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How often do you and your spouse get it on?

I’m curious how my relationship with my wife compares to yours. I met my wife online, on a dating site, while we were both in different countries. With respect to her, I’m only sharing the intimacy aspect of our relationship. We are both young and healthy, I’m in my 30’s and she’s in her 20’s […]

Favorite lingerie

Ladies, what’s your favorite lingerie to wear to excite your man? A body stocking, sheer or mesh or neither? A camisole? A bustier with silk panty briefs or silk boy shorts? Something stringy like a typical nighty or perhaps something exotic like some leather strapped top that exposes your nipples? Do you prefer a sexy […]

A Movie and Sex

I wasn’t working this morning so my wife and I, per usual, planned to spend quality time doing something together. Lately, we have been going to the gym during my time off, but sometimes we just watch a movie at home. Today I had a craving for comedy, so we put on Demolition Man. We […]

Hot day by the pool

Living in south Texas, the high heat and sauna-like humidity can get pretty miserable, especially in the months June through September. And this particular day was no exception, but that’s just fine when you have a gorgeous wife and a refreshing pool to cool off in. My wife is a stay at home wife for […]