My Erotic Top 5 (Number 5)

My wife and I have plenty of variety in our sex life together – and are very grateful to God for our strong marriage and

great sex!

Yet, there are some moments that stand out from all the rest. Different couples will have different favorite moments. What are those moments? They are probably the moments that you ponder when you have to be away from your spouse and are masturbating. The moments that never fail to give you another powerful orgasm. The thoughts that are so hot that they easily make your cock hard with precum or your pussy tingle with instant wetness!

I’m going to list my Top 5 most erotic moments with my beautiful wife. The first installment of this 5-part series is number 5…counting up to number one.

Yes, these are my go to masturbation “top hits”. I hope you enjoy all 5!

Number 5) The first tongue in her asshole  

I don’t even know how many years into our marriage this was (maybe 3 or 4) – but we were obviously experimenting one night. I always loved holding and kissing my wife’s butt cheeks. She has the most sexy, athletic ass! It is perfect in shape and touch to me.

It was usually part of our foreplay – with me kissing her all over her body. It came to a point when I knew I wanted to stick my tongue in her tight, little asshole – but wondered if she would like it. I started by licking up and down her crack, but not touching her asshole. Then below it towards her cunt. I could sense that she was enjoying all of it – and wanted me to linger there.

I came up towards her face and told her, “I want to stick my tongue up your butt, do you want me to?” To my great joy, she enthusiastically replied, “Oh yes, do it!”

Like a busy beaver, I parted her butt cheeks and pushed my tongue into her always clean asshole! It was so amazing! She felt so good on my tongue. We both were obviously loving it. My cock was so ready to explode almost immediately! She was bucking like she was trying to hold back cumming. But, we were both so out of control with these erotic sensations.

We were both experiencing ecstasy! I was loving her moaning and bucking. My tongue kept happily thrusting in and out of her asshole. The smell of her sweating ass, mixed with her pussy aroma was delicious! My cock was grinding on her back just below her neck – it was like I was trying to fuck her back! We had never come close to doing this.

The fact that we had come to a place where we could be this vulnerable sexually with each other pointed to the security of our marriage in Christ. We loved each other and we loved every square inch of each other’s body. My body was her’s and her’s was mine. This was just another sexual frontier. I would never do anything to my wife sexually that would harm her body. The tongue play in her asshole was tender and gentle. We were experimenting, but not without boundaries. She was safe with her loving husband tongue-fucking her asshole! This was tongue play – and it was awesome!

Not surprisingly, her response made me cum so hard on her back. My pulsating cock shot such a heavy load of white cum! It was a geyser! It made the most enjoyable mess on our bed! I was still licking and tonguing her asshole as she came while my cum was leaking out from everywhere! As she came the feel of her asshole pinching on my tongue was fantastic! Her cunt was grinding hard into the bed. What a moment!

Her pussy juices and my cum smelled wonderful in the afterglow of our love. We like the smell of our love wetness.

Neither of us were disappointed to clean the bed that night. We had discovered something so hot – we were trying to figure out what just happened. We were dizzy in lust. Our orgasms caused Richter-scale earthquake readings.

That was the beginning of adding some more fun moves to our sexual repertoire.

Well, that is my number 5! What is your number 5? Think about it and write it in the comments.

Follow my posts in this Top 5 and list your’s along with me. Please don’t get ahead of me!

I hope your thinking of your Top 5 will stimulate you and your spouse to recreate some of those magical moments again – as you discuss them between the sheets. God bless you and your marriage!

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10 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Lovinghusband, your #5 is definitely in my top 5 as well. As a matter of fact it is in my top 3. I love when Ben tongues my asshole as you well know from my stories. I salute you sir for allowing your dear wife to experience such a wonderfully erotic sensation, then reap your reward. Her hot sweet pussy! Thank you for this post my dear friend, God bless you and your wife and always stay horny!

  2. Glenda_Maria says:

    My husband and I have only been married a little under 6 months. My number 5 is just hot passionate lovemaking sex. The kind of sex that lasts all day

  3. Lovinghusband says:

    Thanks Glenda_Maria.

    Congratulations on your first 6 months! I hope MH will encourage you and your husband. I like your number 5! Keep following and commenting on my Top 5. Number 4 should be out soon. Ponder what your Top 5 is. I look forward to seeing what you two like! God bless your marriage.

  4. Lovinghusband says:

    Thanks Gina!

    I’m not surprised it is in your Top 3. I look forward to seeing what your other 4 are – as you follow along with my upcoming posts. I’m glad you responded so quickly!

    I’ve told you before – that you and my wife are very kindred spirits in regards to what you like sexually. She loves ass play, boob play, and hard fucking!

    A difference (up to this point in time) is that she wants me to be the writer in this family – which I am happy to do. She is shy with the keyboard and mouse – but not with me sexually!! I am grateful to God for this!!

    God bless you and Ben!

  5. Caveman says:

    My top 5 is not a particular place or thing, but how my wife is responding. In particular, it is how she is talking. My wife is a very, sweet, proper girl, but sex can bring out the vixen in her. For me, hearing my wife respond with “I want your cock,” let me suck you off”, “fuck me, fuck me harder,” or “pound my pussy” communicates a level of desire and pleasure few other words can communicate. These are just a small sample. These words are never used at any other time in any other situation by either of us. Those words, and memories of those words, take me places. My other 4 will also involve some version of this. So these words, by themselves are my number 5.

  6. Blondie says:

    My erotic #5 is kind of in a grey area as it was while we were going out, it was the first time Josh gave me an orgasm and the first time I gave him an orgasm. I remember it happened while we were making out in a park on a slide at night, both of us were wearing clothes, but we were kind of grinding on one another (the park was empty lol). I’d masturbated before then, but to have him give me one was so different than going solo. It was amazing. Ever since then I’ve been addicted to his orgasm giving abilities lol

  7. smitten says:

    Our number five is on our sides facing each other while I feast on her milky breast and fuck her at the same time. It is the most exquisite and over the top union.
    God bless you, Lovinghusband.

  8. lynda and dave says:

    Licking my wife’s arsehole,sticking my tongue in as far it will go,fucking her arse with my tongue is definitely in my top 5, but I dn,t have a number for it……

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