Honeymoon Unity

Honeymoon Unity – The Two Become One

Honeymoon Unity

Honeymoon Unity – Petals decorated the floor from the miniature flower girl before walking down the isle toward my imaginary husband. My dress puffy and white resembled a fairy tale princess. The wedding party stood near the altar as the church is filled with family and friends, people I can’t put faces to. Growing up as a young girl, I’ve dreamt of one day marrying my prince charming. Fairy tales seemed real to me. I wanted to have the happily ever after I witnessed in so many movies. Little did I know my fairy tale would soon begin?

I met my husband fourteen years ago at our local town fair. I played hard to get and he fell for it. Those were the good times, exciting and new as he courted me and showed me what adoration really meant. I was enchanted until he revealed being recruited in the US Navy and leaving for boot camp. My world shattered. We refused to separate and spent every waking moment with one another, which led to a proposal. We had two months until he left to plan the hastiest wedding. It wasn’t my “dream wedding,” but it was a special honeymoon unity.

Our honeymoon night consisted of a hotel room at the Best Western twenty minutes from our reception. It was by far the most memorable night. We didn’t indulge in each other right away. My husband ran a warm bath in the large Jacuzzi tub with scented bubble bath. The smell drifted through my nose as my senses peaked. He undressed before me and grinned at the helpless look upon my face. I craved him and wanted to show him what I promised to provide for the rest of our lives.

I undressed before him, naked and vulnerable. I was embarrassed at first but it all changed when we submerged in the water. He didn’t touch me right away, just gazed. It was arousing but scary to be gawked at until his arm reached out to caress his fingers along my cheek. One simple touch caused my pussy to throb. It was clear I wanted him but unsure how to make a move.

His body glistened from the water cascading from it, which caused my mouth to moisten. I leaned in to lick my tongue across his pectoral, eliciting a groan from him. My hand trailed along his side and ended at his engorged head, firm and ready. I scooted closer before swirling my finger across the tip of his member as I placed a sensual kiss upon his luscious lips.

The fire in his hazel eyes ignited as passion flared. He grasped my ass and lifted me upon him. Swiftly my pussy housed his cock. I was beyond thankful for the turn of events. I couldn’t wait for our bodies to merge and consummate our marriage. I rode his cock, rolling my hips as the water splashed over the tub. Our eyes met before he grabbed the back of my head, urging for a kiss. Our tongues interlock as we ate at each other producing a tremble from my body. My orgasm climbed making my vaginal muscles clench his member.

Bodies spent, we exit the tub to snuggle under the bed’s comforter. The entire night was a mixture of lovemaking and spooning. We couldn’t get enough of one another.

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