Public sex adventure

Public Sex Adventure – An Amtrak Experience

Public Sex Adventure

Public Sex Adventure – Its a balmy summer evening, a gentle breeze rustles my hair as the full moon casts a romantically eerie light upon the platform. I have my hair in a smart pony and am wearing a figure flattering strappy little skater dress, (sans bra of course) with my favorite sandals. My husband is clad in a tight fitting blue UA athletic shirt which accentuates his chest and arms, with matching sport shorts and his new yellowish/orange sneakers. (Yes, my man is quite colorblind).

In keeping with our public sex adventure travel tradition instituted when we were first married—tonight we were both going commando. Yep, no sexy panties for me; no tight fitting boxers for him. We find it quite invigorating and quite erotic traveling together in public knowing neither one of us is wearing anything underneath. Sitting there on the bench, dangerously close to one another, knees pressed together, my husband rested his strong hand slightly above my knee as we waited for our train. With his hand slowly traversing up my thigh, I flushed with excitement at his touch. A jolt of electricity shot up my leg, traversing all the way to my girl parts. Flexing my thighs and letting out a long slow breath; my man began to squeeze my tingling flesh. Goosebumps appeared on my peach fuzz adorned thighs; yet I knew this was not the place nor the time out here in public on the platform. Before I could reluctantly ask him to delay his assault upon my racing hormones, he mercifully stopped; yet rested his sexy hand on my upper leg in a vice like grip.

He turned toward me smiling, and gently whispered as he kissed me. “Remember Kay, soul meets soul on lover’s lips.” I started to melt.

Breaking the kiss after several delicious seconds, I rested my head upon is shoulder, his hand still holding my thigh as I whispered a silent prayer of thanksgiving for this man. God gave me a strong caring faithful dedicated husband who completes me every way possible. We are one flesh and one spirit. We are of similar minds and purpose. He is my kindred and soul mate. He protects me and provides for me. He makes me laugh and he makes me cry—I love him so much.

I am his and he is mine.

After maybe 15 minutes of bliss with my head resting upon his shoulder and breathing in his raw masculinity, dozing off into a light dream state; I woke up to the sound of our approaching train—and wetness between my legs. I am so weak around my man—he has such power over me and made me wet just by grasping my thigh as I rested my head upon his shoulder. Standing and stretching, and hoping no one could see the spot down there on my dress; with great anticipation, hand in hand, we finally boarded the Amtrak train at the Albuquerque station, bound for Union Station in LA. Just the two of us, around 11pm. After the conductor checked our tickets, she showed us to our seats in the very last car of the train; all the way down towards the back. We were surprised how dark and deserted it was. After giving us the rundown of our trip, we asked if we could move to another row of seats giving us more room.

“Well hon, makes no difference to me. We’ve got no one else ticketed for this last car until our first stop tomorrow in California, so it’s all yours. Stretch out and enjoy yourself. Just try to behave yourselves, you hear?”

Yes ma’am, we both replied.

With that, she turned on her heel and continued making her rounds walking towards the front of the train.

“Did she just wink at us, Kay?”

“I’m not 100% but I think she did.”

“Well alrighty then!”

My husband did a quick inspection of our deserted car as I began nesting in the very last row of seats. It’s amazing how much room there is on an Amtrak train. The seats are actually the same as first class airline seats. Leather recliners with plenty of leg room and space to stretch out. Big windows, a relatively soft ride, and the soothing muffled sounds one experiences riding the rails. We decided to save money and not stay in a sleeper car. On our way to the back of the train, many people in coach had the same idea we had; leaning back in the plush recliners with their own blankets and pillows to sleep. A lot more space than a cramped jetliner and way more romantic.

Slowly exploring our car and the car ahead of us, I was surprised how few passengers there were. Returning to our car, just to make sure, I did one final inspection to ensure we had the car to ourselves. Amazingly, we did. Not a soul. Looks like we were all alone for the long ride through the dark deserts of New Mexico and Arizona.

Approaching the back of the dark car where Kay was preparing our bedding for the night, there was no sight of her. Odd, I thought, she was here just a few moments ago; maybe she had to go to the bathroom or something. Where could she have gone on this deserted train? Odd…

As I got to the back row, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There she was, my beautiful bride. I froze at the sight of her. Our public sex adventure was heating up.

To my shock and utter amazement, there she was, lying on her back on one of our travel blankets across the row of seats, totally naked. Wide open, her legs splayed facing me towards the aisle with knees on either side of the seats. My heart skipped a beat.

There was my beloved, the incredible visual of her uniquely feminine form, the way God created her, softly bathed in the moonlight and occasional passing lights as our lonely train raced through the barren landscape.

She was touching herself, eyes closed, softly purring. I stared at her in utter amazement. The female form is truly God’s most incredible creation, an incomparable work of art. He truly did save the best for last.

My hand subconsciously found its way to the front of my shorts and slowly started rubbing with the palm of my hand. She has no idea of the power she has over me. The simple image of her nude form had me rock hard in a matter of seconds. She is so beautiful and so lovely. The image of my beloved Kay burned deeply into mind and spirit, I never want to forget this sight. Never.

And let me tell you, she was putting on quote a show. Watching her breathing steadily increasing as she expertly manipulated her hidden treasure with one finger while plunging two fingers from her other hand into herself was truly a site to behold. I was ready for action, yet torn between jumping her or watching her perform her magic.

Yet, I was frozen in place, witnessing the spectacle of my beloved pleasuring herself right here on the train. She kept flexing her thighs as her healthy breasts rose and fell with each breath. And with the way she had her arms positioned to finger herself; her  ripe breasts appeared even fuller as they propped upward around the inside of her arms.

My cup runneth over.

It is such a treat observing Kay getting off like this; I adore having the front row seat. It’s incredible observing her nipples reddening and swelling to nearly the size of fresh summer strawberries, adorned with her amazing half dollar sized areolas. I never knew women could have such large nipples and areolas until I met Kay—I’m about to shoot right there through my shorts watching her in heat.

My eyes focus on the magical fingers that are now more rapidly entering and exiting her forbidden garden; my Kay’s lady garden. So erotic, the sight of her hairy pussy glistening with moisture through the soft moonlight. Keeping herself neat and trimmed;  the raw image of her delicate fingers disappearing into her lush pubic forest is in my view, one of the eight wonders of the world. So natural and feminine, so powerful is this sight. Added to the dim light reflecting off the soft peach fuzz on her arms and thighs–I feel a massive orgasm working its way up from my swollen shaved balls to the barrel of my gun, begging for release.


“Oh, my beloved husband, are you enjoying the show? I’m doing this for you, you know,” my bride said to me through closed eyes. Somehow, she sensed my presence and knew I was watching her. Women are so intuitive, another amazing gift God gave to the fairer sex.

“I know you are rubbing your big dick, but don’t cum yet, ok? I want to play some more while you watch, ok?”

Before I could answer, Kay let out a soft moan.

“Ohhhhhh baby, this feels so wonderful. My pussy is so wet for you right now, my husband. So wet and so hot.”

Despite the muffled rumbles of the train as our car swayed back and forth, I could hear the sound of Kay’s fingers plunging in and out of her most sacred place. Oh, how I adore that primal mating call.

“Mmmmm, K; come taste my fingers with me, please. Please taste my fingers; my pussy tastes so wonderful…”

Eyes closed, she pulled two fingers out of her sex and extended her arm towards me, gently pulling my fingers towards her mouth. Sensing my excitement, she slowly pulled her arm back and traced those fingers slowly across her lips. Not looking, her mouth opened revealing her gorgeous pearly whites, as she gently plunged her fingers and mine, into her warm sexy mouth.

“Oh, that’s nice darling, very nice,” she said before going back to her own fingers. Our tongues slowly danced their way together up and down her two fingers, from the tips of her wonderfully manicured nails to her bottom knuckles.

“I…taste…so…good…mmmm, don’t I baby. You love tasting my juicy pussy on my tongue and fingers, don’t you K?

“Oh yes, you taste wonderful, absolutely wonderful babe.”

Quite incredibly, she withdrew both her fingers, looked me directly into the eyes for the first time, and slowly plunged both fingers back into her mouth, then slowly down her throat. Without breaking eye contact, she rhythmically fellated her saliva and pussy drenched fingers into her mouth and down her throat without gagging or choking.

This woman is amazing. I stood there shaking my head in amazement at her incredible technique.

Without breaking eye contact, her lady garden fully exposed teasing my hungry cock; Kay expertly popped her fingers from her mouth making that lovely “popping” sound before reached for one of our pillows positioning it behind her against the window.

Pulling her lovely knees up even higher than before, she outstretched her arms towards me, a sweet tear rolling down her soft cheek.

“I love you so much, my dear husband. Please. Please come to me and eat me. Please honey, please. I love you and need you so much. It is so intimate and so honest when you eat me out babe, please explore my most precious place. Please taste me, inhale me babe; take me please. I offer myself to you, I surrender to you my dear husband, taste and feast upon my femininity my love; inhale the scent of the woman whom God gave to spend her entire life; both here on earth and for eternity. I open my private garden to you my husband, my love, my protector and provider. Take me now, please my beloved…”

Another tear rolled down her other cheek. She looked so innocent at that moment; so vulnerable, so tender and so honest. Why was she crying?

Reading my mind, she said “I am so in love with you, you are so beautiful, I can’t help crying, my love. Come enjoy the treasure of my womanhood. I want you and need you more than you will ever know sweetheart.”

One last glance making sure the coast was clear; bending over towards my beloved, I gently kissed the tears from her cheeks, and tenderly stroked her face as I softly planted kisses and nibbled on her ears before whispering my love to this incredible woman. Working my way downward, I slowly licked her inner ears inhaling her scent as I worked the sides of her neck and throat, licking and kissing as she offered me her throat. I could see her carotid artery pulsating as my lips and tongue tenderly explored my woman. Licks became gentle nips as she softly yelped in pleasure. My hot tongue surveyed her collarbone before slowly traversing down her chest; purposely bypassing, with great reluctance, the swells of her magnificent breasts.

On my knees now, between her thighs, the train slowly rocking back and forth as we continued into the night; I reached up and clasped her hands into mine. I felt her body shiver at this. Her little hands felt so delicate and soft as my much larger hands engulfed hers. Slowly and deliberately, my tongue traced a path downward between the canyon of her breast dominated torso. Feeling the heat radiating from them upon my cheeks, I worked lower and lower; until welcomed by the soft sensation of the gentle peach fuzz of her pleasure trail; leading me the rest of the way home…

“Oh yes K, oh yes. I love how you tease me with your amazing tongue. Feels so good. Mmmmmmm baby, mmmmmm. Feast upon your wife’s hairy pussy K, feast on it. You like when I say hairy pussy, don’t you? Please, lick my bush with your tongue, rub your face all over it then lick my face. Please, I want to want to feel my juices and inhale the fragrance of my hot, hairy cunt upon my face!”

I did as I was told. Still holding hands, I rubbed my face with opened mouth all over her lush mound. Oh was she wet, my girl was soaked. I feasted upon her bountiful garden of thick soft pubic hair while sampling the sweet nectar within. Working my tongue through the forest of her pubes to her swollen lips, I slowly licked as my tongue gently forced itself into Kay’s private sanctuary.

I felt her body shudder.

Plunging my tongue inside Kay, she brought her legs tightly together, locking me into place. It was hard to breathe here at the center of my wife’s universe—yet I wasn’t complaining. Moving side to side, my tongue continued exploring until reaching her delicate little bud.

”Oh K, that’s it. Oh, oh, oh…don’t stop, right there hon-“

Releasing our hands, Kay reached for something and I heard her voice muffled. Clearly it was a small pillow or something.

”Yes, yes, yes that’s it…Oh, Oh, Oh, I love you so—ahhhhhhhhhh!”

My bride was panting as she experienced quite an orgasm through the pillow she was screaming into. Wow, this was totally incredible.

”Ooooooh, mmmmmmm, that’s it K, right there. Ahhhhhhhhhh, Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Agggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!”

I nearly choked. Without warning, for the first time in our marriage—Kay squirted! Her sweet nectar shot into my expecting mouth and down my throat. I swallowed all I could before most of it dribbled out of my mouth and onto the floor. There was so much of it!

”Of fuck K, I think you made me squirt, that’s never happened before. Damn, I can’t believe you did that to me. Shit!”

As she moaned in pleasure marveling at this feat, and somewhat still in shock with the taste of my woman on my pallet; my hands found their ways to her now engorged nipples as my mouth and tongue went back to work.

”Oh K, your mouth is … magical between my legs, I am…so fuckin wet for you…so…damn…wet…oh…mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmmmm.”

At this point, my husband could have done anything he wanted to me—right there and then on that train. I have never squirted before in my life, something about his touch right now is taking me to an entirely new dimension. His strong hands feel so good on my breasts as he gently kneads my plump breasts and tweaks my nipples, I watch his head working my pussy, rubbing his face all over the once fluffy yet now matted down mound of hair between my legs.

“Oh K, right there, don’t stop, oh, oh I am cum—AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhh. YES, YES, YES!!! Mmmmmmmm, Aghhhhhhhhhh.”

…Kay’s body shook with another seismic orgasm, her muffled screams somewhat suppressed into the pillow, nearly crushing my skull with the force of her legs clamped around my head.

She squirted yet again!

This time I was prepared and captured most of her second eruption into my mouth. Still gently stroking her breasts and nipples as she writhed in ecstasy; with one last face rub over her soaked pussy, I pulled up for air; making sure the coast was still clear, and planted a big kiss onto my bride, letting her precious juices drip over her lips, down her chin and onto her heaving tits.


”Oh I taste so good; so good. This is so hot K, so hot! I’ve never tasted my cum like this before, never. So primal, ohhhhhhhhhhh, baby. Mmmmmmmmmmm, so carnal and so natural. I love it, oooooooh, ooooooh, yea that’s it stud, mmmmmmmm.”

My body is afire thanks to my sexy husband; I had to have him right now. Deep inside me the fire was roaring inside my aching cunt. Oh I need to connect to K right now, I need to experience his thick veiny dick plunging into me.

“Oh lover, my best friend and kindred, fuck your woman right now. Take her, she is yours. Please K, impale your bride with you lovely cock. Slay me with your powerful member.”

Rising up into a sitting position; now sitting with my back against the seat in front of us, I am now facing the rear of the train. Leaning back gathering my knees up into a “cannonball” position—I am ready to consummate this wild train ride with my husband.

My man effortlessly slid his gifted penis all the way into my cunt as I watched it disappear and reappear in a steady rhythm. Oh, it felt so wonderful connecting to the very soul of my husband. He is taking my breath away with each slow and tender thrust. K is so strong yet so tender. He could break me in half right now if he wanted to do so. Yet he is so gentle and considerate. I melt like butter at his masculine touch.

Passionately, I bury my nails into his back and mark his hot, sweaty flesh. He seemed to flinch in pain yet he doesn’t stop pounding me. His powerful hairy chest is crushing my titties making it difficult to breathe, yet I didn’t care. Being connected like this to the man I love and adore is pure bliss.

We are one.

As K continues his assault of my defenseless pussy; he nuzzles my neck  and throat, before nipping me all over again. Another wave of goosebumps cover my fuzzy arms and thighs as the stubble of his beard and red hot breath works my throat, ears and neck. Time stops in this primal intimacy.

My husband is marking his woman with hickies-it hurts and I love it.

“Yes, K, mark me with your love, mark my throat dear, mark your woman, babe. Let everyone see I am your woman and you are my man.”


Kay’s pussy is so tight, warm and wet as it claims my dick, her Kegel exercises enables her pussy to clamp around my dick in a vice-like hold. I feared the force of her vaginal muscles would make me explode way too early, yet this tigress won’t stop. Her sharp nails work their way down my spine causing me to twitch in pain, yet I didn’t care. Feeling warm wetness back there I wonder; did she draw blood?  Magically, her hands work their way to my ass, palming and squeezing my firm flesh.

Without warning, Kay suddenly embraces me into an incredibly tight embrace, her red hot tits bury themselves into my chest. I love being chest to chest with her—such a precious delicacy. At the same instant, Kay throws her legs around my waist—enabling me to literally lift her up and down off the train car seat as I do her. Good thing I am facing the front of our car to keep a lookout while impaling my sexy little bride. Oh, she feels incredible with her legs and arms so tightly wrapped around me; sweaty titties enmeshed against my chest, my cock buried to the hilt as I nibble her sexy throat. Her moans of pleasure and panting is driving me crazy.

My husband sure knows how to please his wife. I so don’t deserve him, yet I am not complaining. Wrapping myself around him as he levitates me up and down off that seat, he is totally in control of me. I crave his touch. I don’t know how long we have been fucking like this, its so primal and so carnal. So natural. Our souls and spirits are interlocked as one with us hidden in the darkness at the back of that train. I think the vibrations of the rocking car is adding to the pleasure of this erotic interlude.

“Oh K, oh K, your big penis is stretching my cunt, so, so good baby, so fuckin incredible lover. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, what is that? Oh, Oh babe, yes, yes, mmmmmmmmmm, that’s right, do it hon, do it. Your finger feels so wonderful. Yes, yes, stick that finger into my ass, nice and slow babe, finger my ass, just like that. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmm. I…love…it. Oh-oh…oh K oh, I am cum—AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”


Kay and I couldn’t get any closer at this moment. My cock is buried to the hilt into her amazing pussy, her thick bush grinding the hair around my dick, disappearing into her great unknown. I reach down and slowly start to rim her with my finger before slowly putting it into her. She loves this type of ass play, I know it drives her over the edge.

Our bodies now drenched with sweat and marital lust as we continue our passionate mating ritual right there on the train, I can’t hold back much longer. I need to explode deep inside my wife, to plant my seed into her. She squirms and writhes in pleasure as my finger gently sneaks deeper up her ass—lifting her off the seat.

Running her nails through the top of my head and scalp, drawing herself as close to me as she possibly could, I feel her body tense before she loses control of herself.

Another massive orgasm overtakes my dear sweet bride, and quite incredibly, she squirts for the third time. My dick and hairless balls are drenched in her womanly cum, the warm fluid bathing me and shooting onto the floor. She cries out and seemingly hyperventilates like someone who just completed the 100 yard dash. What an amazing scene. What an amazing woman.

My body is overtaken in pure ecstasy, it is like I am possessed. This third orgasm is so incredible, I feel my strength begin to fade. And for some reason I actually squirted—not once, not twice, yet three times. Never before in my life did this happen. Never. Yet something now tells me we need to finish this up. My body doesn’t want to, but my brain tells me it’s time to land this plane.


“Oh K, oh K, I love you so, I want to taste you. I want to taste my pussy on your dick, give me your cum please, shoot into my mouth, I want to taste your seed. I love how it tastes in my mouth, so hot, so salty, and so manly. I want to taste you and swallow you, whole. I love the taste of your hot cum in my mouth babe. Please feed me your cum. You’ve tasted my nectar—now let me feast on your seed.”


The very words of my bride with that look in her eyes and her sultry voice nearly put me over the edge. Close to exploding, my dick visibly throbbing, I pull out of Kay. She immediately grabs my shaft, and slowly licks its length with her tongue before slowly opening her mouth and devouring me whole. Farther and farther down she takes me until her lips are pressed against the pubes at the base of my engorged penis. Slowly she bobs up and down, all the way, without choking or gagging—seemingly savoring the taste and sensation of having me all the way down her throat.

Feeling her little finger wiggling its way into my puckered little ass; I lose all control. Instead of pushing me back as I explode down her throat, Kay grasps my ass into her hands and pulls me in towards her face. How the hell is she able to breathe? Several loads of molten cum shoot down her throat as my cock quivers and my thighs begin to cramp.

Marveling at her incredible technique, seemingly at my last deposit down her throat, Kay quickly pulls up looking me straight into the eyes. Pulling strands of hair from her face, which is quite red and covered in perspiration–her facial expression reminds me of when she wakes up from a nice nap. Her angelic face is flushed and her eyes are somewhat glossy. Forehead glistening with sweat, eye liner smeared; fighting for air, she wipes a strand of cum from her mouth and slowly licked it from her finger still looking me in the eyes. Her chest heaving and her heart pounding, she looked like she just finished running a marathon. She looks totally spent. Kay traces a finger across my face and causes me to melt with her gentle smile. The soft light from somewhere illuminates her beautiful breasts which are still quite red with her delicious nipples pointing straight at me. She collapses forward onto my chest as we tightly embrace; I love the warm softness of her God given mammary glands as they meld into my chest. Our hearts beat as one as we comfort each other in our arms as I inhale the heavenly scent of my wife’s hair and flesh. Such a lovely, tender moment of pure marital innocence and intimacy.

I’m jolted out of this heavenly bliss with the sudden opening of the connector door at the front of our train car… a wonderful public sex adventure for us.

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35 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    What a reminder of how much I have missed reading you two for so long!!!!!!!!

    I would pay you to write more!!! Seriously, such a joy – to see you two.

    Blessings – LH.

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    K and Kay – about what you actually wrote. So wonderfully erotic. Having “the wink of approval” – then having an unforgettable time!! I’ll never think about the states of New Mexico and Arizona the same – impossible!!! 🙂

    The total openness you two have is so awesome. The degree of how horny both of your were! That was so fun to read! Bed time cannot come soon enough. God bless you both. LH

    • ladygarden says:

      Thank you LH! We enjoy your posts and appreciate your complimentary feedback. We certainly are blessed and enjoy the privilege of sharing our romantic and intimate “exploits” with our friends on MH. Such a blessing to have this forum to share our love, fears and vulnerabilities. Our goal for 2016 is to be more active here; so as long as readers enjoy hearing from us, we plan to keep active. One of our hesitations of sharing is fear of boring the MH family.

      Please keep posting and enjoying each other in 2016!
      K&K 😀

    • Lovinghusband says:

      K & K,

      Are you kidding me?!! You have the most unfounded fear in the history of unfounded fears – of being boring here!! NO way! You guys have never – no not one single time – been boring. Your hearts and your exploits are so desired here on MH. So glad to hear from you. God bless you. LH.

    • ladygarden says:

      Lord bless you Loving Husband and “Loving Wife,” lol. You made our evening with your encouragement. Its always a pleasure reading your comments and a treat reading your wonderful stories. We seem to have much in common as couples.

      We will try to heed your advice and live up to your expectations. We are very blessed by the MH family community and try in some small way to give back, to bless as we have been blessed.

      We respect your honesty, your kind heartedness and the erotic passion you and your wife so eloquently write about in your marriage. Take good care this weekend and make some special memories together! 😀


    • Lovinghusband says:

      Dear K& K,

      I know that different seasons of life can have us more or less involved here on MH. I want to say that it is so good to not only have your stories back on MH – but your loving and encouraging comments, too. As you can see – you really encourage us! 🙂 LH

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      I totally second what LH said. I was captivated reading through this story! You’ve written it together with such finest taste and skill and heart, interweaving both of your perspectives – the love could truly be felt! So beautiful! I was literally captivated by this true love the two of you share so intensely. As my eyes roamed through every line of this love story, I couldn’t wait to see how the experience would further unfold. It was a great adventure!! It was tasty. It was classy. It was oh so romantic! God bless you both and your precious marriage!!

    • ladygarden says:

      Thank you Breanna; nice to hear from you! Has it been that long? 2015 really flew by didn’t it? lol. As we told LovingHusband, our goal is to be more active in 2016; so keep your eyes open. We are halfway through our next submission; do you have any suggestions for us to include?

      Take good care and keep loving one another!

    • Bootylicious says:

      Oh oh oh…if I may interject with a few suggestions:
      1. How ’bout you shave your pussy completely bald and then tell us all about it?
      2. Any story where you’re sucking your own tits is really hot! (I’m a self tit sucker too :-))
      3. More masturbation and/or sex in risky places. Being naked in places other than your own house is always a thrill to me!

    • Bootylicious says:

      Oh and I join in the joy of your return. Your stories rock, Ladygarden! You’re one of my favs! 🙂

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Any new stories coming Bootylicious? I miss your stories, too. I hope you and your husband are well. God bless. LH

    • Breanna Ward says:

      Yes it has been a long time, well less than a year since you all posted the last story. I’m your biggest fan btw?. Been with you all since 2013???. ✊?✊?

    • ladygarden says:

      Alicia G.M thank you; it is great hearing from you! And we hear congratulations are in order; we are very happy for you both–and the proud to be grandparents, lol.

      We plan to be more active in 2016 and are halfway through our next submission; anything you would like for us to include?

      Thank for your reading and taking the time to write, it means a lot to us. we look forward to when Mr. Trey gives the green-light for you to start sharing stories with MY readers.

      Take good care and keep loving each other!

    • ladygarden says:

      Hi Sub-lime Lover, thank you for the feedback. Very thoughtful of you. We are humbled you found our story to be so beautiful. We have been blessed with a deep love and affection towards each other and try to share the magic of our intimate marital heat with our friends.

      Take good care and yes, you will experience this amazing God given gift with your bride one day!

  3. PacMan says:

    This is HOT! You caused a mess on my end! Wow! This has all the best ingredients: foreplay, romance, public nudity, solo show, large nipples, squirting, ass play, swallowing… Just… WOW! I honestly thought the story was going to end at the point you were masturbating in front of each other. But it went WELL beyond that. Thanks for the ‘satisfying’ story!

    • ladygarden says:

      PacMan thank you; though we apologize for causing such a mess on your end ;-D.

      We value your honest feedback and are pleased it featured all your favorites ingredients (even though we didn’t plan it that way, lol) As Julie Andrews and Andy Williams sang about years ago: “These are a few of my (our) favorite things!”

      Didn’t mean to throw in a cliffhanger via erotic mutual masturbation as you mentioned, yet we see how once could read into that. Indeed, it went well beyond that, tee-hee-hee. Glad you enjoyed.

      Take good care and keep loving one another!

  4. PassionateForChrist says:

    This crowned my absolutely horny day! What a most beautiful example of marital oneness! What a love for each other! Thank you for sharing it with us in such a vivid, love-filled, picturesque way! I thoroughly enjoyed riding along. Lovely bliss!! God bless you!!

  5. ladygarden says:

    PassionateForChrist thank you, thank you! Its an absolute honor to learn we helped “crown your absolutely horny day!”

    We are humbled you feel as if you were riding right along with us. If you read our previous stories; you see we have an affinity for public sex. There is always a calculated risk involved; but oh, what an incredible turn-on it is for us. (if you only knew the stories we have chosen not to post…yet ;-D)

    It means a lot to us you don’t find our posts to be boring or redundant; and that you referred to it as a Love Story–because that’s all it is–a love story. Two people madly in love, giving each other their most precious gifts. The gifts of their smiles, their sweet kisses, embracing one another, touching, petting, crying, holding hands and joining each other’s minds, souls and flesh. Only this all happened to take place on the last car of a dark deserted passenger train racing through the desert.

    My only regret about the story is wishing I looked as good in a Skater Dress as the model pictured in the ad lol. My figure, for good or ill, isn’t as magnificent as hers. But as long as my husband enjoys how I look in (and out) of Skaters, I’m in good shape.

    Lord bless you and keep you; enjoy your weekend with your beloved!


    • PassionateForChrist says:

      Lol – I’m sure most of us women are with you on not having a figure as magnificent as that model. I know I’m far from it… I’ve got short legs because I’m short in general (which I love), I’ve got a few symmetric marks on my legs’ skin since birth (which don’t bother me… the other day, as I got aware of them and got into thinking about what a man may think of it, I’ve just figured I’ll see them as landmarks on the wonderland of my body, a God-given patterning adorning the way towards my most secret place), I’ve got a small bust (which doesn’t bother me personally… I’m happy with it but it is the main reason for my fear that a man may not find me attractive… so far the only experience I’ve made… but I stay hopeful), I’ve got a full hand of (yet untrained) butt… All in all, I know I don’t have the figure to look flattering in a dress. But you know what I’ve figured, and I’m beginning to remind myself of this on purpose as I work on redeeming damaged self-esteem and reclaiming the awareness of what beauty really is as God intended it to be: Sexy is an attitude. Sexy is not a body figure. The world sells it as a figure, as if sexy is only available for a chosen few. That’s not true. That’s a deception that causes both men and women huge struggles with self-esteem and self-image and with perceiving each other as God intended it to be. God made us unique… in personality, in figure, in all of who we are. God made each of us uniquely sexy. The small-busted shorty can be jaw-dropping sexy just like the super curvy big mamas can be sexy as in hot hot hot. Your husband loves your look because it’s you – the one who loves him in depth and in truth, on a level of intimacy that even with just a look into your eyes he knows this great love you have for him (and so do you when you look into his). You are incomparable. You are matchlessly sexy to your husband. And it shows in the stories you have shared over the years. I love that what strikes me most in your stories is the love factor, which is so tangible! Your beautiful bond of marital love for one another. That is so sexy!! I haven’t found my own beloved for life yet but I sure hope that I will be blessed with a husband as wonderful and mature as yours, one that will cherish the sexiness and the love that God has uniquely put in me, within this very body figure.

      Dear K&K, YOU are adorable!! Looking forward to whatever you will share with us in 2016! God bless you!

    • ladygarden says:

      Oh PassionateForChrist, thank you for y our beautiful post, and for bringing a tear to my eye. So sweet and honest, so heartfelt and romantic.

      Yes, society can make it so difficult for us to “fit in” to the world’s standards for so-called beauty. Such a tragedy that too many men–and women–fall into that trap. God made us as we are, we are His workmanship. We are unique, and the soul mate he will provide for you will adore first the essence of your soul and spirit; then second your small bust and short legs with their unique landmarks on the wonderland of your precious vessel. As you so eloquently wrote, “a God-given patterning adorning the way towards my most secret place.” And what constitutes a “small bust?” Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We know of many men who love their women as they are, large breasted or small breasted, it matters not. Again, societal norms to have perfect straight teeth, doe like necks, voluptuous breasts, small tight rears, tanned muscular toned or long thin legs…only in the media, lol. Nothing against women blessed with those outwardly features, yet most ladies do not have those attributes. Our male friends overwhelmingly prefer the “girl next door” look.

      So yes, as Barlow Girl once sang, God is preparing THE man for you. And when you discover one another, it will be magic. He will look upon you as his goddess, his beautiful princess, his bride and kindred. We must all stick together and keep encouraging one another its not the figure that counts–its the faith that counts. And besides, physical beauty only lasts so long anyway. Truly the spirit and soul inside, is truly what counts the most.

      Your groom will be incredibly blessed; from reading your posts, it is apparent you possess and incredibly beautiful, godly romantic spirit. You express yourself very well PFC and we would love to be a fly on the wall when you two begin dating and look over your shoulder with the love notes you will write back and forth. Do you write poetry? Do you Journal?

      Lord bless you and thank you again PFC for being the person you are. Enjoy your weekend.


    • PassionateForChrist says:

      Dearest Kay, this so touched my heart and I can’t even begin to tell you how much these words you’ve spoken mean to me. You’ve expressed so wonderfully what my heart is so deeply hoping for. I have had thus far only scarce and no positive personal experiences in respect to guys when it comes to maybe gravitating towards a relationship, so the experiences you’ve shared here with me and your heartfelt encouragement are so invaluable to me, as I fight to keep a vision of seeing this blessing of a true romance, of my unique godly marriage, come to pass in my life. Your sweet words about how my beloved would love me have echoed deep within my soul, and every time I read through your most precious reply to me, my hopes are strengthened, my faith is stirred, and my heart comes alive. Thank you for invigorating my spirit and soul!! Thank you for helping me keep the faith strong and the vision right!!

      As I was exchanging thoughts with God this morning, I told Him that I know that He is not a God who fills a vessel to let it then go to waste… He fills the vessel for it to be poured out, so He can re-fill it continuously out of His abundance for His glory… I told Him that He has filled me with such love for my future husband and that I deeply believe that He will not let it go to waste within me, for it wouldn’t be in accord with who He is… I told Him that I do not want what the world can give me or would offer me; all I want is the one that He has for me… I want the one man He wants for me… I told Him that He has put this mighty love in me to give to my future husband and I wanna give it to him… By the journey He’s led me on in the last 1 and a half years, the work He’s put into changing me, into helping me outgrow significant hurdles and deceptions and personal brokenness, the grace and love and patience He’s invested in me on this way, I do deeply believe that He has the miracle in the making, even though I haven’t seen anything of it yet.

      Dearest Kay, thank you so much for your love and your open heart!! And thank you for the compliments! I do not write poetry but I never know what I’ll be drawn to do when God sparks some creative juice in me… like, I never thought I could draw much but once I’ve been drawn to do a sweet self-made gift to a pastor friend, who was very dear to my heart… it was a self-made tribute booklet to honor her, made with lots of love and faith-filled notes and hand-drawings, and God enabled me to it beautifully, for which I was super grateful! So, when God inspires me, sets me ablaze to do something creative, the labor of love will find expression. 🙂

      I do not keep a journal. I have tried it but journals just sort of don’t work for me… I need someone to talk to, a recipient other than myself, when I embark on these journeys of discovery and soul-searching. So, to tell you the truth, my “journal” is currently my MH home. My MH family is the one I’ve come to trust with the depths of my heart, with the questions or the personal struggles that arise for me as I continue to learn and grow on this journey… Before God led me to MH, my “journal” was my pastor friend – God had divinely given her to be by my side for that moment in time and she stood by me, online, as God began to deal with me about all the clutter in my soul about sexuality and all the deceptions I had about it and all the brokenness I carried around with me yet unbeknownst to me… I messaged her from the heart, extensively and transparently, as God opened my eyes more and more, and she was just there and gave me the space by being available to process it all… she threw in a word of encouragement every once in a while, whenever I was on the brink of being overwhelmed, which made it possible for me to keep striving, to keep holding on and fighting my way through with God… I am forever grateful to her for having been God’s love in action to me through that pivotal season of my life. I would not be who I am today – someone hopeful for marriage, someone ready for marriage, someone passionate about godly sex, someone becoming more and more whole in Him – had He not begun this good work of change and restoration in me and had He not given me at hand such precious people of faith as my pastor friend and my MH family.

      Dearest Kay, as good as I know myself, I can assure you that when I would finally witness myself meeting a guy who signals that he would love me and witness myself actually having a dating relationship with the one for me, I without the shadow of a doubt will be so excited about it, so thrilled at heart and overjoyed within my spirit and soul, that I will certainly come on MH and share about some experiences of mine on that path towards my miracle of marriage. So, chances are not too bad for being somewhat of a fly on the wall 😉 MH is the home to my heart about all things relationship – it is my safe haven, the place for me where I know I can share and entrust my personal experiences about the most intimate of gifts that God has blessed us with, it is a faith family that God has graciously given me. I’ve gotten so much difference-making help and support and love from my MH family, and it is my hope that, in my transparency, through what I can share, from the heart, of my journey, I’m not only able to process my way through what I need to still grow through, but I hope that one or the other precious soul out there gets blessed, encouraged and helped through it as well.

      Dearest Kay, thank you for who you are!! You’ve blessed me greatly! May God bless you and your husband abundantly! Much love to you!!

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Dear PFC,

      I know you were addressing Kay – but I am compelled to comment on what you wrote. I think you are so right! I think there are many components that go into “sexy”. Frankly, a very outwardly aesthetically beautiful women can be not sexy at all. The intangibles that make up sexy – I think – come through so often in the things written on MH. It is so many little things. They all come together to be something irresistible. The divorce rate is a witness to the fact that aesthetic beauty alone doesn’t keep people loving one another. Attractiveness is a component – but just part of a wonderful package. Don’t you worry about all the things that you think my not be aesthetically perfect – be the complete package. My wife does not have big breasts. I couldn’t care less! She is sexy with what she has. She knows how to use them! And I love her breasts. They turn me on! I would even say they would be my overall preference. Yet, that won’t be the same for all men. So, big or small, tall or short, etc – there is something almost magical about knowing how to be sexy. I could go on and on about the heart of the woman, being loving and more. You will know how to be that sexy woman!!! I even think that you will find that it is very likely that you probably don’t see all of your aesthetic beauty either. God bless you! LH

    • ladygarden says:

      LovingHusband–we couldn’t say it better ourselves, very well stated indeed! Your post to PFC is the same thing Kay was trying to say earlier (this is K). Very well stated and thank you for your earlier post to us today. Yes, the encouragement, feedback and openness in incredibly helpful and therapeutic here on MH.

      As a male of the species, and I have to be very careful with my words here. Kay is indeed my goddess and kindred spirit–God bestowed her with an amazingly beautiful soul and spirit. A fantastic intellect and a quick–wicked sense of humor. An infectious laugh and servant’s heart. I would be so lost without her daily friendship and companionship. Truly lost.

      Yet according to the world, despite all Kay’s outstanding God given attributes and spiritual gifting, she is not a size 2. She doesn’t have a flat tummy (neither do I!) Being large breasted, yes there is some saggage. (Me too) And readers know she doesn’t wax. Our butts are not as tight as they used to be–BUT SO WHAT!!! It so DOES NOT MATTER.

      (For the record, I too and not the “physical specimen” I once was–hence the reasons we try to keep going to the gym despite that one misadventure) ;-D

      What I am trying to say is, there is Gods description of beauty and the world’s description of beauty. We are going with God’s description. It matters not what others think of us or our bodies, its what God thinks-and what our mates think.

      I hope this helps, Lord bless all of you!

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      Dear LH, my friend, know that you can always make your thoughts and takes be known, even when something I write may be addressed to some sweet other soul. I cherish your input greatly and it has blessed me many times throughout this past year that I’ve been blessed to be on MH!

      Thank you, and Mr. K, so much for sharing so openly from the heart with me! I appreciate it so much and it is indeed very helpful to me to hear from the perspective of godly men, and especially married men. This is exactly my heart’s desire… to be the complete package. I’m so grateful to MH because through it, step by step, I’ve been able to and continue to regain the godly perspective on the many beautiful nuances of true sexiness between a husband and a wife and the understanding of the truth that sexy is within me, as I am, as God made me, and as me and my future husband will be made to be together. Whatever I still have a hard time to see in myself thus far, I’ll be more than happy to joyfully discover it wholly with my future husband together. Thank you, LH and Mr. K!! The encouragement and the words you’ve shared gives me much hope and strengthens my faith that I can be what I so long to be for my future husband. God bless you both and your precious marriages!

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Hi K,

      I can’t identify with anything you said – because I am basically a male supermodel. So, I just don’t know what you are talking about.

      Just kidding – of course! Amen to everything you said brother! That said – and I know that you will agree with this – I think that husbands and wives should both try reasonably to try to live in such a way to be attractive to each other. I know my wife and I both do this – and appreciate the effort that each makes to be attractive. Age and gravity will have their say, too! I rejoice in the sight of my naked (and clothed) wife! She is still very hot to me! As I write, she is just getting into the tub. So, I may end this right now!!

      K, I want to say this again – SO good to have you and Kay back here. MH is better for it!!! God bless you. LH

    • ladygarden says:

      Hi GG, great hearing from you; thank you for your encouragement. We have been missing your and Ben’s hot stories, hope all is well and 2016 is off to a good start for you and your family. Especially now that you plan to be grandparents later this year. Can you believe it!?!?!?

      Say hello to Ben and Mr. Jolly, hope to read one of your patented erotic outdoor adventures soon. Keep loving oneanother dear ones.


  6. PassionateForChrist says:

    Dearest Mrs. Kay, I’ve been browsing through several of your former shared stories anew and I just wanna share from my heart how proud I am of you. You are such a beautifully strong person!! What a sweet and passionate heart God has given you! I am so happy for you that you have found K, whose love for you is so heart-warming and true. So beautiful! I just wanna say that I am so happy that you are who you are and I just wanna encourage you that you are indeed perfect just the way you are – perfectly beautiful, perfectly lovely, perfectly in God’s hands. Much love and blessings to you and K!

  7. LoveTrain says:

    Very hot! My husband and I are both railroaders and know just how hot train sex can be. Welcome to the clickety-clack club! ?
    (Airlines have the mile high club; railroads have the clickety-clack club.)

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