This is a couples version of monopoly. I expect it is best for those who already enjoy monopoly, like us, or are at least very competitive. It is a race! Can he beat her before she has her way with him? (Probably not…)

Getting Finished:

  • He wins when she is naked & broke. Essentially, he is trying to win monopoly.
  • She wins when both she and he have reached an agreed upon number of orgasms – for instance, for my wife & I, it would be one each. Essentially, she is trying to get sex.

Getting Started:

  • Start each player with 2 railroads & a utility.
  • If it is agreeable to both players, they can start wearing whatever clothing they want, regardless of whether it is even. More clothes, longer game.
  • Decide on some ground rules, like no bullet vibes, butt sex, or blindfolds.
  • Decide how many orgasms she needs to win.

Getting to Orgasm:

  • Anywhere he is bare, she can touch him, however she wants, whether that is a blowjob or humping his leg. Anywhere she is bare, she can require him to touch her, whether a back rub or annilingus is up to her.
    If he pays her $50, she loses both authorities until she passes Go.
  • Lube & toys follow the same rules as touch, but require her to pay $50 to the bank. This price is once per item per game, so she only has to unlock the vibrator once.
  • Once per game & only if they are both naked, for $500 she can require him to make love to her; however, she waits until one of them cums – this can be the winning orgasm. This is the only allowed PIV.

Getting Naked:

  • When paying rent, if the amount is >50, remove an article of clothing. This is only once per payment (so, paying $100 in rent does not mean removing both socks).
  • When you land on go or Free Parking, you get back a piece of clothing.
  • If you go to jail or pay taxes, lose a piece of clothing in addition.

Getting Fined ($ goes to the bank):

  • Any player caught masturbating is fined $50. So, if she unlocks the bullet vibe, she can’t just pop it on her clit until she cums. She has to have him use it on her.
  • While in jail, you are handcuffed by your lover & cannot touch or require touching. Violations incur a $50 fine.
  • Either player may fine the other player $10 for delay of game after issuing a warning. This prevents her from waiting to roll until she has made him orgasm.
  • If you must remove clothing, but you are naked, there is a $50 fine for indecent exposure.

To the Victor:

  • Naturally, you can decide on any rewards you see fit, they should include both sex & something demonstrating the clear superiority of the winner.
  • If he wins, she must have sex with him in his favorite position & then, caressing his manhood, she must whisper to his cock how awesome he is.
  • If she wins, she gets all his money & property. They have likely both already had at least one orgasm, but if she needs another round, she has the $500. Then he kisses her far superior butt however she likes it. He no longer has the $50 to get out of it.

A PDF version of the rules for him & for her has been created & will be downloadable as soon as I figure out how to attach it to the post.
I would love any feedback or ideas you have!

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