The Boat

It was a beautiful warm sunny day though the stiff on-shore breeze blowing up from the south made the heat tolerable. Otherwise, it was a perfect day for sailing.Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 2.11.43 PM

I sat at the wheel of my sailboat with my lovely wife Lisa, on board. It was a Friday afternoon and we were going to take off for the weekend. Lisa, of course saw the boat previously and came on board for a few small trips but never really joined me for a few days sailing.

We were ready to leave the marina and Lisa was still down in the cabin changing. We started to motor out and I wanted to get the sails up. I called for her and she was up in a few. The woman I love appeared on deck in a rather skimpy bikini.

“Lisa, I need you to take the wheel while I hoist the sails.”

“Oh geez, I don’t know what to do.”

“Don’t worry; it’s really easy. Come here… behind the wheel and just steer it like a car.
See that buoy?” I pointed out… “Just keep the boat pointed at that.”

“OK. But please don’t be too long.”

As I was getting the boat ready to leave, I looked at Lisa’s bikini. Although we were married, I never saw her in an outfit like that!

I quickly went up and hoisted the mainsail, unfurled the jib, and got all the lines squared away. The boat ready! The sails unfurled! And we were leaving.

There were other boats in the water and Lisa got a little upset but I told her to hold the course.

I looked back at her and saw her pointing to starboard where another sloop was indeed headed in our general direction. In a few seconds, I determined we were not on a collision course.

“Good job Lisa.” I told her. ” Good job!”

Lisa had a big smile on her face and relaxed her body. The boat was moving nicely in the stiff breeze. .

Taking the wheel, she told me that was a lot of fun. I said let’s get out a little bit further and you can take the wheel again. Lisa started to put some sunscreen on and she asked me to put some on her back and rear while she was at the wheel again. Which I did of course, rubbing her back and legs and I felt something stirring between my legs.
While rubbing, I thought I heard her moan a little.
I pointed out other boats in the distance “Hold your course” I said. While I continued to rub…. Her thighs, her exposed butt while brushing against other parts covered by her suit.

We hit a wave and she was thrown onto my lap. I grabbed the wheel and had an arm around her.

She asked what happened and I told her it was a wave.

Lisa squirmed a little remaining in my lap. I asked her if she was ok? “mmmmm yes! And that feels sooo good too.”

“What feels good, Honey?” She replied “mmmmm, your errr…. erection is making me very wet. And your arm around me, touching my breast.”

When she fell back, I stopped her fall by putting an arm around her.
Then I saw and felt that my hand was around a firm breast.

Lisa was not making an effort to escape, so I slowly slipped my hand under her top and came in contact with a nipple.

”mmmmm .. Feels soooo nice.” She whispered to me. I continued to squeeze that nipple and fondle her breast.

With Lisa leaning forward, I continued to cup and squeeze her breast and with my other hand I brushed and pushed against the material covering her pussy.
“Ohhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! “ She moaned.

I then pulled the string ties of her top and it dropped down. Then I undid the ties of her skimpy thong and she was naked!!!!

“What!… what!. What are you doing?”

Working my fingers in and out of her….. “ohhhh ohhhh …I .. I… I’m gonna cum!”

I lost count of her orgasms! Pulling my fingers out of her, I pushed her forward and quickly undid my shorts. Removing them, my erection sprung free. I told her to hand onto the wheel as I guided myself into her from behind! She squealed as I felt her hot tight pussy squeezing me as I slid all the way in and back.

“Oh …ohhh Baby!… Yes Yes !”

I was then able to reach around her and found and rubbed her clit!

Lisa was hanging onto the wheel not really steering anymore. Ohh boy, it was great!

The bow hit another wave and I slid in deep! She screamed “Ohhhh yes! Yes! Ohhh Ohhh ! Harder!”

I asked, “Are you okay?”

“Ohhh! Ohhhhh!” .

I was still in her, still very hard! “Ok then…hold onto the wheel and steer if you can!”
Slowly, in and out, holding her hips….
“Harder! I got as close as I could and picked up the pace. Holding onto her hips then her breasts as our skin slapped!

“ohhhh! Ohhhh! She moaned as our juices combined.

After that, we cleaned ourselves up. That evening and the next day, we had sex in every position and everywhere else in and down below.

Out in the water and still no one around, before we docked, she pushed me down onto the cockpit seat and straddled me.

She rocked back and forth and lifted her hips over and over for what seemed like another hour or longer. Lisa was amazing! She had more orgasms, and she was so vocal telling me how it felt having me inside her and how it made her tingle and feel dizzy. Finally, after who knows how many more climaxes, she sort of slid over to one side and curled up on the cockpit cushion without saying a word and was asleep.

I pulled on my shorts one more time and cranked the engine up to full speed and turned the boat back towards the marina. Before we got back, I was able to dress her… a tee and a pair of shorts. What would some people say, pulling into the Marina with a naked woman?

We returned to our house Sunday night … brought our bags in and I headed straight for our shower. I started the water and Lisa walked in on me with just a scrubie and some shampoo. She asked me to wash her back and shampoo her hair. I scrubbed her back slowly, her shoulders and down to her hips. She then leaned forward and raised her arms to support herself. I washed underneath her arms! Side of her breasts! And then her firm ass. Of course I was getting hard and I must have bumped into her a few times. She turned around to face me, both of her hands going to my erection. We kissed and I reached up and held her breasts. She moaned as I reached up and cupped both of her proud! Pert breasts! My hands then slowly moving to the front of them and taking my forefingers and thumbs, touching and pinching her nipples. That got her very wet!

“Ohhhhhh!” He eyes turned upward and closed. “ I need you now!” she said. Still grasping my erection!

“Right now?”

“Yessssssssssss right now!” Backing up against a wall, spreading her legs “Now!”

I held my stiff member and moved toward her. She reached down and spread her lips…then with the other, grasped me and guided me in.”

“Jeeeeeeezzzee. That feels so good!” as she thrusted back. “ohhhhhhhhhh!”

“ahhhhhhhhhhhh…ahhhhh..I don’t think I’m going to last!” I yelled

“Don’t stop! I’m cumming tooo.” She moaned.

She spasmed and I lost control!

We stayed like that for a few, rinsing off. “I said, “That was amazing!” She kissed me and said so was the whole weekend. “I’m soooo glad we waited till we were married.”

We dried off and eventually went to bed, naked next to each other. A few times I awoke, I found myself spooning her and fell back to sleep… thinking that I am so happy being with her. My thoughts begin to wander,

What happened next???? That’s another story.

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    • Michael Walken says:

      mmmmm Yes HornyHubby ” My favorite part was when you got your wife naked on the boat” that’s one of my favorite parts as well… Thank you 🙂

  1. Lovinghusband says:

    What a great time away with your wife that was Michael! Thank you for sharing your story. I don’t have a boat – but we love to take advantage of special times like that – in the car, and hotel. We don’t take it for granted. Your story is another testimony of the blessing of married sex – the way God intended, and blessed us with! Blessings on you and your family.

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