Happy Birthday! ( Part One) (L)

Friday, April 25, someone very special to me celebrated a birthday. That person is my best friend, my soul mate, my lover

and the love of my life. That person is my handsome loving husband Ben.

My love asked me not to divulge his age, so I will honor his request.  I will say however that when Noah built the Ark, Ben was there! (just kidding sweetheart!)

Ben doesn’t really like making a big fuss over his birthday. He says it is just another day, so it is often treated as such. He will go along with a birthday cake (which I make whether he wants one or not) and is very appreciative of the gifts we get him. No fuss, no muss is what he likes.

This year however, I was bound and determined it was gonna be different. The kids and I decided we were going to throw him a surprise birthday party. Actually it was our son Randy’s idea and I was all in! Our daughters, Alicia and Kristie, loved the idea as well.

A couple of days prior I called and reserved a party room at a local hotel and made arrangements for catering. I would bake the cake. I called all of our closest friends and several of his work buddies (those I could find numbers for). His bosses, Brian and Richard, agreed to help in the plan as well. I was getting excited as things began to fall into place.

The morning of his birthday, I was awakened by the sound of Ben’s alarm clock a little after 3 am. Ben had to be at work at 5 am.

“Good morning, baby! And happy birthday!” I told him as he got up and headed for the bathroom.

“Thank you, babe!” He said with a grin and then disappeard into the bathroom.

He emerged from the bathroom moments later and walked back to our bed and got in next to me. He smiled, then gave me a sweet gentle kiss on the lips.

“I love you, my baby!” He said, gently brushing my hair from my face with his hand.

“I love you too, sweetheart! But you can do a lot better than that sweet little peck I know!” I said as I looked into those beautiful dark eyes of his.

He smiled, then kissed me again, only this time with a bit more passion. It was one of those kisses that make my heart flutter a bit and my pussy tingle. Our tongues met and danced together as we embraced. Putting one of my legs over his, I groped his firm muscular naked ass, then gave it a quick smack and then another.

“Hey! What’s up with that!” He exclaimed with a laugh.

“Birthday spanking! All birthday boys get a birthday spanking, baby. When was the last time you had a good spanking, sweetheart?” I replied with a giggle, then playfully smacked his ass again, this time a little harder.

“Ouch! Alright, baby, behave! But since your in such a playful mood, how about giving me some of that pussy!” Ben said, tweaking my left tittie nipple through my gown with his fingers. We kissed.

I moaned softly as we kissed enjoying the taste of his tongue and the erotic sensation it was giving me. My cunt was heating up and getting quite wet.

“Aren’t you going to be late, baby?” I panted as he began to nuzzle my neck causing me to shiver slightly. That man sure knows how to light my fire!

“Does this feel like I care!” Ben whispered, taking my hand and placing it onto his hardened cock.

“Baby, I love you so much!” I panted, then kissed him again as my hand held his dick.

” I love you too my sweet Gina! Baby, suck my dick!” Ben whispered, then lay back onto his back.

I smiled as I sat up and removed my gown. I gazed at his cock which was rock hard and pointing up towards his abdomen. I traced a finger over it’s length causing it to twitch slightly before grasping it with my right hand.

“So beautiful!  So big and hard, baby!” I said in a bit of a sexy tone as I began slowly pumping him with my hand.

“Oh baby, that feels good!” Ben groaned softly as I continued to slowly jack him off.

“You like that, baby? I love stroking your cock. It feels so good in my hand!” I replied, then gave him a kiss on the lips. I pulled back slightly exposing our tongue play, then gently sucked on his tongue for a brief moment before refocusing my attention to the matter “at hand.”

Still slowly pumping his meat with my hand, I leaned forward and flicked the drop of precum that had formed on the head with my tongue . I do so love how he tastes!

Ben groaned as I worked my tongue over the head of his prick, then down the shaft to his meaty balls. I bathed his nuts with my tongue, gently taking each one into my mouth. He loves for me to play with his nuts and eat them.

Ben groaned deeply and his hips moved slightly as I began to tongue that area right behind his ball sack.

“Ohhh yeah, baby! You’re driving me crazy, baby! Your gonna make me cum if you keep that sh*t up!” Ben groaned as I began to tickle his asshole with my finger, then slipped my pinkie finger up his butt.

I then ran my tongue back up the shaft and kissed his dickhead softly before taking him into my mouth.

“That’s it, baby, suck it! Suck my dick! Soooo good, my baby! I love your finger up my ass as you suck me!” Ben groaned,  his hand on the back of my head, guiding it up and down his thick shaft as I took him deep down my throat.

“Gina! BABY! SUCK IT! You’re gonna make me cum! SH*T, BABY, I’m gonna CUM! YES! Mmmm-mmmph!” Ben growled as his cock throbbed and washed the back of my throat with his warm cum in four powerful spurts.

I continued to suck him, swallowing his sweet nectar, pumping his shaft with my hand to make sure I drained every drop from his balls.

I lifted my head from his spent cock and smiled at him and winked. I gave his dickhead a gentle kiss, then moved up and kissed my man sweetly on the lips.

“Happy birthday, my sweet man! I do love you so!” I softly said, then kissed his sweet lips again.

“I love you too! I thought we were gonna fuck! I just couldn’t hold back any longer. You are an awesome cocksucker, my dear Gina! Want me to eat your pussy and get you off?” Ben said, his breathing still heavy from his orgasm.

“Why, thank you, baby! Mmmm, that’s a tempting offer, baby! But don’t you think you need to be heading on to work? That is unless your not going into work today.” I replied.

“No, I really need to go in, but I can make you feel good first before I leave.” Ben said, reaching his hand to my pussy and cupping it’s wetness.

I gasped slightly as I felt him slip a finger past my swollen wet pussy lips.  “Ben! Baby, you’re making it so hard for me to say no! Oh yes, baby!” I groaned as I felt him slip another finger into me. I humped my hips at his now thrusting fingers as we kissed.

“Baby, your pussy is so wet! I want to taste you, my sweet girl. I want to eat your sweet pussy and make you cum! I want to drink your sweet juices, baby!” Ben whispered softly into my ear as he continued finger fucking me.

“Oh, baby! You know I can’t resist you! Do it, baby! Eat me out! Make me cum with that wonderful mouth of yours!” I panted, then rolled onto my back and opened my legs for my lover.

“Oh, Ben! Baby!” I moaned as I felt his sweet mouth gently kiss my pussy lips.

He began to slowly lap at the outer edges of my hungry cunt coming just short of touching my hardened clitoris. He teased at my cunt with his tounge, working it all around inside and out. It was maddening, but felt oh so good.

“Ohhh, baby! Yes! Just like that! Oh, you wonderful man! Eat it, eat that pussy, baby! Ohhhh, yessss!” I panted, grabbing his head and holding it to my horny wet cunt as I humped my hips at his sweet mouth.

“Baby! My clit! Yes! Oh, baby, I love you so much! Yes! Yes! Suck on it! Oh, yes! I’m gonna CUM! I’M C-C-CUM-MMMMPH! ” I panted, gripping his head with my quivering legs as I came. Putting a pillow over my face to stifle my scream.

Once my passion wave ended, Ben kissed his way up my body till our mouths met once more.

“Thank you, baby! I love you so much!” I panted, holding him tight.

“I love you! I guess I better shower and get to work! See you this evening, baby.” Ben said, then kissed me and headed for a shower. My alarm went off shortly there after.

I got out of bed and put my gown back on, then slipped on my robe. I needed to get Randy some breakfast made before waking him for school.

Ben gave me a quick kiss and pat on the butt before finally making it out the door around a quarter till 6.

“Have a good day, baby! I love you.” I said.

“I will. See you this evening! Love you too!” He said as he walked out the door.

“Oh, you will! You have no idea, birthday boy.” I thought to myself and smiled.

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12 replies
    • hornyGG says:

      Thank you so much Madeleine 27, as always I am so happy you enjoy my stories! Thank you so much for supporting my stories. I will continue to write as long as people enjoy them or until Ben and I can no longer do the deed. Wait, they have pills for that! Lol.

    • hornyGG says:

      Thank you so much Blondie! I will relay the birthday wish to Ben. Can you believe I will have been enjoying and posting on MH for a year in June. Time flies and I have enjoyed every moment. I have said it several times, but MH has truly been a blessing to Ben and I. Thank you for your support! God bless and stay horny! GG

    • hornyGG says:

      THANK you so much Lovinghusband! I will relay the birthday wish to Ben. Thank you so much for your continued support of my stories. Part two will be up soon. God bless and stay horny my friend!

    • hornyGG says:

      Thank you Smitten, you are too sweet! I love yours and your wife’s stories. Looking forward to more! Thank you and your wife for the support! God bless and stay horny!

  1. Steve & Annie says:

    Heh you two Lovebirds!!! Can’t wait for part two. Happy belated bday my friend. Continued Blessings to you both!!!!!
    Keep it Hot, Steve& Annie

  2. Fiddler says:

    I am fairly new to this website, but have shared a story and a variety of comments. I am actively retired, but my wife continues her commitment to a career and shares in the care of our grandchild. She is so busy and yet so willing to reach out to others. We have had some amazingly hot sex through the years and I hope that one day she will have the time and perhaps the courage to share some of our experiences (from her perspective) on this website. Until then, however, I want to Thank You GG for helping us all see the potential for intimacy in our marriages. You have a talent for writing that could be used in the wrong way, but instead you and Ben have made the commitment to go God’s way. Blessings to you and your family.

  3. mickmack13 says:

    God's blessings, Misss GG. Very encouraging and rewarding (hopefully). Still gotta read the rest of the story, but I will. My wife too. she dosen't like to be spanked, but I do, ha ha. Just a naughty kind of guy, teehee… John 3:16 ~mack

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