The Anniversary Celebration

By: Thomas

By: Thomas

Anniversaries, especially wedding anniversaries, are well worth celebrating. Every year is an important year but they take on increased significance when the number of years ends with a “0” or a “5.” This particular anniversary was our 20th as husband and wife.  It called for a special celebration.

My wife and I have always liked to stay at nice hotels for ANY kind of special occasion. For our 20th, my lover and I decided to reserve a room at a luxury hotel where we had stayed to celebrate something special six years before. I forgot what we celebrated but I certainly remember what we did while we were there!

There is something about a total change of scenery at a nice hotel that does something to the senses both mentally and physically. Escaping from our apartment from the computer and all of the trappings that remind us of our work responsibilities is so needed on a regular basis. I think it took a good hour for my body and my mind to move into unwind mode.

Once it did, I was ready to really celebrate with my bride of 20 years. I had made our dinner reservation for 8:30 at a nearby, classy Italian restaurant. My partner and I were eagerly looking forward to that and already thinking about what to order. However, dinner was still a few hours away.  My wife and I weren’t that hungry but a bowl of fruit was situated near the bedroom window in case we wanted to nibble on something to tide us over before our special anniversary dinner.  It wasn’t fruit that I was thinking of to nibble on!

The bed was so inviting. I stretched out and closed my eyes for several minutes. I didn’t fall asleep. I didn’t want to. I just lay still and it felt so, so good. The feeling was indescribable. Being still physically and mentally was helping me come to life. My senses and my sanity were being restored.

My lover was ready to relax with me, too.  She was in the bathroom getting a bit more comfortable before coming to join me. There was no rush. We weren’t on a time clock except for our 8:30 PM anniversary dinner.  As my bride was preparing to join me on our luxurious bed, I was wondering if we were going to do the deed before dinner. I wanted that so bad before dinner and after dinner. I felt like I had more than enough juice in me to go for two lovemaking sessions in the same day.

My covenant partner eventually made her entrance from the bathroom and snuggled to my side on that inviting, luxurious bed. I felt my lover’s soft, smooth skin next to my leg as I gently placed my arm around her. I love to rub my wife’s back, especially the middle part toward her tailbone. I feel great (and so does she!) when I rub the tension out of my partner’s body. It a way I can serve my lover and it’s a great prelude for other things sometimes. It was so good to have my loving bride by my side on that bed. My right arm was around her waist while my left hand did its work on the small of her back. Oh, how good it was to relax together! My senses were standing at attention, especially that part of me about 12 inches below my belly button. My wood was more than ready as I lay next to my lover.  I was SO ready to come into my lover and give her everything stored up inside of me. Yet, at the same time, I wanted the foreplay, the anticipation of what was to come to last a long, long time.  There’s just something special about the wait, about that “what’s to come” that’s a real turn on for me. Staying erect for long periods of time while I’m making love with my wife is a wonderful experience. The anticipation is as exhilarating as the intercourse itself. Years ago I would never have thought that let alone actually say it!

I wanted the “what’s to come” sensation to linger and last considerably longer, even though I was ready to explode pronto. The pressure in my cock was building at a quickened pace. For the time being, I was able to stem the flow that was at the starting gate of my manhood. It was time for me to move on from the small of my lover’s back to something else if I was going to last for some longer lovemaking.

After a good stretch and a lingeringly long gaze at my bride’s physical assets, I was ready to explore some other parts of my wife’s body. I maneuvered toward my wife’s hips. I absolutely love the look and feel of my lover’s curves there. Getting on my knees, I gently kissed that portion of her physique. Rising up from having my member pressed up against my wife’s body gave it a bit of a reprieve but not much. My penis remained as hard as hard could be as I feasted on my lover’s hip and rear. The pressure was continuing to build up inside of me.  Oh, I was so ready to come into my lover but didn’t. The delay was well worth it. There’s just something about the sensation of hardness that is simply amazing. I wanted the full experience of making love with my beloved.

Before I could proceed further to my lover’s legs and feet, I heard her soft, spoken desire loud and clear: “Come into me. I want you. Give me all you’ve got.”  My goodness, those words confidently uttered from my life partner’s lips was music to my ears. I positioned my body back to my side of the bed facing my beautifully naked wife. She was ready for me and she knew I was more than ready. Positioning myself on my side is my favorite position because I get to feel the full force and thrust of my juices entering my lover’s private place. Oh, to feel the flow of my built up semen entering my wife is one of the greatest feelings in the world. My dear wife gently held my full penis, guided it toward her wetness and placed it perfectly inside of her. I love it when she does that! I know she wants me and that’s a huge turn on. As this takes place, my bride says those five precious words that are huge in my book: “You were made for me.”

Yes!  My big, hard, long cock entered perfectly inside my wife’s private place. It is for me! She is for me and I am all for her! Making love with my wife gets more exciting and satisfying the older we get. My best friend is like fine red wine. She gets better (in every way!) with age. The pent up pressure in my shaft and lower parts is now way too much. It’s going to blow like a volcano.

Blast off! Release! My creamy juices rush into my lover like waters from a dam that had just burst. I want to keep giving my beloved more and more and more. I don’t want the well to run dry. I have to make absolutely certain my beloved wife gets every drop of my precious cargo.

I was fully content as I expressed the full depth of my love and appreciation for my covenant life mate. Time stood still in that hotel bed as we intimately celebrated 20 years of life together as husband and wife. I stayed inside my lover and lingered longer. I didn’t want it to end. I was nowhere near ready to get up out of that bed with my lover facing me, connected together as one flesh. I wanted to remain connected and drift off for a short nap but that would have been selfish. Common sense took hold before dozing off into slumber land. My bride was ready for my touch right where I entered her. She was warm and wet all over. I was ready to give to my lover the pleasure and ecstasy she desired and deserved. I confidently made my way to my wife’s right side and placed my left arm gently underneath her head. The aroma of my mate’s wetness smelled was great as I was readying myself to caress her. My lover knew where I was headed and I didn’t delay. My index and middle fingers touched my bride’s softness so, so gently. Even after 20 years I desire to be so careful down there. I love to explore that part of wife’s body softly…gingerly…lovingly. My lover wants touch not tough.

“Explore my folds,” my partner lovingly commands me.

I wonder what my lover feels when I touch her private garden just for me. Does she feel similar sensations to what I experience before I give my semen to her?  Is her orgasm like a volcano blowing open like it is for me?

After we have made beautiful love together it is nice to lie beside my best friend and let the world go by.  This day in that very special hotel room was no exception. Experiencing incredible lovemaking with my wife of 20 years I felt refreshed and recharged. “It doesn’t get any better than this,” I thought. But it does! The older I get the more I truly enjoy making love with my wife.

We purposely made our reservation at the hotel for a late checkout the next day. Would we have the drive and desire to make beautiful love again tomorrow morning to start the day (or even tonight after dinner?)? I certainly hoped so!

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  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Congratulations for 20 years of marriage! What a beautiful celebration you described. I can identify with so much of what you wrote – and the desire to linger and make it all last as long as possible.

    Thank you NEP. God bless you both!

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