HOT IN TEXAS : Day Two (L)

It was almost 9am when I awakened from a peaceful nights sleep, still nude. The sun shown brightly imagesthrough the curtains of that hotel room. I was all alone as Ben had already left for work.

I slipped out of bed and headed for the bathroom. As I headed back to bed, I stopped and picked my gown up from the floor. I then noticed my white thong panties laying on the floor next to the chair by the window. I couldn’t help but smile. I picked my panties up and sniffed them, smelling my scent.

After putting away my gown and horny panty. I slipped back into bed under the covers. I smiled as I grabbed Ben’s pillow and hugged it tightly to me. I could still smell the faint scent of his cologne.

As I lay there I began to think about our lovemaking the night before and how much I love my sweet, handsome husband. I thought about how lucky I was to have a man who truly loves, respects and desires me. God has truly blessed me and I am so very thankful

Lying there lost in my thoughts and feelings of love, I began to feel very aroused. My nipples grew firm and I could feel myself becoming quite moist.

I ran my hand over my left breast, grazing my nipple ever so slightly, causing an erotic shiver to run through my body. Wetting my forefinger with my mouth, I traced over and around each of my stiff buds, causing goosebumps to raise up on my skin. I continued to stimulate my breast with my left hand as I moved my right hand slowly down to my cunt. Running my fingers through my bush, I began to masturbate. My eyes closed as I fingered myself, moaning softly as I worked two fingers slowly in and out of my wet pussy.

“So good! So wet! Mmmmm… ” I moaned as I worked my hips in rhythm to my plunging fingers. Kicking the covers away from my body as my excitement level began to grow.

Suddenly I heard the door come open and a female voice say, “Room service! Anyone here?”

“Shit! Uh, yeah! Still in bed!” I exclaimed as I quickly covered myself. I thought these people were supposed to knock first.

“I’m sorry, do you need anything?” the room service woman asked. I didn’t see her and I was sure she couldn’t see me.

“I don’t think so, thank you!  Oh, maybe you can bring a few extra towels ” I said, my voice cracked a bit nervously.

“OK, I will leave them outside your door.” she said.

“That’s fine. Thank you!” I replied putting my face in my hands. Talk about a mood killer. I then heard the door shut. After she left I couldn’t help but laugh.

I decided to go for a swim. I got out of bed and bolt locked the door (should have made sure it was locked earlier! Duh!), then slipped on my modest one piece. Grabbing my wrap and a towel, I headed for the pool.

There was only one couple and their two young children at the pool when I arrived. I swam for about thirty minutes, then laid out on one of the chaise loungers for about an hour. I then headed back to the room.

I was watching TV when Ben called a little before 1pm. “Hey, I’m on my way! Have you eaten yet?” he asked.

“No, not yet. I am kinda hungry for Mexican food. Is that okay?” I replied.

“Sounds fine with me! Be there in about 10 minutes. Love you!” He said.

“Love you too! Be careful!” I replied.

I got out of bed, ran a brush through my hair and applied a little make up. Ben arrived shortly thereafter.

We left the hotel and drove to this quaint little Mexican restaurant just a couple miles from the hotel. The food was awesome! They had the best enchiladas and seven layer dip. The margaritas were delicious as well.

“So, what would you like to do now?” Ben asked as we finished eating and headed for the truck.

“I don’t know. How do you feel about going to the mall?” I asked.

“We can do that!” he replied as he fastened his seat belt and started the truck. I sat next to him with my hand resting on his thigh.

“I forgot to tell you! I had a little run in with room service this morning.” I said.

“Really! What do you mean by run in?” he asked giving me a look of curiosity.

“Well, I was lying in bed thinking about you and touching myself when room service opened the door.” I told him, my face heating up a bit.

Ben looked at me, letting out a small chuckle he said,  “No shit! Did they see you?”

“No, I don’t think so! I covered myself pretty quickly. I couldn’t see her so I am fairly certain she couldn’t see me.” I replied.

“Wow! You know I had a similar incident happen to me in San Antonio a year or so ago. Except I believe the little old Hispanic lady got a bit of an eye full before I could cover up.” Ben said with a wink and a laugh.

I laughed and said, “Really! You never told me. I thought they were supposed to knock before entering a room? I’m sure you probably made her day, sweetheart!”

“I don’t know about that, but it scared the shit out of me!” Ben said as we arrived at the mall and parked. We both laughed.

We walked around the mall hand in hand for a couple of hours. I purchased several cute outfits as well as a new skimpy bikini. It was a white thong bikini.

“That, my dear, never goes outside our pool fence, darlin!” Ben said, giving me that “Oh really” look.

“Awwwe! You’re no fun!” I said jokingly, then hugged his arm.

We left the mall and drove over to Bass Pro Shop and looked around for a bit. Ben bought a new cap and a couple of shirts. We also bought Randy a new camouflage cap and T-shirt.

It was almost seven when we finally made it back to the hotel. I noticed that the pool was still open and asked Ben if he would be interested in a night time dip.

“Sure, why not!” he said with a smile.

We walked up to the room and changed. Ben didn’t bring his swim trunks, but did bring a pair of gym shorts to wear around when he wasn’t working.

“Just think, if we were home we could go naked. Maybe get a little naughty under the stars.” I said as we undressed.

“Baby, we can get naughty right now!” he said as he removed his pants and stood nude before me. His dick slowly swelling as it hung over his large ball sack.

“Why baby! What about swimming? Don’t you wanna go for a dip?” I replied with a giggle.

I was standing in only my blue thong, but quickly removed it. My eyes taking in his manly form. Especially that awakening one eyed monster that hung between his legs. My pussy was beginning to get very wet.

“Oh, I wanna take a dip alright! Wanna dip my dick into that hot little pussy of yours!” Ben said, taking me into his arms and kissing me. His strong hands groping my ass.

“You do have a way with words, dear sir!” I said softly, then reached down between us and grasped his growing member in my hand.

We kissed again, our tongues meeting passionately as we fell into bed. Our hands explored each others bodies as we continued to kiss passionately.

“Oh Ben! I love you so much!  I do so love y-you!” I said as his hand cupped my hot cunt. I opened my legs to give him better access, then gasped as he slipped a finger into me.

“I love you! Your pussy is so wet, baby!” Ben replied, then began to kiss and suckle on my breast. He traced his tongue around each of my areolas and flicked at my nipples, then playfully nipped at them as he continued fingering me.

“Mmmmm, yes!” I moaned, a smile crossed my lips as I enjoyed the exquisite feel of his touch. My body yearned for him, hungered for him. Oh how I love my sweet, sexy, loving man!

Slowly he began to kiss and lick his way down my body, causing me to shiver in anticipation of what I knew was coming next.

“Did you lock the door?” I asked with a giggle, then moaned softly as he continued his slow trek down my body.

He smiled, then maneuvered himself between my open legs. “Such a beautiful pussy! So warm and so wet! I love your pussy baby! I love you!” he said, running his fingers through my dark brown bush.

“Oh baby! I love you, too. My pussy is all yours, baby! It hungers for you! Do what you will, baby! It is your pussy!” I reply, running my hand over my bush.

Ben began to kiss and lick my inner thighs, ever so slowly working his way up. My body shivered as his actions sent pleasure waves through out my body. He then began to kiss and lick that spot between my thigh and pussy. He was driving me mad with desire.

“Ohhh baby! Yes!” I said as I ran my fingers through his hair with one hand and held one of my breasts with the other.

My body arched as I felt him gently kiss my wet pussy lips, tracing them with his moist tongue, tasting my juices. My breathing began to deepen as my brain pulsed pleasure signals through my body.

“B-Baby! Oh yessss!” I groaned as I felt him gently open my pussy lips with his fingers and lick the inner walls of my hot cunt. I tell you what, my man has definitely mastered the art of eating pussy over the years. I was in heaven.

I moaned and thrust my hips up to his face as he began to tongue fuck me. His head moved as he worked his tongue in and out, stopping occasionally to flick at my outer walls. He purposely stayed away from my swollen clit.

“Baby, don’t stop! Don’t you ever stop! Oh baby!” I said, my breathing was becoming more labored as I gripped the top of the headboard. I rolled and thrust my hips at his face. It was all he could do to hold on.

Ben lifted his face from my cunt and smiled. I could see my juices glistening off his mouth. He then slipped his fingers back into me and worked them slowly in and out.

“BABY! OOOOOOH-B-BABY!” I squealed as I felt his tongue flick at my hardened love bud. My back arched and my legs quivered as he gently worked his tongue all around it. Meanwhile, continuing to finger fuck me.

“SOOOOO GOOD! Suck it, Baby! Please suck on my clit! OHHHH, I AM SO CLOSE!” I exclaimed, grabbing his hair and pulling his face to my dripping pussy.

Ben did as I requested and placed his mouth firmly over my clit and sucked on it. Keeping his fingers inside me. The way I was bucking and writhing on that bed. I was surprised I didn’t hurt him. He just held on and rolled with me. I couldn’t speak as I was huffing and puffing like a wild woman. I could feel my orgasm building stronger inside me.

“C-C-CU-CUMMMMMMIINNG!” was all I managed to say as a very intense orgasm ravaged my body. My legs shot out straight as my body quaked and spasmed. I let out a scream that I’m sure could be heard for a block. I grabbed a pillow and tried to stifle it the best I  could. I didn’t think I would ever stop cumming. Just when I thought it was over, another spasm hit me. By the time my passion wave subsided, I was lying there like a limp noodle, trying to catch my breath.

“Are you ok baby?” Ben asked with a grin as he got on his knees between my legs. His big dick was rock hard and leaking pre-cum. “Hope no one called 911!” he said with a laugh.

“Just shut up and fuck me already!” I panted, opening my legs wide for him.

I gasped as he pushed his dick past my swollen wet pussy lips. “Shit!” I groaned as he pushed in balls deep, causing my body to spasm again. Ben began slowly thrusting, pulling nearly completely out then back in hard. With each down stroke he took my breath. I rolled and thrust my hips to match his.

“B-baby! Mmmmph! Did y-your dick Mmmmph, get b-b-bigger over night? Mmmmph FUCK!” I panted as I pulled my knees up.

Ben leaned over me, supporting himself with his arms, he kissed me. I put my hands on his chest, pinching and pulling on his nipples as he began to pound into me.

“Mmmmph! T-That’s it baby, fuck me! FUCK ME HARD! OHHHHH – OHHHHH BABY! I’M CUMMING! I’M OHHHHH – AHHHHH!” I squealed, wrapping my  legs tightly around him as I spasmed. My cunt sucking hungrily on his thrusting cock.

Ben was grunting and groaning deeply as he continued to fuck me. Beads of sweat ran down his face. I could tell he was getting close to his release.

“Mmmmph, that’s it baby! Mmmmph, your dick feels so Mmmmph good! Fuck me! I l-love you so much!  I want you to cum, baby, I want you to fill me with your sweet warm cum! D-D-Do it! Now, baby!” I exclaimed.

“BABY! FUCK! GRRRRUUMMPH!” Ben bellowed as his dick throbbed and released his nut juice deep inside me, warming my insides.

I wrapped my legs around him and held him tightly as his body trembled with his orgasm. “I love you, my darling! Thank you for loving me!” I whispered softly into his ear. We fell asleep totally spent in each others arms. The next morning as we left to catch our flight, a young couple stood outside the room next to ours. They both smiled at us and we politely smiled back.

Just as we were about to get on the elevator, the young woman came running up to us.

“Ma’am! Excuse me ma’am!” she called out.

I waited as she approached me. Ben held the elevator open.  “Yes, can I help you?” I asked.

She smiled and said, “You already have! Thank you!” then ran back to her mate.

Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed the story. Love to you all! God bless and stay horny!




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16 replies
  1. Minniescrizzle says:

    Loved this GG! Your stories really excite and amuse me in a great way… The descriptive spelling of your sounds “mmmmph and grrrruummph” make me laugh only because of how accurate they are. Wish I didn’t read all your stories at once when discovering marriage heat, now I have to be patient and wait for new ones haha. Take care and god bless.

    • hornyGG says:

      And I thought Ben and I were the only ones who made those noises! Lol. Thanks Minnie, so glad you enjoyed the story! I’m sending up another probably tomorrow. Thanks for the sweet comment and support. God bless you and stay horny!

  2. HornyHubby says:

    I loved this series! One thing I really love is that I can tell you guys are best friends, madly in love and hot lovers. And I really enjoy seeing that. And I love the way you can easily switch back and forth between those roles. On one hand you can be strolling through the mall like best friends, but then get in bed and express deep love for each other and then heat things up with the hot sex. I would love to hear any tips/suggestions on how you are able to have this kind of relationship. What recipes for success would you give another couple to develop the same kind of relationship? 🙂

    • hornyGG says:

      Thanks so much HornyHubby! Glad you enjoyed the story. The best I can tell you is that Ben and I love each other deeply, but best of all we are each others best friend and have been for what seems like forever now. We truly enjoy each others company. There is no one else I would rather be with. Another thing is we completely and whole heartedly trust each other. God bless you dear sir and stay horny my friend!

  3. Lovinghusband says:

    Really hot Gina! Your love for each other is inspiring – in that you care so much for each other’s pleasure! That is a great quality! I was all ready for a swimming story – but you interrupted it with you sex! (insert smile here!) Well, I guess swimming is overrated. God bless you two!!

    • hornyGG says:

      Always nice to hear from you LH! I am thrilled that you enjoyed my story. I really wanted to go for a swim, but I’m not complaining! 🙂 Thank you so much for your continued support my friend, it really means alot! God bless you and your family, and stay horny!

  4. Michael Walken says:

    HornyGG. We spent some time in the SouthWest a few years ago…In Texas, we were in Big Bend. That park is sooooo big!
    Anyway, we had some outdoor sex there… one of it being in a natural hot springs!

  5. hornyGG says:

    Awwwe! Wished I would have known Michael. I think I could have persuaded Ben to stay another day or two. Some outdoor loving would have been awesome! Something to definitely consider next time we are out that way. Thank you so much for the tip my friend. God bless and stay horny!

    • Minniescrizzle says:

      I agree too, any comments I’ve seen from GG usually crack me up so please don’t change what your honest thoughts are or how you write them GG!

  6. Blondie says:

    GG, since I was taking a break from MH to write on MY book I didn’t catch this story! AMAZING as usual. 🙂 HOT as usual. Will miss your short stories but I so look forward to your coming novellas! 😀 Love ya!

  7. Madeleine 27 says:

    Wow I had been waiting on this story and I’m just now seeing it haha Great story as usual but I’m confused are you not gonna write these stories any more

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