Hello all you Horny Wives,

Question for you: I’m interested in purchasing my first vibrator but I am overwhelmed by all the choices. I really don’t know which one to buy.  Some are quite costly. Which ones are good and which should I avoid?  I’m looking for your recommendations. I want to know your absolute favorites…the ones you swear by…the ones you think every woman should own.  Thanks a whole bunch!

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  1. hornyGG says:

    It depends if your looking for just clitoral stimulation or deep sexual stimulation by penetration. I own a Mr. Just Right 8″ vibrating dong ( though the package mine came in said “Mr. Jolly”. I think they changed packaging since mine.) Anyway, I like it because it looks realistic, has multiple settings and the vibrations are nice ( though high is a little too intense for me.) My hubby purchased mine at an adult novelty store, but I am sure Adam & probably has it.

    Now if your looking mainly for clitoral stimulation, my friend Cynthia and my daughter Kristie swear by the Hitachi Wand. Cynthia says it is a great first vibrator. It even has a cup attachment for hubby’s pleasure as well. I too have heard great things about the ” rabbit ” as well.

    I am definitely no expert on sex toys by any means having only owned one. I hope this helps. God bless and stay horny!

  2. HornyHubby says:

    Just wanted to share a quick tip: Whatever you get make sure you get one that says it is free of any chemicals-primarily the chemical called phthalates. Supposedly this chemical can cause cancer when exposed to it for long periods of time. Most vibes that are free of this should post on there somewhere that it is free of phthalates. Good luck!

  3. lovegood says:

    Great question!! I would live to know what other woman have and really enjoy using! I have a rabbit vibrator which is fabulous, but sometimes is a little too fast, lol… It’s over too soon (until you learn how to control it). Bullets do a great job and are perfect for travel, and my hubby really enjoys using it on me. I also have a G-Spot vibrator that I just started using that is AMAZING!! I ALWAYS have multiple orgasms with it ( I can press/rub it in different places around my clit/pussy and have several orgasms without over sensitizing myself, but beware… It’s noisey. I like to use it when I’m already aroused, If I were going to purchase one for the first time I would go with a bullet AND the rabbit. You will be so glad you purchased these! Would love to hear other recommendations from other ladies out there.

  4. gardenpassion says:

    I got my wife a Lelo Siri. She doesn’t masturbate and won’t use it by herself, but enjoys having me use it on her. She wasn’t sure about it at first, so one positive was that it didn’t look like a giant pink penis (it resembles a small, wireless, computer mouse). She’ll now hint she’d like to see it come out of the drawer. It isn’t terribly loud, especially on the lower settings. I’m pretty sure you could use it in a hotelroom, lovegood, without embarrassment. I’m certainly glad I bought it for her, and I’m pretty sure she is too.

  5. Disfrutando says:

    We are new to the blog. Great stuff!

    Few ideas from what we have learned. We only use toys together so as someone asked… It’ll be important to know what do you want it for. Hope this helps.

    Based on using toys together.
    – MAJORLY RECOMMENDED- WEVIBE. It’s a dual vibrator in a U shape. One side goes inside and puts pressure on the Gspot, while the outward part provides great clit stimulation. The great form is that it can be used while having sex. It allows for the husband to actually penetrate with the toy being used. Great toy!! We love it.

    – Egg vibes are small and fun. Great for clitoral stimulation. Husband can use it on the wife as he penetrates.

    – We tried a Gspot toy without good results. If anyone has any specific suggestions… let us know please

    -Not exactly a vibe.. but kinda. A vibrating cock ring could also be an option.

    – We have been curious about the clone-a-willy set. It’ll be great for when hubby goes on trips.

    • She Writes says:

      We own one and it hasn’t really worked that well for us. It was an expensive purchase too so that’s extra disappointing. I feel like it is the wrong dimension for my body. It seems like it too long and when it’s slid into place, it extends too far to reach the parts (clitoris on one side, g spot on the other) that it is supposed to pleasure. Or we’re using it wrong. Anyone else had a similar problem and figured out how to make it work?

    • ClimaXX says:

      We had a Wevibe and we were so unsatisfied with it that we returned it. It was not functioning as it was supposed to. We now have the most awesome Lelo Kissing Swan. Magic. My wife is multi-orgasmic and 10+ orgasms are easy for her with this toy.

      [From MH: For those of you looking, Kissing Swan comes from the Swan company, another high-quality sex toy company like Lelo.]

  6. John says:

    Best of the best: The Butterfly Kiss. Got ours on Amazon. This thing is shaped and powered just right, and I simply cannot describe to you the difference it made for my wife. This was THE one that made toys in the bedroom OK; it represented a true turning point in our sexual adventure. And for the value it is unbelievably inexpensive — like around 10 bucks! It does great stuff for the g spot, the lips and clitoris… all at the same. Small but packs a major wallop ! Go to Amazon, search “vibrators,” then sort by “new and popular.” There are several toys there with hundreds of ratings at 4/5 stars out of 5. We’ve got and I can tell you they’re great. And the butterfly kiss is hands-down #1. I dare you to get it and try to prove me wrong — Mwah-ha-ha-ha. OK. Yeah. I got a little carried away there. Enjoy!

    • Paradocs says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. Got my butterfly kiss in the mail yesterday and my husband and I made excellent use of it last night. Also bought a vibrating cock ring. OH MY! My hubby said it was the most intense sexual pleasure ever, and when he had it on it was like his package was my own personal vibrating toy. Makes the whole length of his penis vibrate. We only enjoyed oral and mutual masterbation last night. May update this after we try some PIV tonight with the cockring as well.

    • Snag says:

      Do you (or anyone else here on MH) have suggestions on a cock ring that works well for you? I would be appreciative to know which one and what you like about it. Thanks so much!

  7. Cuddles says:

    Well I've FINALLY taken the plunge and ordered my very first vibrator after trying to decide for ages.

    A Lelo Gigi 2. It's a clitoral and G-spot stimulator with a range of vibes. It's a Lelo so it was expensive ($AU150) but I'm definitely worth it. Besides, I want it to feel as good as it can be so quality is the way to go.

    Im getting horny just thinking about it lol! It's arriving in a few days, and after I unwrap it THEN I hafta wait til it charges up. I reckon I'll be a crazy woman and attacking it when it's ready haha.

    I find this a tad amusing seeing as I'm not far off 70, had a huge sexual awakening earlier this year and consequently landed in MH (a very long story), and am waiting for my new man to come to me.

    I'll let you know how I like my new toy. I promise!


    • PacMan says:

      Way to go Cuddles! Never too late to have a sexual awakening! My wife has a very similar vibe (the Lelo Liv 2), and its sturdy, lasted years, and has given her 100s or orgasms. I used it on myself earlier today… wonderful anal stimulation and a gushing climax. Hope you have fun attacking yours when it arrives!

    • Southernheat says:

      You will love Lelo such great quality and the best rumbly vibes not buzzy. I have the Mona; wish I had the GiGi love gspot stimulation. Congratulations for trying something new.

    • pnwwoodsman says:

      The entire Lelo line looks elegant and exciting, like luxury toys. Awesome!

      I'd be very interested to hear your experiences and how you like the purchase. I think at times we view these things as indulgent or luxuries, but our sexuality and pleasure are important blessings, things we should invest in and nurture, so why not go for quality?

  8. New Wife says:

    Congratulations Cuddles! Welcome to the world of amazing toys. We have several Lelo products and never been disappointment. Very high quality. We also like We-Vibe, JimmyJane, Lovense and Crave. All of these are very high quality. Not inexpensive but as you noted, you're worth it.

    Anxious to hear how it works for you!

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