Cozy Sunday Morning

It was a warm and vibrant Sunday morning. I decided to take my painting outside while the hubby slept. I’ll never forget the glow of the flowers or the fresh scent of the earth as the early morning sun rose. As I painted the scenery in front of me, a crisp breeze danced into my silky white robe that now chilled my erect nipples.

“Good Morning, I made you some coffee sweetheart. ”
I never even heared the porch door open, I took a sip, “Thankyou, this taste wonderful,” I smiled.
“How long have you been up? You look ridiculously sexy this early,” he said.

Before I could even answer his soft lips were at the base of my neck and his hands securely wrapped around my hips from behind. My heart pounded a bit. He began to untie my white robe and grazed his fingers along the lines of my ass. He took me into his masculine hands and sat me on top of the porch banister that wrapped around the front of the house. I leaned up against one of the beams, and we were out in the open for all to see.

I felt the blood in my vains pumping with fire.

We lived on a large farm land and the neighbor lives on the otherside of the land, but still knowing anyone could catch us made me a bit nervous.
“Someone woke up on the right side of the bed,” I stated.
“Easily when your married to a hot wife,” he growled in between kisses down my neck. He knows this always puts me in the mood.
He made his way past the robe material and began caressing my breasts and kissing my stomach. Slowly he removed my underwear.
“What? No one can see us and if they can they would just be marveling at the perfection I’m about to enjoy.” My husband has a way with words and of course the thought made me melt. Miraculous.
He brushed my thighs with his hand and steadied himself as I kept leaning for support against the porch beam. His lips began to part with mine and I could feel all of him inside me. I focused my hands to his chest and wrapped my fingertips around his neck. I lifted my hips up a bit and he moaned with delight as he became one with me in that moment. My back arched and his hands stayed grounded on my waist as he pulled me tighter to him. His rhythm became faster and his moans became louder. It always feels so good to know I pleasure him this much.

I swear electricity was flowing through me at this point. No turning back now and clearly I didn’t want too. Who cares about paintings anyways!

My husband threw his head back as I did with mine. He bit his lips as I placed my hands around his hips encouraging him in. His hands went straight to my breasts and he reviled in their fullness. I could see he was on the edge. We quickly melted together in a way we never had before both reaching climax.

“I love you,” he whispered in my ear.

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2 replies
  1. YosemiteSam says:

    Hi, Good story. Just one suggestion. Near the end of your story, you use the word “reviled”, but I believe you meant to use “revelled”. If you check out the meaning of “reviled”, I’m sure you’ll agree, as the word you used puts a rather different twist on your story’s meaning. All the best!

    • unconditionally faithful says:

      Thankyou so much for letting me know! I did mean revelled, accidental typo. I wasn’t even aware of it. For all the other readers, hopefully you see this!

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