At the Movies

We love watching movies. And who doesn’t love going to see a movie in the theater? So we decided on a movie and

went. I loved the way my wife looked that night. Short khaki shorts to show off her sexy legs. She wore sandals so that made it even better. I loved visually ogling her legs all the way down to her feet. She wore a t shirt with a button collar shirt over it with the buttons undone. She looked really cute and sexy. I could feel my desire for her building.

We settled into our seats with her on my right. The movie started and I put my arm around her shoulder. It didn’t take long for me to realize that with my arm around her, my right hand was sitting lightly on her right boob. I caught another look at her sexy legs right in front of me as she crossed her legs. I couldn’t stand it anymore. So I turned my hand palm down and placed it gently on her breast. Since it was dark on the theater and she had on another shirt my hand was concealed enough that no one could see what I was doing. When she didn’t say anything, I decided to see how far I could take this. The movie wasn’t that good anyway.

I gently started massaging my wife’s boob with my hand. I love the way her boob feels! It’s so soft and I love squeezing it. As I continued to play with her boob, I noticed she wasn’t pushing my hand away. She was enjoying this as much as I was! That excited me even more! My heart was pounding as I realized she was okay with this too.

Then I started to pinch her nipple occasionally. I knew she liked that. I would rub her boob for a while then pinch her nipple through her shirt and bra a couple of times. I could tell she was really enjoying this. Not just because she wasn’t stopping me but because I could hear her breathing harder. I also noticed she was getting a glazed-over look in her eyes. It’s the same look she gets when she is either really horny or when she’s about to cum.

I don’t know how long we did this but before we knew it the movie was over. We practically ran to the car and as soon as we got in she unzipped and unbuttoned her shorts. I reached in and she was so wet! Wetter than I had seen her in a while. She was breathing heavy too. I started to rub her clit right there in the parking lot. My fingers were soaked with her pussy juice. I loved it!

But there were a lot of people around so we decided to finish at home. She left her shorts open as I drove home. I continued to rub her pussy as I drove. That was challenging but worth it.

When we got home we parked and started making out hard. It wasn’t long before she said, “I need you in me!” So we got out and ran inside. She ran to the bedroom and stripped as I locked the front door. I walked into the bedroom to my beautiful naked wife lying on the bed. It didn’t take me long to join her in naked land and I got on the bed with her.

In no time I had my hard cock inside her. She was so wet it slid in effortlessly. I began pounding her hard and I could tell she loved it. Pretty soon she was cumming hard. Not long after that I shot my load inside her. I collapsed on top of her, both of us exhausted but satisfied. We laid there holding each other as we recovered from this hot experience.

I love going to the movies.

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6 replies
  1. smitten says:

    Hot story! It increases the level of excitement 10 times over to start somewhere in public. I have a feeling that it wouldn’t have mattered how good the movie was, a spouse is always better.

  2. hornyGG says:

    Movie, popcorn, soft drink and hot sex! Now that is a winning performance Hornyhubby! Loved the story! Thanks for sharing. God bless and stay horny!

  3. lovegood says:

    Love it when my hubby gets naughty with me when we’re out in public! I think I’ll tell him I want to see a movie tonight, and dress so he he’ll have easy access! Thanks for the inspiration! ?

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