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Sexy Breakfast

Sexy Breakfast We believe sex can be romantic, playful, joyful anything we want as long as it’s just us and neither one is pressured to do what they don’t want. Love does not seek its own way. It was a Sunday morning and I awoke early, the kids were still in bed and I was […]

Never Wait Too Long

Time goes by so fast and I finally have time to share another wonderful story from our lives together. Early in our marriage, sometime during the first 10 years, what I am about to share happened and after that it happened several more times, but never exactly the same way, which you will understand after […]

Wife Takes the Lead

Having been married 35 years, sometimes we aren’t planning sex, but start talking about the “early years” and usually end up having wonderful sex anyway. This is the story of when my wife takes the lead. About 6 month after we married we gave each other our first haircuts in the region of love. We […]

The Marriage Bed Will Be Undefiled

That Saturday night after a busy day we both got ready for bed, we were exhausted but still planning on having sex; we had been flirting all day and so into bed we crawled… zzzzzzzzzzzz . Sunday morning I work up to find us both naked.  I normally sleep naked, but the love of my […]