Wife Takes the Lead

Having been married 35 years, sometimes we aren’t planning sex, but start talking about the “early years” and usually end up having wonderful sex anyway. This is the story of when my wife takes the lead.

About 6 month after we married we gave each other our first haircuts in the region of love. We wanted to have sex right then but decided on a shower first to rinse off all the clippings. It was a fun shower with soap and moisturizer and lots of rubbing. The thought of feeling my shaft on her naked clit and vulva made me just dribble pre-cum all the time.

She said she wanted to try something if it was ok with me.

I said, “Go for it.”

She said, “Roll over on your stomach and be sure (he’s) comfortable.” She meant of course my hard, hot, damp, shaft. I was glad to comply since this was the first time she was actually initiating sex in the 6 months of our marriage.

She crawled on top of the back of my right thigh and spread her pussy lips as wide as she could and she was quite moist. She then planted her warm open, bare snatch on my thigh and began to slowly rub herself up and down while the rest of her was lying down on my back. The back of my thigh was basically hairless due to the fact I wore long pants year round due to work. She slowly reached under my chest and found both of my nipples and began to play with them. Squeezing, twisting, pinching and all the while rubbing a little faster on my leg with her naked bare pussy. She didn’t need any lube but sat up once and put a streak of it on my thigh. Then splitting open her lips again she began to ride again faster and faster telling me how great this felt. I told her it was neat for me too, She returned her hands to my nipples and kept working on them, mostly pinching them due to both of us laying face down and her on top of me.

Within about 10-15 minutes she was moving and panting and moaning saying, “I’m going to cum, yes I am, I’m going to cum just like this. I need to cum, this is so good. Bare skin to bare skin awesome!” Now the bed is actually moving a little front and back. She’s just got a good pinch on each nipple using them as pull points. Suddenly she went wild, moaning and groaning and yelling, “I’m cumming!! Oh-oh, oh my, can’t stop–more, more, ah-ah-AH-AH! FEELS AWESOME… oh!!!” Then she shouted something I can’t remember and then suddenly she just collapsed on top of me and opened her hands keeping them flat on my nipples.

She was breathing like a marathon runner and saying, “oh my, oh my…” over and over again and I could actually feel a pulsing or her heartbeat on the back of my leg thru her slick pussy. She finally rolled off me and lay on her back with her eyes closed.

I looked and could see her pussy lips were red, flushed, and full–like a blooming flower. Her love knob stood out and was deep red. She said, “Please rub me, but don’t touch my pussy or I’ll go mad.”

So I gave her a good 15 min. slow rub down to help her return to this world. As the rub down was ending she had a bright smile on her face and reached over to touch me anywhere her arm and hand landed. I lay back with an erection sticking out from my groin with pre-cum leaking out and quite a bit of it dried onto his head and shaft.

However the fresh stuff was reviving the earlier dried precum and he was getting very slippery. I was now hot and horny but I didn’t know if she was ready for my advances so I took her hand and placed it on my erection.

She grasped it and smiled a big smile. She opened her eyes to look and said, “Oh my, how did that happen?”

I grinned and said, “I have no idea whatsoever but the poor thing needs help somehow.”

She said that I could place it in a warm wet chamber if I thought I could lay pretty still at least for a little.

I promised and slowly rolled over and spread her legs as wide as I could seeing all the juice and lube at her opening which was now not quite as red and flowering. She took hold of my erection and said it was hot, hard and warm and thicker than she had ever felt. She told me I could use her love hole just as she had used my thigh. She said sometime she’d tell me all about that, but for now she wanted to give me some relief. She took his head and lined it up with her wonderful world of love and pleasure and asked me to slowly enter.

Talk about holding back! I began to head for the opening. She took hold of my shaft and then there it was, I felt the tip of my shaft head begin to slowly enter that wet, warm place of delight. I slowly pushed just the head in watching her face.

Her eyes were closed but, her smile said happy and not pain, so I pushed until the rim had entered. I could have just poked in and out like that for a couple times and cum but I wanted to be totally part of her. My dick always wants to fill her completely, up to the hilt and then it wants to go slamming away enjoying this passage of love. Plunging in and out almost totally and then another quick slam in to the hilt.

Our skin slapped since it was bare each time I plowed into the hilt. Slowly I continued to enter, more of me and at the same time putting her legs up on my shoulders to open her up wide. This makes for me a wonderful feeling of my dick being squeezed and yet having an open path ready and waiting. She loves feeling open and wanting me–all of me–deep, deep inside. I slowly pushed until I was bare skin to bare skin at the entrance and my dick was encased and covered by her warm tunnel and juices.

She smiled and said, “I’m ready, there’s no pain but I need to feel that rim and shaft thrusting away. I’ll tell you if there’s any problem.”

Well, my shaft needed no second invitation! I began to start the in and out plunging into her pussy. Faster and faster I went my heart beat speeding up and my breathing following right along. My dick grew hotter and the head began its normal throbbing with my heartbeat. She asked me to stop for only a few seconds so she could feel that throbbing. I did and she just moaned and moaned. I couldn’t stay still long, I was a man possessed and began to thrust again.

Hotter and hotter, wetter and wetter, more juice sliding by and running out down her leg cracks and slit. Her hands grabbed my butt and began to help push and pull me in and out. She started to moan more and more and so did I. Actually I was panting and moaning and hoping my dick wouldn’t explode before I cum. It was very swollen and felt so good. I couldn’t take it anymore, I moaned, “I’m going to blow and I mean blow I hope it doesn’t shoot thru you.. She was now thrusting up against my thrusts then with one more stroke it started………pulse after pulse from my balls thru my insides and out thru the tip. The purple knob swollen to the limit and the rim burning. Burning love fluid pumping into my love. “Ah-AH-ahhhh–ooo-oh-oh… got… to… give… it… all… every drop!” My cock head is on fire and the shaft is out of control, pleasure like I have not known to this point. After the last spurt I just lay crossways still plugged into her and we panted together.

I couldn’t move my dick head was so sensitive it just had to stay still and she was still feeling my heartbeat through my shaft and wrapped her legs around my thighs and held me tight and close inside her body. Both of us as one flesh, one body, one piece of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional being. We kissed and her hands rubbed my back while our tongues danced together. Slowly my dick softened and she whimpered, “No, no please keep it in as long as you can.”

I replied, “I won’t pull him out until you say so or he comes out on his own.”

She sighed and held me tight. The next thing we knew we were separated and lying on the bed naked and sticky. We smiled, laughed and then got up to go clean up before coming back for some romantic time. I lit a candle just as a reminder. That’s my wife and I love her body and she loves mine. Just like God intended.


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5 replies
  1. smitten says:

    We loved your story, Wanted always. God bless your marriage and we look forward to reading more from you. We too get excited about remembering erotic times of the past.

  2. lucylove says:

    Wanted always..after reading through some stories on here this (this being my first post ever) I have to say that last night I also “took the lead” (not the first time but the first time with this way) I have always been turned on by humping things.m even dry humping each other cab totally make me cum…my dh loves watching mr hump my pillow as he rubs his shaft. . So I just had to try grinding on his quad.. although I had him lay on his back so I could suck his nipples as he stroked his cock… omg AMAZING! ! I am so happy to have come across this site..it truly is amazing that others also are so in love with how God created man and woman so perfectly to “go together” . THAT IN AN OF ITSELF IS A TURN ON FOR US. I only have found God in my life bc of my dh .. and we both are so grateful everyday .

  3. Crush says:

    It certainly leaves a sweet taste of mutal love and the best possible way to care for each other .

    There are some who drive pleasure in giving and some in reciving , but if it is well balanced life can be great fun.

    Keep it going .

  4. Michael Walken says:

    My lovely wife Lisa sometimes likes me to lay on my back while she reaches over touches me! She loves to see me get hard in her hands! Then slowly strokes me. Sometimes I’ll reach up and caress her breasts and pinch and tease her nipples.

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