After The Meeting

I had a meeting at church last night. Before I left, I told Kristie that I’d be coming home at 7:30 and wanted her to be ready for me when I came in the door. Also, I wanted her to tie me to a chair and work me real slow and right.

So, I sped home after the meeting (a little later than planned), and Kristie had already turned on a movie to keep the angels occupied. We rushed up to our room where she had all the necessary supplies ready. After kissing and undressing each other, she tied me to the chair and proceeded to touch, kiss and otherwise harass me.

She would alternate between touching my balls, rubbing my throbbing cock, and kissing me all over. Then she got on top and impaled herself on me. She started aggressively tonguing my ear. It felt fantastic all over. After about 20 minutes of these various tortures, she walked across the room.

She pulled out her vibe (eroscillator) and lay down on the bed pointing her pussy right at me. For the next 15 minutes, she vibed and peaked herself a few times before having a huge O — and all I could do was watch. The watching was great! As she was cumming, the vibe was right on her clit, so I could see her pussy contractions and a little bit of juice dripping down. So beautiful! I managed to wipe the drool off my chin.

Shortly after that, she rushed over to me and started to pleasure me again. Her motions were furious with passion. She drove herself onto my dick. Up and down, enjoying the after effects of her orgasm. Then back to kissing, touching, multipoint touching and kissing. Yes!

Finally, she came back on to my super hard erection — throbbing and purple. Starting slowly for about a minute and building steadily over the next few minutes until she was pounding me up and down until I EXPLODED!

Now, that was a meeting.

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