Dance night

It’s not always easy being famous. Sure there are perks, but downsides as well. But tonight was something special…

See, I had such a successful concert the previous night, and I was joining my husband as a special guest tonight! It was a such a huge success and we both were satisfied. But there was a lot more satisfaction to come…

After we put our 2 daughters to bed, I told my husband how much I enjoyed performing with him that night.

My husband told me he was not tired, and after telling him I wasn’t tired, I asked if he wanted to do something to make us tired. He asked what I had in mind. I went up to him and felt his body…

“Does this answer your question?” I asked.

“Yes,” he replied, sounding very turned on.

Now our form of foreplay was dancing to our favourite band in an erotic manner. Luckily they were on TV, so I made it look sexier by turning off the lights and leaving the TV on. We danced scantily clad, my husband thrusted his crotch, which really gets me going, and I responded by rubbing my ladyplace over my panties. I could tell he was aroused, by the way he looked at me.

We danced for a little while longer, when my husband started to kiss me. We French kissed before I started kissing him working my way down his neck as he loosened my bikini top. And then, I saw that his intimate area had become ready for mine.

After my husband got naked himself, he joined me in bed. I was so excited, he went into me, and I could tell he was as excited as I was. His body on mine felt so good, we held each other tight while he thrust inside me.

I felt the pleasure intensifying, he managed to stimulate both my sweetspots, and that doubled the pleasure for me.

“I’m gonna thrust inside you, like I do in that video…” my husband told me.

Then I had a sudden orgasm. The climax was so intense, I moaned in ecstasy, rubbing my husband’s back in response. I never felt that kind of climax before. Then my husband came, and he wasn’t afraid to let it all out either. I think his orgasm was something new as well, as he never came so loudly before.

We both were truly exhausted. My husband kissed me down my neck, before rolling off of me, his arm still around me.

“That was hot!” I said.

“I know, right? Hot!” He replied.

Afterward, we engaged in a bit of pillow talk, while my husband touched my breasts and caressed my face. Then we fell asleep. This was one of our MANY blissful nights.

I’ll be forever grateful that God gave me such a wonderful husband, who wants to please me.

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12 replies
    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      Not at all! 😀 Though I would like 2 ask what exactly you mean by that… just 2 make sure I understood you right 🙂

    • CHW says:

      You have fans, producers, travel schedule. Were there things that just pulled you when you were touring? I can also see that if you could arrange it right, it could give a lot of opportunity for marriage heat.

  1. JAM777 says:

    Oh wow! I didn't know you were a famous singer Mrs. Thornton! Do you guys still perform?

    And yeah, what is it like? I know that it is your life so you are probably use to it… I'm just curious how you guys are able to maintain some privacy. I know reporters can be very nosey and intrusive!

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      We don't anymore, we're retired. It wasn't like were THAT famous, like Hollywood, it was mostly Europe. People knew of us in America but not as much in Europe, and in Europe people don't really bother as much. It really depends on where you're at, really. That night was in Italy

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      P.S. My cousin Clara and her husband were popular in the Nordic countries but not as much outside of Europe, for example. So you can be famous in one country, or region, but virtually unknown somewhere else. Does that make sense? It's not always automatic.

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      My husband and I had separate bands, mine and his, I was just a guest on that night with his.

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