The Marriage Bed Will Be Undefiled

That Saturday night after a busy day we both got ready for bed, we were exhausted but still planning on having sex; we had been flirting all day and so into bed we crawled… zzzzzzzzzzzz .

Sunday morning I work up to find us both naked.  I normally sleep naked, but the love of my life, (my wife) usually had some kind of thin top on, with no bottoms. So obviously I/we got as far as taking off her top the night before and we had started to talk and engage in some foreplay. That’s the last I remember until I woke up and I was spooning her with a real hard piece of me lying up against her butt crack. I gently kissed her neck thinking she was still asleep.

Startling me, she flipped over and was facing me. She then rolled me on my back and put her mouth in service sucking and licking my hard member, until I had pre-cum oozing out. She licked it off and then crawled on top of me and slowly, very slowly sliding down on my throbbing shaft with her love tunnel open and wetter than ever with no additional foreplay, she took me. I had never felt her so wet when I first entered her before. Then she lay down on me, her soft mounds of flesh with hard central nipples and the warm soft flesh from her stomach and pubic area merging with and against mine and whispered in my ear that she really needed to be one flesh with me before we started our day. I wondered what she meant by that as we were joined as one flesh right now with my hard throbbing shaft stuck in her warm wet channel because I was beginning to get turned on big time and if this was all she wanted I thought, “How do I  have my way with her and bring us both to mind blowing orgasms?”

We lay that way, joined together for several minutes and then she whispered that she wanted a large deposit from me, deep inside her filling her empty void to overflowing. She wanted a lot of crème deposited so that as it slowly leaked out all day long, she could remember my throbbing shaft filling her empty void and remember the feeling of my shaft pushing in and out of our joined flesh and the pulsing shots of love juice from my throbbing member. I just moaned and gave a simple, “ Uh-huh.” Still just a bit unsure if I was dreaming or awake, but definitely feeling more confident that she wanted total control today and I was just to cooperate AND this was not a dream.

Then she sat up, her hands stopping on my nipples and she began to pinch and twist both my nipples, fairly hard knowing that helps me hold off from cumming too quickly and I also really enjoy it. She again laid the soft flesh from her belly and breasts on top of me and slowly she began to slide forward and back, on my firmly, implanted shaft. We were flesh on flesh and flesh in flesh as we lay together, her hard clit knob continually being rubbed against me as much and as fast or slow as she wanted it. Her trimmed pubic hair felt good to me and she said mine felt great on her hard clitty. She was wet, and I mean wet as it ran down between my legs and over my nuts. When she first slid over my hard hot shaft, there was no resistance just warm soft, wet, flesh parting to allow my shaft to impale her as deeply as she could make it. The head of my dick could feel the end of the tip of her womb with every plunge in.

She said to me, “I’m going to cum this way first and then I’ll finish you off till you are just a soft shaft with totally drained nuts below.”

Slowly she continued that motion for probably 15 minutes each stroke getting a little faster all that time and then I saw her eyes close and her head go back and she opened her mouth mildly panting. She began riding my shaft like a woman possessed, while still pinching my nipples. I was now squeezing and sucking her nipples. Suddenly, she grabbed me tight and pushed down all the harder on me and impaling herself fully on my shaft, our flesh smashed together, my balls tight to the bottom of my shaft. She moaned a long deep, “ I’m ccccccuuuming oohhhhhhhh.”

She had my nipples almost turned 180 degrees and just held them there with her hands as she came the first time holding me tightly with her legs wrapped around my calves, so I couldn’t possibly escape. Then she all but stopped moving and I could feel the throbbing at the entrance of her tight, swollen receptacle on the shaft of my penis and then several seconds later she started to ride me again like a woman gone mad.

Looking me in the eye, pinching my nipples saying, “ Give it to me! I want it all!  I see and feel your body and it says you’re ready; now do it cause I’m about to cum again!”

At this point all I wanted to do was cum, to shoot my load deep within her loins and prong her with my impaling shaft as though I was going to totally enter and be absorbed by her hot, wet love receptacle. I was living in my dick and my mind could only think of that one thing, it was nothing more than a hot swollen shaft topped with a super sensitive purple rim on its bulging head. Swollen, hot, tight nuts ready to blow from below. It was just as if my body was obeying her like a slave; I began to cum like I never remember before. My head was thrown back, mouth open, making a noise I don’t even know how to spell.

She kept saying, “Yes, yes, yes, give it all to me, every drop.”

She just rode as fast as she could impaled on my throbbing, hard hot member, driving down so hard I was sure she’d split in two cumming with me, over me, on me just constantly cumming. My hips were pushing upward to drive in deeper, if that were possible, my butt actually off the bed. Using my heels and shoulders to lift me up and plunge in harder and then it was happening…….. Then I felt it on the second pulse, hot, flaming, fluid from deep inside my groin,, from my nuts which were tight to my body at the base of my penis it was pulsing up and shooting out my shaft, all that special fluid that I share only with her and had been collecting fort more than 48 hrs, shot out of my impaled rod shooting into her. I just kept shooting into her the essence of my being.  At that moment I was living in the head of my dick and its shaft and nowhere else. The noise I made just can’t be written.

Having seen myself ejaculate when we masturbate with each other, I could picture my dick pulsing 7 or 8 times hard, white hot fluid splashing on her insides and then a bunch of little pulses till my balls were empty, drained with the pleasure we enjoyed.  My balls, shaft and dick head all were on fire and were the only things I could feel. And she was pinching my nipples so hard I though they’d be black and blue, she moaned and groaned and latched on to me with her feet behind my calves.

I now grabbed her tight with my arms and held her as time just stood still, but our bodies still in sync didn’t drop to the bed until every last pulse shot out from my hard swollen member, with my butt in the air and my shaft pushed in to the hilt.  She was trying to absorb my dick from head to balls as it was held completely inside her.

Suddenly I was drained and my body fell to the bed with her on top still impaled on my shaft. We were holding each other breathing like we had run a marathon.When I finally went limp, she slowed way down, gently sucking my one nipple, and then she lay on me and just kept a very slow sliding motion because she knows my penis head is almost untouchable after cumming. Switching from nipple to nipple she sucked to soothe my twisted, squeezed, “tortured” nipples causing me to feel wonderful as my mind finally left my dick and returned to my head.

 I just kept saying, “My love, that was the best, the absolute best ever! I love you so much and I thank God for giving you to me as a wedding gift!”

 Both of us were still feeling a union of body, mind and soul, even some throbbing of heart beats in our merged parts, wetter than we ever had been and it was so hot in that merger you would think our genitals had furnaces in them. My rod was so hot and still giving little pulses here and there. There we lay together merged, breathing, holding each other and gently kissing mouth, ear, cheek whatever reached our lips. I could feel the hot fluid trickle out around my shaft from in her and down my balls and legs.

 She just murmured and whispered, “I love you and I love that piece of you in me.”

 Finally she stopped and my penis slowly began to go limp and slide partly out of her wet hole. We just lay there breathing together for several minutes. She was on top, me on bottom and my softening dick still partially inside her. We were drained and holding each other like we’d never let go just gently rubbing one another. She said she was so glad God made me with a special piece that could enter her and make our bodies one together. I told her I was glad He made a special place for me to go to unite our bodies as one.

(Later she told me she awoke, from a sex dream, like she never had before and could hardly wait till I did wake up since she was feeling my hard dick nestled against her crack. I told her in the future I’d really like her to wake me and not wait till I awoke, because my dick would NOT want to miss that kind of play).

She pulled off my now very soft dick slowly, smiled and went down and gave my limp shaft a good long suck from bottom to top making sure to swirl the head like she knows I like and sucked my shaft clean. The rest was cleaned by towels we keep in our night stands. Yes, we love each other and we love sex with each other. After cleaning up and dressing we went to church having filled each other and knowing God was pleased that we had used His gift, the gift of sex to married people. I know that all day we smiled, kissed, held hands and just enjoyed each other’s company and later that evening we had a repeat session but it was different from the morning one, slower and with loads of foreplay.

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7 replies
    • Wanted Always says:

      I shared our story to glorify God and the gift he gave every married couple, especially if they hold him at center of their relationship. I don’t know Ian Keating but I’ll look for something he wrote and I don’t want credit by name, I want credit for 35 joyous years of married sex to go to God. I chose the sign in of Wanted Always because that’s how my wife and I feel about each other.

      Wanted Always

    • Wanted Always says:

      I can’t find Ian Keating anywhere in the Marriage Heat website and that picture sure isn’t us at 55 and 53. No problem and God bless you.

      Wanted Allways

  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Wanted Always,

    What a beautiful story! I loved it. So tender are your hearts for each other – the way it should be. And very hot! God bless you both.

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