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Sexy Fun in the Study

This is Drew here. I often write articles for professional journals, and I sometimes do that writing in the study in our home. Holly knows when I have a deadline looming, so she’ll tell me to not worry about things around the house and to go do what I need to do. She does it […]

Sex Talk with my Daughter

Sex Talk with My Daughter Sex Talk – A few days before Christmas this last year, I was busy running around, making last-minute purchases and getting things we needed before making the trip to my parents’ home to be with my side of the family. My 22-year-old daughter Morgan came with me this particular evening. […]

Watching Her Sleep (L)

We had just spent the last few hours making love, getting to know each other’s bodies, and just generally wearing ourselves out. We aren’t 20-somethings anymore! I awoke after a couple of hours of sleep, propped my head up on my arm and just watched Holly sleep. She slept on her back with her left […]

Hot Christmas Party Surprise (L)

After the surprise I pulled on Drew at his work’s hot Christmas party last year I knew I needed to up the ante this year. Last year’s surprise was pretty good; I wanted this year to be better. I started looking for just the right dress early this fall. Last year, I wore something sexy […]

Treat on the Table – Kitchen Quickie (L)

Kitchen Quicky Occasionally, Drew has work-related meetings in the evening. It makes for a long day for him. Usually I take Katie out for dinner (and Drew’s kids, if it’s during their time with us), since he usually eats at these meetings, as was the case recently. After dinner, Katie was in a mood to […]

Sexy Christmas Party Surprise (L)

Sexy Christmas Party A few months after we were married, it was time for the annual Christmas party given by Drew’s employer. My first time going. It was a dress-up affair – cocktail dress for me, suit for my honey – at a hotel downtown. We decided to just get a room at the hotel for […]

Romantic Courtship Story

My name is Holly; my husband and I are relatively new to Marriage Heat. This is the first story for us, which I have written, so it is in my point of view (though Drew has read it and approved). What better way to get started than to share with you all how we met […]