.

      We communicate a lot during sex–we feel its important to do so. Plus it makes us even hotter for each other–especially when I talk nasty in a British or southern accent. (I’m originally from Texas). See if your beloved might try the same for you. I can even share some of our favorite phrases if you like! 😀

      BTW your questions about our clothes and continued outdoor nudity will be answered soon. Keep some tissues handy if you are alone…

    • Lovinghusband says:

      PS2- Your “nasty” conversations influence us more than you know! I get so hot from “nasty” talk.

      Yes, I would like you to share some of your favorite phrases – but you must know that they will be borrowed and used by us!

      I loved the conclusion – I commented there.

      I hope you and K are liking my Top 5! Let me know what you think – and how it is stimulating you two.

  6. CJ says:

    Amazing story, you certainly have a way with words, and a way to drive your husband crazy with lust. You certainly took me back to when my wife and I we’re almost caught in an awkward position outside in a park one day. So thanks for leaving us hard and hanging waiting to find out what happens next, great job.

    • ladygarden says:

      CJ we love your stories and thank you for your feedback! Please let us know more about your near miss in the park with your beloved, lol. And be on the lookout, the conclusion to our story will be published soon!

      Keep loving each other with your spirits and your bodies! 😀

  7. Seeking Passion says:

    So amazingly hot!!! I had to read this story over and over again. I have read it over 5 times already and still can’t get enough of it. I love it:-) It can definitely build a hot raging fire deep inside that secret, wet, and gushy spot that’s ready to clamp down on something hot and hard. Then again, I have always loved hard raw sex!!!!!!

    So you know I am going to ask; I am in full suspense mode. What happened next; did you find your clothes; and if not, how in the world did you two get home.

    This should make a very, very interesting part 2:-)

    • ladygarden says:

      Seeking Passion thank you for the honor of knowing you read our story 5 times and cant get enough of it. What an honor! I agree-there is nothing better than clamping down on something hot and hard, lol. Again we enjoy your posts and stories.

      BTW be on the lookout for the conclusion of our story which hopefully answers your questions…:-D

  8. HornyHubby says:

    I loved this! I love the idea of creating a new memory with your spouse to replace ones you had with former girlfriends. I also loved the boldness of the wife in this story. I loved that she was the one who suggested it and she was the one who dared the husband and she ripped her clothes off first! And I loved the whole dare itself! The idea of seeing a woman walk across the field wearing nothing but shoes is hot! I was literally breathing hard as I read this story. Glad nothing happened with the cops and losing the clothes would have freaked me out! LOL! Great story!

  9. EPIndigo says:


    I love this story! It is both sexy and suspenseful. Would you be interested in sharing this story on a fun lighthearted show for the Discovery Channel?


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