The Dance-Off

About 2 years ago before we were married, we were both in college and didn’t even know each other at the time. I heard in my church for college students about a charity drive they were organizing. The event would be a dance-off competition to modern popular songs, with spectator spots which could be used at an entry fee. The money would then help fund an upcoming mission trip. The only rule was that everyone had to dress modestly.

I decided to sign up. You know, strut my moves all while supporting a good cause 😀

The evening came. It was the most fun ever. The people who came to support the fund hooted and cheered as we whipped and nae nae’d till we were sweating bullets 🙂 I made it to the final 2, the other one left being a girl I had noticed near the beginning. This girl, she was… Beautiful… I’ll come back to that later.

We each got to pick our favorite song to free-style to. The college minister- I mean referee- flipped a coin to see who would go first. I landed, and told the music minister- I mean DJ- my song. I danced as well as any college senior could have with the week-notice. Then it was her turn. She waited for the disco ball to begin spinning, then started her dance. I think I may have stared a bit, because my best friend who had come with me slapped my on my back and laughed at me.

She ended up winning, and I went over to get her phone number- I mean congratulate her!

But we started talking, and somehow I DID manage to get her phone number! I was on top of the world!

Things took off pretty quick, and after about a year we got married.


Now, back to the present:

Our first anniversary, and I got the idea to re-live our first time to see each other. I bought a good set of speakers,  a small desk disco ball, and bought a few songs off iTunes. I kept it all secret till the big reveal.

I didn’t want to lul her to sleep leading up to the time, but I didn’t also want to make her too tired, so I took her for a drive to a mountainous waterfall a few hours away. We packed a picnic and headed out. The time was really relaxing; away from everyday work. Just her, me, and the sound of the waterfall. After a short nap huddled together, we got ready to go.

She slipped getting up and fell back on me! I was stunned at first, then even more so at her beautiful breasts, now exposed from her disheveled shirt. I started kissing her like crazy, and we were just about to take it to a whole new level when more hikers came up the slope. We hurriedly disengaged and left quickly.

I remembered the surprise I had planned for her, and told her we had one more thing to do before we could shower together (and maybe some other stuff 😉 )

I took her to the room’s entrance. The sign said “Dance-Off tonight at 8! Don’t miss it!” when she went in she saw the different things I had put around the room. A “judges seat”, the stereo, the disco ball, and the “dance floor” Then she saw the dance rules posted on the wall.

“The only rule, which is a simple one, is that each contestant must rid themselves of any and ALL clothing before entering the dance floor!” She gigged at this and came over to me so we could help each other out with that. Within no time I was staring at her beautiful curves as I had done for a whole year. Both of us naked now.

She immediately walked over to the judge’s seat and stereo and told me I had to go first. Oh well, I would be seeing those hips swing soon enough… She chose a song for me and demanded I begin immediately! I began, and she bursted out with laughter! I had numbered some cards 1 – 10, and she held up the #0 to egg me on. She thought me dancing naked was the funniest thing ever, I guess. But then I  stopped playing around and really tried! She then stopped and stared at me. Her hand moved to her slit and she rubbed herself a little with a moan. After letting her have her fun, I demanded she perform too. She got up reluctantly. I chose the song “Macarena” and she blushed the moment I started it. Then, without missing a beat did the BEST Macarena dance in the history of humanity!

Seeing her swing her hips and breasts, all without a stitch of clothing on her sexy body turned me on in a huge way! If I thought I was hard before, I was wrong!

After she completed it I couldn’t restrain myself. I pulled her to the bed and pinned her down on a playful manner. “Someone’s eager!” She said “But so am I!”. I just went about my dirty work without a word.

Sucking and licking all the right spots tell she was beginning to get the bed a little wet.

Then I drove my spike into her slowly but surely, and we both gasped for air at the pleasure. We moved in sync as we pleasured each other, taking turns with our favorite positions. I took her from the top, bottom, behind, and pretty much any other way you can think of! She was bouncing around on top of me when it rushed at me suddenly. I was about to shoot my good stuff up her pussy in just a few seconds. Her moans told me she was nearing her climax as well.

With groans we both held each other as we became one body in a flurry of pleasure!

As we came down from the orgasmic high, she kissed me then rested her head on my chest.

“I hope my little surprise did not interfere with our normal shower schedule any.”

“Oh no, not at all! Thank you so much for this, it was so much fun!”

She wrapped her legs around me as I carried her to the bathroom for a nice hot shower together, where a whole new surprise awaited us both; one even I didn’t know about till I saw it!


(to be continued!)

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  1. Mtstreetdoc says:

    I always wonder, when there is supposed to be a “Part 2” and there never is; is it because the spouse found out about the earlier posts and put the kibosh on the posting?

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