Northern Lights Nostalgia

We’re having a wonderful time with our family here in Nuuk, Greenland, and last night was amazing. Yesterday morning was when I found my husband’s poem (you can read that here: and that evening the whole family went out to look as the Northern Lights, and there we other people outside admiring them too. Praise the Lord, He’s the greatest artist!

There were beautiful colors, green, white, pink, and they certainly brought back a lot of memories. Then my husband reached into his pocket and showed me that he brought along a photo of us in Greenland as newlyweds.

“Bringing this photo here was a no-brainer, my beautiful. Remember when we were young, and we stood right here while viewing this beautiful, God-given art?” Said my husband

“Of course I do, my sweetie. And we hugged just like we’re doing now, thanking God for everything we’ve got.” I replied

My husband cupped my face and kissed me, before hugging me tight. We thought of our daughter who passed, and how she must be enjoying even more beautiful things in Heaven that we can’t even imagine. It’s been 4 years since she died, but we know God is looking after her. We reminisced about our time here as newlyweds, and we look another glance at that photo as we kept hugging.

Then, our whole family got in a circle to pray to God before heading back to the condo. We then walked back and I even remember how after we went shopping here in Greenland we decided to walk back to the hotel, as we loved the Northern Lights, and it made the walk romantic and beautiful. My husband put his arm around me the same way he did back in 1984, re-enacting that particular walk.

It was still early, so we all had some warm tea before bed time. I went to freshen up after my husband did, and I put on my sexy white bed mini-dress. Our part of the condo was pretty high, so no one could see into our room, and also it gave us great views of not only the town but the Northern Lights that were still there! My husband was in our bed naked with the covers covering him from the waist down. He looked so hot!

As I got in bed, my husband put his arms out to touch me and take me in his arms, and then he kissed me.

“You are so hot! So sexy!” He said.

I slowly lay back and he climbed over me, and kissed me some more until he slowly took off my dress. I felt his lips kiss me between my breasts and he stroked my left breast and kissed the sides of my breasts I spread my legs, wanting him to come inside me, and he did as I caressed his hot body. I breathed sensually as he went slowly, the nostalgia of it all getting to us.

We kissed, and caressed one another, enjoying the feeling of each other’s bodies as we felt young again while gently stroking each other’s skin. I love how my husband’s manly hands feel on my back as he holds me tight.

My sweet, darling husband started to play around of me, using his pubic bone to massage my sweet spot. I moved around slightly myself in response. As I exhaled sensually while my husband focused on my neck, I happened to have flashbacks while my husband stroked me from the top of my hair down to my breasts, and then touched my breasts, because that’s exactly how he did it here in 1984. When I responded pleasurably he said,

“I knew you’d remember that, my love.”

In turn I lovingly kissed his cheek twice, and embraced him tight. I then rubbed my husband’s back as I watched him slowly flex his butt muscles, working that hard penis of his. He went faster and sure enough, I let out sharp, ecstatic exclamations as I climaxed in my husband’s arms while he grunted with passion before coming loudly.

When we came down, my husband took a moment to catch his breath, almost as if in shock. Then he kissed my neck multiple times before rolling off of me. I rested my head on my husband’s shoulders and he had one arm around me, while he held my other hand in a clasp hand-hold. My darling husband gave me a gentle kiss goodnight on the forehead, and then we both fell asleep under the Northern Lights.

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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Btw, GG, grandma to grandma I thought I'd tell you and the other lovely people here that our daughter went for an ultrasound, and it turns out she's having TWINS!!!

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