Whoosh … Sex in Pregnancy …

Great to be here. Let me tell you about how to take your husband’s mind off sports. We were snuggled up on the sofa

one evening. I was seven months pregnant and pretty big. I was wearing my standard floaty flowery tent dress (third pregnancy – got this down now!) which comes out pretty short by the time I get big. I started scratching my round belly which itches like fury. Paul loves me pregnant. He’s never said but I think it’s kind of a “thing” with him.

You can guess how much I mind, especially since I am horny – a lot –  when I’m pregnant. I started scratching my leg, shifting to raise my thigh as I did so. The dress slipped down my leg and I just about stayed decent with much thigh. I carried on scratching, seeing Paul’s trousers start to bulge. I could tell the TV suddenly wasn’t his main interest any more. I scratched further up my leg and pretty soon I wasn’t decent any more as I moved my thighs apart. By now, I was very wet and breathing hard. I smiled at him. He looked hypnotised.

“Uh babe, I’ve got this itch I just can’t..scratch. Can I show you?” With a grunt, despite my belly, I was kneeling up on the sofa and pulling my dress up onto my back. He was suddenly facing my spread thighs and bum, covered in my big sheeny maternity panties. In no time, he was pulling them gently down and I felt his hands stroking my backside and fumbling between my legs. I gasped with desire and immediately he was in me. It took only a few strokes until we were both coming massively. When I’m on my own I imagine that sight. Me with my heavy belly bulging and my panties dragged down my thighs and him behind me, thrusting and horny.


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  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Miranda, I think your husband could have been watching the Super Bowl or astronauts landing on the moon – your “itching” would have won out! The way you described your asking him to help brought a smile to my face. Great story!
    God bless you both!

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