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This is a subject that permeates our culture. For whatever reason, the size of the male genitalia seems to be interpreted as a representation of a man’s masculinity and sexual ability. To put it bluntly, the larger the equipment, the better the man. Clearly, this can lead to a lack of confidence in some men (and perhaps an excess of confidence in others). But obviously, it’s almost entirely a myth that a greater penis size equals a greater level of sexual ability.

I believe Marriage Heat promotes the correct view of penis size: skill as a lover beats raw size 99 times out of 100. But of course, there are circumstances where bigger is better. If a husband is on the small side and his wife has to resort to sex toys to hit the right spots, penis enlargement might be a good thing to look at. If a husband is already an average size or slightly larger but wants to give his wife that “oh-so-full” feeling she craves, “male enhancement” might just be the thing to add the extra sizzle that turns a blaze into a bonfire.

Keeping in mind that skill beats size 99% of the time, for those couples who still want a little more, there are some options.

To start with the basics, there are two key measurements when it comes to penis size: length (the simple distance between the base and the tip) and girth (the circumference of the shaft). Obviously, the main goal of a penis enlargement program is to increase either the length, the girth or both. There are several methods that I will outline below, and one that I think is clearly best that I will give more information on.

  1. Pills can be expensive and are infamous for failing to deliver results.
  2. Surgeries are expensive and potentially dangerous. To increase length, the most common surgical procedure is to cut the ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone. says the length gain from this procedure is less than an inch on average (and really isn’t extra length, it’s just showing more of what’s hidden up inside the body), and additional measures must be taken to keep the ligament from reattaching. To increase girth, either fat, silicone or tissue grafts are placed into the penis to bulk it up.
  3. More natural and effective methods may take several months to yield results, but they are safe and lasting. These include stretching and “penis pumps”, about which I will go into more detail.

The two main methods I’ve found that have a good ratio of cost, risk and benefit are “penis pumps” and a variety of manual manipulations that I’ll simply refer to as “stretching”.

Stretching is my personally preferred method of going about enlarging one’s penis, as it is free and has the least risk of side effects. There are great sites that explain the core stretch/exercise of “jelqing.” Be warned, there are occasional explicit images of male genitalia (and ads that appear with lingerie-clad women). But if you can get past that, you will have access to what I have found to be the most comprehensive site on penis enlargement and other various sex topics.

Penis pumps are my second choice because both the cost and risks are a little higher. The most common use for penis pumps is treating erectile dysfunction. The main part of the device is a cylinder into which the penis is inserted, then the cylinder is depressurized to draw blood into the penis, creating an erection which is usually maintained by leaving a tight ring at the base of the penis which prevents the blood from leaving. Sources vary on the effectiveness of these devices for permanent enlargement, but some users have seen considerable gains in size from them. They have a series of pages that explain the what, why and how of penis pumps for penis enlargement.

And please don’t just take my word for any of this. I am most definitely not an expert in this area, I am simply sharing a discovery with you all that I have only begun to explore myself. If you want more information, simply google search “natural penis enlargement,” “jelqing” or other phrases along those lines. If this is an interesting topic to you, I highly recommend doing your own research on the subject to find the options that are most suitable for you!

I hope that this information will be useful!

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  1. HusbandInTraining
    HusbandInTraining says:

    I'm glad you had the courage to speak up about this. Many men act as if even looking into this issue is something that brings shame, but it shouldn't be like that at all. I began my natural Penis Enhancement program just under 6 years ago, and it has paid off BIG TIME (pun intended). I never had a problem with length; I wanted more girth, and all of this was based on the misunderstanding of what a good/average size was. It wasn't until a month or two into my exercises that I found out that my starting sizes were WELL above average. This misperception is exactly what you get when from watching porn. Thankfully, God has taken that from me. But, I continued with my work because I want my wife to be satisfied. Granted, it's the magic in the wand that counts, but rarely have you heard someone complain about having great magic from a big wand. So, as of today, I have achieved my PE goals and continue to maintain my current size with a maintenance routine, just like one would do in a gym for the muscles.

    If any of you brothers out there are interested in getting larger for necessary reasons, or just want to take what you have to the next level, search for "Thunders Place" or "PE Gym". They have plenty of helpful information, exercises, instructional videos (done with education/information purposes in mind) without all the inappropriate imagery.

    Brothers, this is our temple. Just like women exercise to keep their temples in shape, we have exercises, too. Don't be ashamed. It's your tool to pleasure your wife. Make sure you maintain it and keep it functioning in excellent condition. Age. Means. Nothing.

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