Masturbation Poll – Spouses

Just a quick poll.  Vote by your comments.  I have a feeling the numbers will be high!

How many wives get aroused or enjoy watching your husband masturbate to completion?

How many husbands get aroused or enjoy watching your wife masturbate to completion?

If you do enjoy, have you ever asked your spouse to do it so that you can watch?

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22 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    None, none and no. And that's just because we love the orgasms from actual intercourse. I mean we masturbated each other to orgasm from when I was pregnant & showing, and waiting for those 6 weeks post birth to have sex again, but it just wasn't the same for us. You know that "never want to go back" feeling, not just with this, but anything? It was like that with us, orgasms from sex are the best, and also we would much rather have sex! Sex is amazing, and we love it! God bless

  2. youngcocouple2006 says:

    My wife is not really a fan. She prefers the whole thing. I do also but love watching it or even hearing about it. She has recorded several videos for my viewing pleasure only!

  3. Troy Anderson says:

    Masterbation is abig part of our love making.its a big part of our foreplay.for us. For me to watch my wife masterbate with a toy is a big turm on for me. Whatching he with a wearable toy as we whatch tv and seeing my wife getting aroused wow. I am for watching each other masterbate i feel it helps build trust with each other.

  4. Lovinghusband says:

    We are into it all! I love watching her and she me. I love thinking about her masturbating. It is one of the most erotic things in my mind. Yes, we love oral sex. Yes, we love fucking. Yes, we love the thousands of variations of foreplay. Masturbation is just one of the delectable items on our sexual menu. Masturbation fans? Yes! LH

  5. Old Lover says:

    My wife loves to watch me masturbate and I love to watch her masturbate. We take great delight in watching and hearing each other's self-pleasuring. We also encourage and take delight in each other masturbating when horny if we are not available to each other. We never deprive each other of sexual intimacy and coming together for an orgasm for one or both of us, so masturbation is a wonderful addition to our repertoire.

    One additional point to make regarding the definition of masturbation – it is when we pleasure ourselves without any stimulation from each other. We consider holding each other or passive touching each while we watch each other masturbate as masturbation, but any stimulation (i.e.: my caressing her breast as she massages her clit) by each other in a foreplay sense would not be masturbation. Masturbation is 'hands off' by the passive spouse and only 'hands on' by the masturbating spouse.

  6. Happy Husband says:

    Since it is my own poll, the answer is – my wife says that watching me masturbate does not do much for her, while I love watching her masturbate, even if she has only masturbated to completion for me twice in 30 years, and yes I had to ask. Now she plays with herself for brief periods during sex, such as when I am lubing up a toy or if we are taking a break, but she almost always prefers my stimulation to self-stimulation.

  7. Ilvmywife69 says:

    Unfortunately we haven't gotten to that point. My wife knows that I masturbate, but according to her she never does. In 16 years of marriage I have seen her touch herself (sexually) twice and that was for a very brief time. But hey, the love making is still good so we just go with it!

  8. Art says:

    Love it too. Join us at M&S+. Masturbation Support. Both me and my wife do it all the time. She uses a Wand vibrator and I use my hand. Since I am uncircumcised, it is easy to do. Thanks for your question on here.

  9. John Thompson says:

    My wife and I both masturbate in each other's presence. Sometimes when we've had sex and she's still aroused and wants another orgasm she will masturbate and I like to watch. Sometimes when I'm in the mood for sex and she isn't she's happy for me to masturbate. As I do she will run her hands over my thighs, chest and scrotum in a lovely way that keeps my penis really hard. It's a natural aspect of our marriage.

  10. OneCouple says:

    I travel and work away from home a lot, we didn't want that to negatively impact our intimate time. So yes, we both masturbate for and with each other, or solo, send pictures and videos, or sexual text messages.

  11. anon says:

    My wife is not a big fan… I however absolutely would love to watch. We do however every so often put up a "partition" made from an old sheet on our bed. So our activities are hidden from each other. And then masturbate and talk dirty to each other. She is starting to enjoy it more and I hope that one day we might take that partition down… any advice on how I can make her feel more comfortable with it would be very welcomed.

  12. Anonymous says:

    My wife and I have masturbation monday. That is where that is all we do, just masturbate for each other. We tell each other stories both true and fantasies about what we want to do. We both masturbate almost every day even if we make love. One of my favorite things is watching her and performing for her. It is by far the best thing a couple can do for themselves and for each other.

  13. Sarge says:

    My wife and I enjoyed watching each other very much. When I'd be going down on her, she would always tell me to masturbate at the same time. I'm a veteran and I pride myself on multitasking, so one hand caressing and tweaking her breasts and nipples, my mouth and tongue playing in her beautiful vagina and flicking her clit, and the other hand jacking my cock.
    If you've read any of my stories you know she's passed on now, and the last few years intercourse was out of the questing because of a skin disease. Not herpes. So, masturbation was the game and we played it well. Plus, she still gave me amazing blow jobs. Alas, sigh.
    But yes, hands up for all three.

  14. D&D says:

    I love to watch my wife, she knows that I love it and I'm visual, on the other hand does not find watching me erotic or sexy. in fact she is uncomfortable with watching me. She never masturbated prior to marriage and only a couple in the past year of our 34 yrs of marriage, but just the other night we made love and she came several times and then after I had finally came. She was still horny and so she went to town on herself!!! Wow was that sexy and she had one major orgasm to finishing off her night or she thought. She laid there panting spent and then she did the most amazing sexy thing she shoved her fingers in my mouth which i greedily cleaned off, while I sucked her fingers clean she came one more time.

  15. tgrcpl says:

    My wife is not a fan of masturbation. She said it's because there is no intimacy in it for her. If she does masturbate it's once in a blue moon and only a prelude to sex.
    I do masturbate often. I've found it a way for me to learn to control my orgasm thus increasing our sex time ALOT! She has watched me on multiple occasions and I often ask her for "visual aid" when she's not fully in the mode.

  16. Alicia G. M. says:

    Would love to watch Trey. Think it would be hot. However, Trey claims he has no need to masturbate now that he has me. Sweet, but I still think it would be so fucking hot.
    I absolutely love sex with Trey, but I still enjoy masturbating. I have touched myself in front of him, but never to orgasm. We always end up fucking. Not that I am complaining mind you!!!

  17. hornyGG says:

    Absolutely! Ben and I love and enjoy a passionate sex life. Masturbation is a form of sex we both enjoy, both together and separately.

  18. forlife says:

    I love having my wife watch me stroke myself. And I can't get enough of watching her. I like to cum on her clit just as she orgasms… if we time it right she gets a warm slippery boost to her orgasm. Whether it's foreplay or we go to completion it's a frequent and fun way we enjoy each other.

  19. Ron and lisa says:

    Definaty a must .i love to watch my wife lisa master ate her plump swollen pussy. I talk dirty to her and makes her so horny.its big part of sexy.

  20. Smbandit says:

    The wife gets aroused watching me get relief from it. I enjoy watching her getting aroused and like watching her work at it. We try to do it together.

  21. Me says:

    Watching her masturbate is super arousing! I don't know if she likes to watch me as much, but we sometimes masturbate while watching the other one as part of our love session!

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