Sliding glass

We walked into the suite, and we couldn’t believe the generosity of our friends. The room was the fanciest place we had ever been. It included a huge bed, then a glass window and sliding door that separate the room from a private pool with a jacuzzi. We kissed as we entered the room and were excited to finally relaxed. My wife excused herself to the bathroom as I started to explore the pool and the area outside.

As I was walking around the pool, I saw out of the corner of my eye my wife step back into the room. My jaw dropped to the ground. She had fixed her hair, put on some high heels, and was wearing a short tight dress. It was the perfect mix of not leaving much to the imagination, but what it left to the imagination kept my mind going crazy. She walked confidently towards the sliding door and stood there with one hand on her hip. I took that as the perfect invitation to come and start the night with the best way to relax. A good intimate time. I couldn’t wait to make her mine. I walked around the pool imagining everything I wanted to do to her and felt my pants getting tight. My imagination was running wild with ideas of what I wanted to do until I heard the lock as the glass sliding door shut right in front of me.

I looked up, and before I was able to protest, my wife started to rub her hands all over her gorgeous body in a seductive way. I was astonished as I realized that she was wearing a garter belt and thigh high stockings. I was so focused on her that I didn’t notice that she had moved a chair near the glass door. She looked at me and ordered me to get undressed. Using her hands in a suggestive way, she made it clear that she wanted me to play with myself. She sat down and intensely looked at me as I got undressed. Our eyes were glued to each other until I was only in my boxers. Her eyes moved south with anticipation as she uncrossed her long legs. My already hard cock jumped as I freed it from the boxers.

It was hot to see my gorgeous wife staring at my cock as her hand now had found a way to her panties. She was wearing crotchless panties that I had never seen. She realized my surprised and smiled as she didn’t lose time starting to play with her already swollen clit. She then moved the chair closer and propped her legs against the glass door as she undid the top of the dress allowing herself to have one hand on her pussy and one playing with her nipples. Her eyes were hungrily looking at my erect manhood as my hand was pumping it slowly up and down the shaft. The sight of her legs spread and her playing with herself was incredible, but the frustration of not being able to have her was killing me! Here I was with my cock in my hand and having my gorgeous wife wet and looking incredibly sexy -and ready for me, a few feet away with only a glass door separating us. This activity went on for a few minutes until my cock was fully hard, and her pussy was glistening with her juices.

She then stood up and put her hand on the lock of the door. My hand stopped stroking myself as I was ready to slide that door open and have my way with her. With a firm voice that also plainly showed the effects of her approaching climax said, “You can not open the door until I tell you to.” I nodded, but it wasn’t a good enough answer for her. She took her hand away from the lock and said it again.

“You can not open this door until I tell you to.. OK?… say it.”

I replied “Yes, love, I will not open it until you tell me to,” realistically wanting badly to have all my manhood inside her aroused body.

She unlocked the door and opened it a little. She then turned around with her ass touching the glass and bent over in a way that her pussy showed how wet and ready she was. She used one hand for balance on the chair, and the other hand was furiously rubbing her clit. We both love doggy style, and the view brought many memories of passionate sex. The frustration was almost unbearable.

She looked back at me behind her shoulder and said, “Now put your hard cock against the glass.” I did as she bent a little more now her ass/wet pussy and my hard cock separated only by the glass. My cock was so hard that I thought that if I pushed hard enough, we might break the door. “Do you like the view? How bad do you want me?” she started to say as my response was a painful, yes, uh huh.

I couldn’t believe the sensation. My brain couldn’t take it. The cold of the glass, the view of her pussy so close yet so far, the anticipation. She continued to play with herself as she kept talking and teasing me.

“That cock of yours looks perfect next to my pussy, don’t you think babe? I think they will look so much better when your cock is deep in me and covered in my juices. Can’t you tell that my pussy is so ready for you to spread me, babe? I bet you are dying to slide your huge cock inside of me, babe? I love and miss that feeling when you just start sliding your cock in me, babe. Tell me how bad do you want me? Are you going to do me hard? You better.”

That was too much, and she knew it. As I started to reach for the door handle, she said, “Alright, big guy, now open the door and show this girl a good time.”

As soon as I heard the words out of her mouth, I swung the door open and loved my wife as I had never done before. The anticipation had us on the edge and she came as soon as I slid into her. At some point, she was no longer holding on to the chair but we were on the ground. She had her face on the floor with her hips high taking my intense thrusting. I felt her contracting around my cock as her hand was back on her clit. I exploded deep in her as she was shaking uncontrollably. Incredible experience and that was the first time that she experienced a mixed vaginal orgasm.

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    • Disfrutando
      Disfrutando says:

      Thank you for your comment and I am lucky to have her. It was super hot. I was getting too close to writing too long of a story so it ends kinda abruptly.

    • Disfrutando
      Disfrutando says:

      Don’t mind at all! You’ll just have to write “Sliding glass Part 2” and share how it went 🙂

    • Disfrutando
      Disfrutando says:

      Hi there,
      Sorry about the previous reply. Having computer issues here. I know what you mean about confidence. I learned that I had to be super careful not to “look forward” too much on her getting confident and that’s when she started to become confident. Thank you so much for the comment and glad you enjoyed the story!

  1. Michael & Lisa
    Michael & Lisa says:

    Great story :). My husband Michael had these business rewards we weren’t using. He found this B & B about an hour away. There was lots of sites in the area but anyway he surprised me! He got the best suite. Glass doors around the side. A large TV & DVR. Fireplace. Large shower. 2 person prob more like 3 or 4 person jacuzzi. Then there was this circular stairway going to a huge comfy 4 poster bed.
    What we did is another story 😉

    Lisa xo

    Ps we were there for 5 days.

    • Michael & Lisa
      Michael & Lisa says:

      Well briefly, 1st nite we walked around town ( very historic place ) had dinner outside at this nice restaurant walked to the river. Sat and talked, held hands & went back to our room. Watched some TV while we kissed, touched, opened clothing. We dimed the lights and had a fire going. Got undressed and slipped into the jacuzzi. Touched each other, had some wine, candles. Didn’t dry off and went into the shower where we touched, kissed and YES did fuck! After we got out and dried off, I gave Michael a little fashion show in some special lingerie he bought me.
      We retired to bed, naked. Under lofty comforters. After kissing and touching some more, I guided his hand where I wanted to be touched.
      While he got me wet!!! I got him hard again in my hands. We had lots of foreplay.. Hours! And more sex!

      Lisa xo

    • cameron
      cameron says:

      There that is more like it lol. Glad you all had fun. We are going out this weekend and I hope the we can spend some time cuddling.

    • Disfrutando
      Disfrutando says:

      Those times away are so needed… and provide so much opportunities for fun. Just being with your loved one in a new fun place it’s always great! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Nycteris
    Nycteris says:

    That is absolutely the best way to fog up the glass.
    Hmmm, "cunt and cock condensation".
    And yes, I will be test driving this one, too;
    I can already imagine the look of need and desperation on his face.

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