Car Ride Home

So this is a first. My wife and I read marriage heat often but have never posted. So hopefully you will enjoy as much as we did.

It all started with mom saying she was going to have a “grandma” night. Meaning kids were going to be taken care of outside of the home. “Grandma” lives about a 45-minute drive from our house. We love our kids but to have a break once in a while is well worth the trip. I decided to grab her vibrator and a pair of panties that I would stuff in my coat to surprise her for the ride home. We go and spend some time and then say goodbye. It is dusk outside as the sun is starting to set. As I say goodbye, I reach into my coat pocket remembering what I brought. I am rock hard. My unsuspecting wife will be surprised!

We head back south and we talk about the kids and how well they will do. Our conversation then turns from the kids to how much fun we will have and what we will be doing. I can tell she is just as excited as I am. I then tell her to pick a pocket and that each one has a surprise. A vib on the right and a thong on the other. She picks the one with the thong. I challenge her to put the thong on while we are driving. Curiously she wants to know what is in the other pocket. She reaches in and grabs her vib. A sexy little smile then appears on her face. She knows how much I LOVE watching her get off. She nods and starts undressing. By this time, we are on the interstate, and it is very dark outside. As she finishes undressing, she decides not to put on the panties but to stay butt naked. She clicks the vibrator on and quickly puts it on her lady part.

While vibrating, I can’t but notice her pulling on her breasts as she loves the vibration on her girl. This is her go to for experiencing pleasure as she normally loves it when I suck on her tits.  The thrill of driving 75 mph while she is getting off is almost too much to handle. I am rock hard and slowly getting my boxers wet with precum. She notices my bulge as well, and that continues to keep her in the mood to orgasm. She nervously pulls up her clothes when a car goes past but goes back to her nudity when they are past us.

Right outside of the city limits, she is working up to an orgasm. She starts moaning. I tell her to get as loud as she wants since nobody can hear her. She does. As she moans, “ooohhhhhooohhh”, I can tell she is close. I take my hand and put it close to her lady part and can feel the wetness that she has created. She goes and goes again.

We pull into our house, and since we do not have a garage, we are parked in the backyard. She doesn’t want to get dressed before having her fill of my cum. We decide to make way to our backyard swing. She puts her coat on and walks that way. I sit on the swing and drop my drenched boxers and jeans. She does not hesitate to spread her girl wide open and swallow my dick. Three swings back and forth and I have exploded!! She smiles, and I smile. He heads in the house for a nice night of quiet and nudity with each other. What a great way to start “grandma” night!


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