A Movie and Sex

I wasn’t working this morning so my wife and I, per usual, planned to spend quality time doing something together. Lately, we have been going to the gym during my time off, but sometimes we just watch a movie at home. Today I had a craving for comedy, so we put on Demolition Man.

We snuggled up together on the couch, enjoying being in each other’s arms. After the opening scene of action, my hands began to wander. Then hers did, too. With one arm around my wife’s back, I was able to caress her breasts with one in each of my hands.

My wife turned her face to me and began to kiss me, lightly moaning as she became aroused. Her hand reached for my cock while I gently squeezed her breasts and massaged them; her nipples hardened, and their areolas grew puffy. I pulled up her purple t-shirt to expose her breasts. Naturally, I wanted them in my mouth.

Grabbing my head, my wife pulled me toward her beautiful perky titties. She loves it when I suck on them, pulling out and away from her chest like pulling on the knot of a water balloon until the areolas form a point. Then I release after holding for a second or two. It drives her nuts!

Soon she couldn’t take it anymore and pulled down my boxers, wasting no time in taking my semi-firm cock in her mouth. She began with slow, hard sucking, jerking me with her hand while bobbing up and down and moaning all the while. Then she changed it up a bit and just licked up and down my now rock solid shaft from the bottom of my sack all the way to my tip. Occasionally, she even went below my balls and licked my asshole a little bit, stopping each time before I got uncomfortable. Then, sucking my balls one at a time followed by more all-over licking, she treated my cock as if it were a lollipop and this was her last chance to have one.

Neither of us wanted to wait, so she quickly straddled me and sat on my cock, her pussy so soaked that my dong glided in effortlessly. She began bouncing while hugging me for balance, going higher and harder with every squat.

I love it when she bounces hard, and after what seemed like 30 minutes, I was coming to the end of our morning sex. I warned her that I was gonna bust my load and she immediately got off of me and down on her knees, sticking out her tongue and pushing her titties together. She is gorgeous already, but seeing her in this position is truly a sight to behold.

“I’m ready, daddy! Spray your little angel. And please don’t forget my mouth.”

When I heard that and saw how anxiously she awaited her treat, I exploded like a gushing volcano. The first rope mostly hit in her mouth with just a tad on her lips. The next landed on her neck and tits, leaving a thin stream across them. I squirted more as rapidly as I could, across her face and tits and neck before she grabbed my cock and sucked whatever remained. I looked at her, and she at me, while the credits rolled.

“Looks like we missed the movie, Babe,” she said, and we both cracked a smile.

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