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Best Sex Stories -The Wonderment of the Outside and Inside

best sex stories

By: gnuckx

Best Sex Stories -It’s 1 p.m. I, Smitten’s wife, am propped up in bed with a writing tablet on my knees. My husband is at the store. He knows what I’m writing about and has read the first draft. Note: Marriage Heat is starting a new category called Best Sex Stories in your marriage. The best sex stories in this category will be about those unexpected sexual surprises in your married life.


A long time ago our family was in the process of moving to find work. We had driven 700 miles since 4 a.m. to stay with Smitten’s mom and dad while we looked for a house. We arrived at 6 p.m. The greetings were short  as our 4-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son were tired and out of their normal routine. Smitten and I were tired also and anxious about the abrupt changes that stormed through our once peaceful lives.

After quick baths and changing into night clothes we retired to a large bedroom with two double beds. Our kids, feeling a little insecure, asked to sleep with us. I must admit that the insecurity that I felt also, and sensed in Smitten, made it easy to accept their invitation.

So we all crawled into bed together: Smitten was facing my back with his arm around me and his hand cupping my breast, our daughter was facing me from the other side with her hand relaxed on my neck, and our son was wedged between Smitten’s chest and my back with one hand stroking my long brown hair.

We all went right to sleep.

Sometime later I awakened to my husband’s nocturnal erection throbbing between my buttocks. I could tell from his relaxed hand that had fallen from my breast to my waist and his deep slow breaths on my back that he was still asleep. Although I felt a growing twinge down below I quickly succombed to the urge to sleep.

As the night went on and, as sleeping people awaken briefly to shift positions, I awakened and noticed that our son was now sleeping at the head of the bed between our pillows and the headboard. Our daughter had turned away from me on her side, and Smitten was against my back, spooning position, with his soft dick and balls cozied between my buttocks. Once again I could tell that he was sleeping and dozed off.

I awakened again to my husband’s hot and hard dick wedging slowly inside my awaiting pussy, wedging in a little more, a little deeper, his head expanding and stretching me. I felt wonderfully full inside, warm inside, warm all over, and pressed my butt against him until I had all of him, all of his love, as he began to massage my breasts and twirl my erect nipples between his fingers.

Then he became very still, allowing his dick to throb and swell more, jump and swell even more, as I rhythically clamped around him after each throb, each jump.

There were times that our sex was animalistic, times of playful sex, and rare times like this one. . . .

I found myself stroking our daughter’s hair — It smelled sweet as freshly cut hay — and briefly, ever so lightly embraced her to my breasts. Then I reached toward the head of the bed, found our son, and lightly stroked his back — He was radiating warmth.

I was experiencing it all . . . marriage and procreation in all of its wondrous, mystical beauty. The anxiety of the previous day was melting away as thoughts of how my husband and I blossomed in love: How his strong dick filled me with such overwhelming joy, and then sent pulses of his warm and soothing seed into my depths.

I felt them rising . . . intensifying waves of my approaching orgasm. My stomach tightened, my hips quivered, and my pussy tightly contracted around him.

He was tensing-up, his arm tightened around me, his muscles rock hard, as his hand wedged between my thighs and he firmly cupped my pussy, pressing, relaxing, and pressing. He was whispering gasps, trembling all over, and then I felt his dick rise, convulse, warm gushes, rise, convulse, warm gushes, and my orgasm came over me like a thousand pinpoints of light. Somewhere I heard a muffled shriek: It was mine. I clawed at the covers trying to restrain my overflowing joy . . . and heard my husband clawing at his pillow.

My husband was cumming inside me, my orgasm clamping and sucking his seed into the gentle warmth of the place that he called home, the place where I joyously welcomed his gift, as our two little creations were snuggled around us.

I reached behind me and pressed my husband’s buttocks toward me as I pressed my buttocks against him and relaxed. I felt safe and secure as he tightly embraced me from the outside, the fullness of his strong dick comforting me from the inside, and the wonderment of his gift of semen pooled in my depths.

I pressed my nose into our daughter’s hair and sniffed in a deep breath of her sweetness, letting it out slowly. Then I reached above my head and gently pulled our son closer. I kissed him on his supple cheek for a long moment.

“Our love . . . our creations,” I whispered.

“Our love . . . our creations,” Smitten whispered.


I hear my husband entering the house. The door shuts, something is dropped on the dining room table, his footsteps are crossing the living room, and I look toward the bedroom door. He stops, leaning against the door facing me, gazing at me lovingly.

“I need to lie beside you,” he said, “embracing you from the outside and filling you from the inside.”

I  raised welcoming arms. “Come to me, my love, and we’ll spend the afternoon, embracing from the outside and comforting from the inside.”

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9 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    What a wonderful story Mrs. Smitten. The deep love and affection within your family clearly showed as well as being wonderfully erotic. I truly loved this story as I do all the stories submitted by you and your husband. Thank you, God bless you both and stay horny!

  2. Loved by my Wife says:

    I have to admit that as a reader, the proximity/presence of your children is a little weird.
    That being said, the scene you describe is so full of deep meaning, it is touching & beautiful. I am not at all surprised that this is such an important moment for you.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Smitten's wife says:

    To loved By My Wife. Thanks for your kind and understanding comment. It was one of those moments in time that older couples like us can share.
    We want to make it clear: If our kids would have awakened we would have immediately stopped and tended to their needs. As it was they were very tired and deep in slumber.

  4. John Rolland says:

    Great story! Very sexy! The best sex I’ve ever had has been with my wife while trying to conceive! It little weird with the children right there but I understand the wonderment and bliss from your story.

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