Making Her Squirt (L)

My son was dropped off at my parents for the weekend for a visit. So my wife and I were home alone which we don’t get a lot. I’ve been very horny for her nice pussy. I’ve been daydreaming all day about licking her soaking wet pussy.

I love to give my wife oral. I love the taste of her cum And to feel her pussy pulsate when she’s cumming from my tongue. My wife wasn’t home yet and I couldn’t get that off my mind. My cock started to grow and in seconds it was rock hard throbbing and already dripping with pre-cum, so I took a picture of it and sent it to my wife and told her to be ready to have my tongue slide up and down her tasty clit.

Then the idea of making her squirt while going down on her almost made me cum alone. She’s never squirted before so I looked up on line for hints how to and did that until my wife came home from work. I told her I want to try to make you squirt while I go down on you tonight babe.

She said ok, so what I read on line drinking a lot of water before can help so I get her to drink a lot of water. Another thing it said was she has to be relaxed. So because I knew she was nerves, she knew I really wanted her to squirt all over my face while licking her. So we got into bed and I started off rubbing her back and working out her kinks and then down to her ass. I start getting hard when I’m massaging her ass because she starts moaning and while pulling her ass cheeks apart massaging them I can hear her pussy juices with every gasp.

Then I work out the thighs and move down to her feet. Now she is relaxed. She turns over and I get on top of her and I kiss her I love her soft lips. Then I start kissing down her body till I got to her nice big breast. I start licking and kissing on her nipples, making them nice and hard. I move down kissing her stomach and then to her inner thigh. I move back up to her throbbing clit now licking it nice and slow. I then slid in a finger. Making her moan so loud. I’m using the technic I read online. I’m licking faster and sliding my finger in and out of her tight wet pussy nice and faster.

She starts to have her orgasm and then she cums, but she doesn’t squirt. I get up from the end of the bed and look at her and I can see the disappointment in her face. She says sorry babe. So to get the disappointment off her face I slide my big throbbing cock deep inside her. Making her lose that look real quick.

I begin thrusting in and out with the fourth thrust she has another orgasm. Then I feel that she is squirting all over my cock. I was shocked on how much she squirted and I site of her juices running down my shaft and her lips made me instantly cum. I begin to pull out and I look up and she has the biggest surprised facial expression. She is extremely happy that she got to squirt for me. I’m just laughing from that face she made. It was like a kid in a candy shop. Then she says next I’m going to squirt all over your face babe.

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12 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Wonderful story Redwings13! Ben loves when I actually squirt. I have to be really worked up and stimulated for it to happen, but when it does, it is intense and a bit messy! Lol. God bless and stay horny!

  2. April says:

    I feel that squirting is the best orgasm in the world. My fiance won't go down on me or finger me. And he rarely plays with my clit. But while riding him, getting it from behind, or just regular missionary, I cum most of the time.
    I don't know how to talk him into doing foreplay more often cuz that's what makes me get all worked up to cum. We've been together a year now.. he just won't. I feel like I'm gross and that's why he won't do it. But oh well. Reading these helps me pleasure myself.. so I guess it's all good.

  3. Andy says:

    My wife squirts so much we had to buy a waterproof blanket/sheet from amazon, i like it best when she stands above my face and she makes herself squirt and it goes in my mouth and all over me.

  4. My Baby’s Man says:

    If my baby is full aroused, she will sometimes squat down and I will either finger her useing 2 fingers ina come here motion or she will ride me cowgirl and will squirt. She typically squirts and then orgasms a little later. She keeps hoping at some point they will happen simultaneously as it would be incredibly intense.

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