Hot Model Home Tour (L)

They decided that it was a perfect afternoon to tour one of the newly built model homes in their neighborhood.  On the

weekends, the model homes are usually “unmanned”, meaning there is no real estate agent camped out in one of the rooms.

She had purposely dressed appropriately to tour the model home with her husband.  What exactly does a wife purposely wear to tour an open house, you ask?  A tight, pink t-shirt–who needs a bra, right?  And hot pink, cute, sexy cotton shorts.  If there’s no bra needed, there’s certainly no panties needed either.

They had talked lately about trying to visit one of the latest model homes to fuck.  The husband and wife weren’t virgins to fucking in model homes in their neighborhood, but they hadn’t “christened” this one yet.

As they made their way through the house, room by room, she could feel the anticipation in her body start to rise.  They laughed and talked, which came easily for them.  The last room to tour was the master suite, complete with a bedroom, bathroom, and spacious walk-in closet.  It seemed like the ideal place to end up together.

As they admired the bathroom, he stood behind her as she looked in the mirror.  Slowly, he came up behind her and pushed her hair aside.  She felt a chill go up her spine as he kissed her neck.  He looked up at her in the mirror and lifted her shirt.  As her small breasts popped out of her tight pink top, her dark nipples were clearly visible.  In a husky voice he leaned in and ordered her, “Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you see what a hot wife you are?”  She could barely look at herself, but he made her face the image of the horny housewife in front of her.

He was then sliding her shorts down to expose her pussy.  He was quite dominant today and she truly loved it.  Allowing him to simultaneously have total control of her body and mind is freeing for her.  His dominance was displayed when he directed her, “Sit on the counter top so I can eat your sweet pussy.”  Without hesitating she lifted herself onto the counter, her shirt still hiked above her tits and her shorts now on the bathroom floor.

The instant his tongue made contact with her pussy, she gasped and threw her head back.  The feeling was especially intense because her pussy was freshly-shaven, and bald.  He sucked, licked and fingered her wet hole as she gripped the faucet with every orgasm.  She wrapped her legs around his shoulders and gave his mouth orgasm after orgasm.  She knew that she was soaking his face, and he knew that she was getting off on being a hot wife in the model home.

“I need your cock in my mouth,” she whined, as he slowly enjoyed his last few licks.  Her desire to put his dick in her mouth was intense.  She guided him into the huge walk-in-closet, with a window that faced the main highway and entrance to the subdivision.   Hmm…she thought.  There’s a chance that they could be seen, which only heightened her desire to fill her mouth with his cock, right then.  So, she did what any submissive, horny wife would do: she got down on her knees slowly and looked him in the eyes as she took him in her mouth.  He was obviously turned on by how good her pussy came, because he was rock hard and huge before she even grabbed his dick.

She sucked and sucked, and licked and sucked his balls until she had slobber running down her chin.  They were in front of the closet window, facing the main street, and they didn’t care.  Passion won over sensibility.  She paused and informed him that she had cum running down her leg because she was so turned on by sucking his cock.  He forced her off of his cock and said, “Well, we’ll just have to do something about that.”

“What do you mean?” she asked cautiously and meekly.  She batted her eyes at him and rubbed her wet pussy.  “Are you going to fuck my pussy good?”

“Yes, I am, you naughty girl.  Get on your knees and stick your ass up in the air!”  She immediately complied, arching her curvy ass and spreading her pussy lips open to receive him.

“Fuck me,” she said, in a raspy but desperate voice.

Her pussy was so wet that his cock slid right in, so fast that she squealed because her pussy was so tight.  Then suddenly, she was hungry for it and started rocking back and forth on his cock.  Through her moans, she soaked his cock and balls.  He was amazed at how much she could cum.  He knew that she wanted him, and her cum proved it.  Gripping the carpet to get traction, she bounced up and down on his cock (because you can never have too many orgasms).

Now, one of the rules of being a submissive and sexy wife is that she has to clean her messes up.  She is very good at cleaning her cum messes up.  They both knew that the more she came on his cock, the bigger the mess to clean up.  After she had sufficiently used his cock to her advantage, she slid off and saw that she had a big mess indeed to clean up.  His cock was glistening with cum, and his shaft and balls were covered in white, creamy cum.

She proceeded to lick off her creamy white cum, and then sucked furiously as her head bounced violently back and forth.  This is how she likes it, him above her, mouth-fucking her until he explodes.  As he kneeled in front of the closet window, he was overcome with the total inappropriateness of their fuck session in the model home and he exploded.  He filled her mouth with his glorious cum, which she as usual had no problems swallowing whole.

The delicious smiles that they exchanged as they exited the house could only be understood by the two of them.  Every time either one of them drives by this model home in their neighborhood, they can’t help but look up at the master closet window, and smile a delicious smile.


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  1. hornyGG says:

    Wow! What a hot story SpiceyItalian! This story definitely got my pussy all wet! I couldn’t help but touch myself. Ohhh how I need my hubby’s dick about now! Thank you so much for the hot story! Gotta go so I can cum! God bless and stay horny!

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    There are a lot of model homes around us. When we drive or walk by from now on, there is going to be some other thoughts in my mind.

    Thanks SpicyItalian!

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