Our Return To Greenland

We’ve now been in Nuuk for a few days. We were so excited to go, and have a family get together for the holidays, and especially in Greenland, seeing as we only went there once in 1984, when we were newlyweds. It’s also the time we can all get together as our husbands have good breaks from their jobs, as well as in the summertime. Just as we predicted, it brought back lots of memories.

We left on December 20th, and we had a stopover overnight in Reykjavik, Iceland where we had our silver anniversary heat trip.

My husband whispered in my ear, “Remember our anniversary, my sweet?” I immediately smiled and nodded flirtatiously. We sat down in Reykjavik to eat, and I overheard my husband telling our granddaughter to “ask your lovely grandma what she feels like.”

I was still flattered after all these years, so when our granddaughter came to me, I told her, “Tell your wonderful grandpa I’d like the rice with chicken.”

Then, my husband came back and joined us. I remember him smiling his sexy smile at me. I couldn’t help but smile back. We couldn’t, however, have sex in Iceland again because our granddaughter slept in the same room as us at the airport hotel. But we were excited about making love in Greenland again.

On the morning of December 21st when my husband asked how I slept, I told him that I had dreamed of our time in Greenland when we were young. I dreamed of my husband kissing and caressing my body, and us making love as well as our simultaneous orgasms. My husband kissed me and told me that it was on his mind since yesterday.

So we had breakfast and boarded the plane to Nuuk. Our son-in-law booked apartments for all of us. We got together in our daughter’s part of the condo eating all these delicious foods, turkey, pasta, cake; you name it! I made my special shortbreads with the help of my daughter and grandchildren while the men bought drinks for the occasion. It was so lovely to be together again. As we baked, we sang carols about Jesus, and we prayed before eating.

Later in the evening, we had a cup of tea to warm us up in this cold climate. But we were about to heat up big time between my husband and I. When the kids looked tired, my husband thought it best we leave, and we permitted our granddaughter to stay with her cousins, seeing as she already fell asleep with them. But we felt anything but tired.

We got more and more excited as we reached our bedroom. After freshening up, my husband lightly ran his hands around my waist to embrace me. The memories came flooding back. No foreplay was even needed because the nostalgia had gotten to us. Sure enough, I was naked, and I sensually pulled back the covers and slowly got in as I watched my husband strip. He’s still so sexy, and I’m so blessed he still sees me as sexy.

My husband planted sexy kisses on me as he entered me, though at first we just lay in bed, side by side embracing each other and kissing, our hearts fluttering as we felt young again. I love the feel of my husband’s smooth back when I embrace him and massage him. We continued to kiss as he caressed and played with my hair, and then he rolled me on him, kissing me some more. Every part of my wet lady place felt his man part rubbing and thrusting inside it.

I moved around a little, giving my sexy husband pleasure working the muscles inside my lady place to intensify his pleasure as he played with my breasts. He gently touched my head as he massaged my back. He worked those fingers so well; I let out long exhales. He then kissed my forehead as he rubbed my scalp before wrapping his arms around me again.

My husband then rolled on me, and hugged me tight as his thrusts resembled those of our first time here, and I was re-living this beautiful memory. He thrust passionately, seemingly re-living our first Greenlandic romance, himself and sure enough, I had a throbbing orgasm! I cried out, clutching my husband’s heated body and he almost screamed in ecstasy. He kissed my neck as we came down, and lay side by side with our arms wrapped around each other.

The memories, the nostalgia, were so raw I teared up. I smiled as my husband kissed my cheek, and we soon fell asleep.

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7 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Harper, so lovely! I love the connection of your family – and seeing how you two make it work to find time to get alone and hot!

    The no foreplay needed was very hot – you were both obviously already revved up.

    Thank you for yet another tender and sexy story! God bless! LH

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      You’re so welcome and there is another coming. I’m so looking forward to reading your story! I know it will be hot! God bless you and yours too!

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Thanks Harper – I think they will post my story on Sunday. I look forward to your honest feedback. Blessings! LH

  2. Sibelus says:

    Lovingly and romantically written. My favorite stories on this site are written in this way. The passion and play very much there, but beautifully understated. Thank you HST.

  3. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Is anybody else having trouble with their account? I can log in but I can't access my own profile as it always leads me back to the "register" page, and of course I'm already registered… so I don't see why it's doing that. If someone could help with that it'd be wonderful and thank you. Bless

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