My wife loves to give me oral, but the last few times she has, the next day and sometimes for a couple of weeks afterwards I burn and itch. We are both fairly healthy and regular sex doesn’t cause any issues. Neither of us has even slept around. Are there any nurses or anyone else who might have an idea of what is going on? Thanks.\\

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  1. Rnlvr
    Rnlvr says:

    We'll we thought that maybe it was toothpaste, but I don't think she has brushed her teeth everytime.

  2. Joe
    Joe says:

    Sorry for the typos, auto correct kills me.

    What's on her hands before she handles you. My wife once put some medicated cream on her thighs and legs; she was nursing a leg injury. We started getting frisky and she stared going down on me. She noticed her mouth burning, then my male pats started burning. We couldn't figure out why, until I asked her what she had just done beforehand, bingo. The cream was pepper based, and it burned!

  3. hornyGG
    hornyGG says:

    My only thought would be a reaction to some sort of lip product, such as a lip gloss or something of that nature. I seriously doubt you are allergic to blowjobs darlin. Stay horny.

  4. AMeak
    AMeak says:

    Have you or she ever had trouble with yeast infections? Thrush is pretty common. It itches and when you scratch it it burns. It likes to grow in areas where you tend to sweat, so the groin a common spot. But it also grows in the mouth and can be passed to the groin via oral sex. If you think it's yeast I'd suggest getting an oral probiotic. They can be purchased at any pharmacy and work wonders. It certainly wouldn't hurt to try to see if it clears things up.

  5. Rnlvr
    Rnlvr says:

    OK thanks. Yeah we both have had troubles with yeast. I drink kefir and the burning usually stops after a couple weeks, but it's like my sex drive takes a nose dive.

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