Sexy Fun in the Study

This is Drew here. I often write articles for professional journals, and I sometimes do that writing in the study Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 6.23.06 AMin our home. Holly knows when I have a deadline looming, so she’ll tell me to not worry about things around the house and to go do what I need to do. She does it lovingly and cheerfully, without any hint of resentment, even though I know that she’d rather we all spend time together as a family. It’s one of the things I love about her – that she is so supportive and understanding.

I had a deadline recently. I came home from the office, ate a quick supper with Holly and the kids, and after a kiss and a quick grab of her hot ass as I passed by her, I went into the study to write. I heard her and the kids – Katie and our sons from my first marriage – singing together to the music Holly put on as they cleaned up the kitchen. This night, they were singing – and probably also dancing – to Motown music.

Sugar pie, honey bunch
You know that I love you
I can’t help myself
I love you and nobody else

I loved hearing the happy sounds coming from them and, rather than distract me, it made me smile and helped my mind work well so I could write. Eventually, their singing quieted, and I knew that the kids had settled in to finishing homework. That’s when Holly quietly slipped in so as to not disturb, bringing me a bowl of snack mix to munch on and a cold drink. This woman knows me so well! She planted a quick kiss on my lips, smiled at me, and hurried out, leaving me to write. A few hours later, once the kids were upstairs and in bed, Holly came in to check on me again. She was already in her pajamas, and I could tell that her bra was already off because I saw the bumps of her nipples showing through the fabric.

“How is it going?” She asked.

“Oh, I’ve actually made really good progress tonight. I should be finished in the next day.”

“Good!” She exclaimed as she stepped behind my chair and began to rub my neck and shoulders for me. “Oh, my poor darling…your muscles are so tight!” she cooed, as she began to work out the knots. I closed my eyes and let my head rest back on her ample, soft breasts, sighing with contentment because everything she was doing felt so good. The relaxation spread from my neck and shoulders down my body, and I soon felt my member hardening. With everything we both had going on, including a cold making the rounds through our family, it had been a few days since we’d made love which, for us, was a while. As I got more relaxed, and my member got stiffer, I groaned with pleasure. Holly stopped and, with concern in her voice, asked, “Did I hurt you? Are you okay?”

I reached up, took her hands in mine, and pulled her down close to me as she stood behind. “Oh, I’m more than okay.” I guided her around from behind me, pulled her into my lap, put my left arm around her waist, and began kissing her hard. Our tongues explored, becoming entwined. As we kissed, I slid my right hand up her pajama top and began fondling her breasts, holding first one and then the other, massaging them, and teasing her nipples with my fingertips. It wasn’t long before her nipples were aroused and hard. I pulled my head back from our kiss and, with my hand still feeling up her tits, asked, “Do you know how much I love you?”

She smiled a knowing smile. “I think I do. But I always like it when you show me.”

I pushed her hair back and began nuzzling her earlobe and neck, which made her moan. “You like that?” I asked. “Uh huh,” was her reply.

“Are you wet?”

“Why don’t you find out?”

Accepting her invitation, I moved my right hand down inside her pj pants for a feel. “Oh, you are!”

She looked at me and with a serious tone of voice, said, “This is fun and all, but don’t you have writing to do?”

Not letting up on fingering her pussy, I replied “Yes. But I don’t care right now.” My fingers stroked the lubricated folds of her skin and rubbed her clit. Her eyes were closed, her head leaning back, and she spread her legs a bit, making my access to her love hole easier. I knew she was enjoying what I was doing to her. I inserted my fingers into her and began nibbling on her collarbone.

She moaned. “Oh, that feels good!”

“I have something else for you that would feel better…”

She gave a little giggle. “I believe it.” And then she reached down, undid my pants, and started fondling my stiff cock with her hand. The tip was already wet with pre cum, which she ran her fingers through before putting those fingers in her mouth and licking them clean. So hot! By that point, we both already knew what we were to do, and there was no point in delaying it. We began taking each other’s clothes off in a hurry.

The desk was covered with my laptop and papers, so my beautiful, naked wife did the only thing she could think of to do: she stood and faced me, straddled my lap and, as I guided my cock, she lowered herself, gently impaling her body with mine. With me balls deep inside of her, we kissed passionately, and then she started riding me. I looked down to watch as our bodies moved together. She leaned back as she rode, holding onto my shoulders for support.

Her tits were right there for me to enjoy with my mouth, so I did just that. Holly moaned, arching her back, giving me even better access. I had one hand on one tit, holding and squeezing it while I concentrated on the other with my mouth. My tongue circled her areola, moving into her nipples. I flicked my tongue over and around her nipples, and gently sucked and nibbled. The pace of her grinding increased with her breathing. “Ohhh…feels so good…fuck me! … I’m getting close…Oh, Drew…fuck me hard…I’m cumming… Uhh…uhhh…mmmm…umph…Ahhhhh!”

I bucked my hips up towards her as her body shuddered and her pussy contracted hard around my cock. Her juices flowed, and I felt my orgasm build. I began fucking her harder and faster. She leaned forward and began sucking on my earlobes. She must have sensed I was getting close, as her grinding became harder and more frantic. I put my hands on her hips, and pushed her down while I thrust up into her as hard as I could. By this point, we were both grunting from the force of our pounding. “Oh! Holly! … I love…fucking you!”

“Cum in me love! Shoot your load in me!” And with that, I released, shooting spurt after spurt of my hot liquid into her. She continued pumping with her body until I had nothing left. Our bodies stopped moving and, with me still inside her, we embraced – naked flesh pressed together – and kissed.

“Well…that was a nice break!” I laughed. “I love you.”

She kissed me again. “So…a little more relaxed now?”

“Oh. Yes… Yes, I am more relaxed.”

“Good!” She got up, grabbed a few tissues and stuck them between her legs to catch our juices as they ran out of her. “Be right back.” She quickly walked into our bedroom – thankfully just a few steps away – and emerged a moment later carrying my bathrobe. “Here,” she said, as she tossed it to me. “You might want this.”

She leaned over and kissed me again. “I love you. I’m going to take a quick shower and go to bed. I’ll see you when you get there.” And then, picking up our clothes from the floor, she walked out of the room.

I sat at my desk for a few minutes, and thought. Sure, I could write some more, but after that, who would want to? Thinking about how much I’d already gotten done, I decided to put away my work for the night and go join my gorgeous, naked, sexy hot wife in the shower and then in our bed. And that is what I did. We didn’t make love again that night, but we did enjoy a nice sensual shower together, and then we went to bed naked and snuggled up as we fell asleep together. And yes…I finished my article on time.

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  1. Mtstreetdoc says:

    I have started at the very beginning reading every entry on MH. I truly enjoyed your stories. I notice neither of you have posted anything in quite a while. I hope all is well and the fire is still burning for the two of you.

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