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If you’re a man anything like me, you may have occasionally had thoughts along these lines: “Women are so blessed to be able to experience multiple orgasms. I sure wish us guys could experience that.” I mean, even though I’m a virgin and saving myself for my future wife, I can imagine what it would be like to watch my wife writhe around in bed in sheer bliss, panting, moaning and having orgasm after orgasm. The wonder at the sight of God’s most beautiful creation in it’s most beautiful state; the amazement of knowing that I helped give her this immense pleasure; …but in the back of my mind I’m bothered by that tiny but nagging disappointment that I could never receive that same extended pleasure.

Maybe it’s just me, but I get the feeling that a lot of us men have had similar thoughts at one time or another. But what if I told you that men actually can experience multiple orgasms? What if rather than making love, finishing, and having to wait 30 minutes to an hour (or more) to go again, you never even had to stop in the first place? From what I have learned, this is actually possible.

The fundamental concept behind male multiple orgasms is to realize that orgasm and ejaculation are not the same things. Orgasm is that rush of extreme pleasure that we get at the climax of sexual activity; we all know it well. Ejaculation is a reflex normally triggered a couple of seconds after the onset of orgasm, in which a series of contractions expel semen through the penis. After the ejaculatory reflex has run its course, the system is flooded with a hormone called Prolactin that suppresses erections and sexual desire, which is why men almost always lose their erection within a couple of minutes of ejaculating. The key thing to know is that orgasm and ejaculation can actually be separated to create what is called a “non-ejaculatory orgasm.” This way, the orgasm can be experienced without loss of erection or sexual drive. Now the man is free to continue bringing pleasure to both himself and his wife, perhaps leading to more orgasms for both of them!

This may sound quite strange at first. Most men are so used to ejaculating when they orgasm that they believe the two events are inseparably intertwined. But if you can get it in your mind that they can be separated, you’ve taken the first step to having multiple orgasms!

Instead of writing out a long and detailed guide on how to achieve male multiple orgasms, I’ll simply share the best article I’ve found on the subject. It’s written from a secular, non-Christian viewpoint and uses intermittent strong language, but despite those flaws, I still find it an extremely valuable resource. I hope this community can see past the flaws and see the good it could do in many marriages.

Here is the title of the article: “Male Multiple Orgasms without Ejaculating: Exactly How to Have Them”

(for more information try Googling “male multiple orgasms” or “non-ejaculatory orgasms”)

I myself have begun to see limited success in following this guide, even without consistently practicing. I have been able to separate orgasm from ejaculation several times while masturbating, though I have not practiced enough to get consistent success and still find it difficult to achieve. However, one significant benefit I have noticed even in my “beginner” stage is that, even though I still end up ejaculating and losing my erection 95% of the time, my orgasm feels about 50% longer that it normally would. Twice while practicing this, I have been able to orgasm without ejaculating. I did not push for a second orgasm, but I noticed that my erection did not disappear and I probably could have kept going if it weren’t for time constraints. With a little more practice, I hope to be having multiple orgasms soon!

Let me know what you all think! I hope this is beneficial for all of you out there who wish to add an extra element of fun to your husband/wife play time!

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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Wow, I had no idea! I spent my whole life believing they were one and the same. How do you "separate" those two things?

  2. OneCouple
    OneCouple says:

    Holy moly, this is so ironic, I submitted a story called 'Cumming Twice, Orgasming Once' a week ago about this very experience we had !!!

  3. bravo1
    bravo1 says:

    For a self professed virgin that is saving your self. You seem to know a lot about male and his ability's that most, if not ale men have never experienced. I would love to experience what y describe. Maybe you have given me something to look forward too.

  4. PatientPassion
    PatientPassion says:

    @ Mrs. Thornton, I linked to an article that describes how to do this in depth, but it seems links to outside sources are removed in the editing process. The article I intended to share should be the first entry that appears if you do a quick Google search of "male multiple orgasm", but here is the brief version as I understand it: as soon as (or just before) a man hits that point of no return when he's going to orgasm no matter what, he clenches and holds his pubococcygeus muscle (the muscle he would contract to stop the flow of urine) which is called a Kegel exercise. I don't know the exact anatomical workings, but if the muscle is strong enough, keeping it contracted through the orgasm blocks the flow of semen. The orgasm is still felt, perhaps even stronger than usual, but the body recognizes that the ejaculatory process has not been completed, so the rush of prolactin that suppresses erections does not flood the body. There are other ways to accomplish multiple orgasms for men, but they are all considerably more complicated and beyond the limited scope of my knowledge.

    @ bravo1, I spent most of my teen years with a strong sex drive, but wanting to honor God, I channeled my sex drive into learning about sex rather than engaging in it. That's why I'm in the weird situation of being a virgin who is somewhat knowledgeable about sex. As I advised Mrs. Thornton, search the internet for "male multiple orgasm" and you can try to learn to do it too!

  5. OneCouple
    OneCouple says:

    Ok, just to clarify, so here is what happened to me (I'm sure other men must have had this happen to them as well). I pulled my cock out of my wife's vagina literally a split second before I reached the point of no return, a substantial amount of cum squirted out (basically like an orgasm), but I didn't orgasm and my cock stayed very hard, I took a short pause while rubbing my wife's clit until she orgasmed, then entered her again until a normal orgasm and a second cumshot took place.

  6. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I do this and get the drygasms, without always clenching the PC muscles -they seem to do that themselves- my penis pulsates without ejaculation, though it is mild compared to an ejaculatory orgasm. After some masturbating, I find holding the skin down to the base can trigger drygasms. Most times I like to finish with a big ejaculatory orgasm after drygasms and some precum.

  7. Andy Padden
    Andy Padden says:

    Hi, as an older man, who has had prostate removed, I find that long pleasurable masturbation is the best.
    I can last for a very long time, then when I want I can release myself to thoughts of my wife. It can take an hour or more. Just a glimpse of her luvly body, mature ass and large lovely hanging tits get me started. When i finally want to come, it's long and powerful. Much longer than before the operation. Hope God is with me on this pleasure.

  8. Me
    Me says:

    Multiple orgasms here for years. Read about it 20 or so years ago and began to practice. Multiple areas of stimulation is key for me. It is much like edging, which is applying stimulation until you get right to the edge/brink of ejaculation and then back off so that you don't ejaculate. Then when the ejaculation "threat" subsides, you continue to ramp up the pleasure stimulation once more but stopping short of ejaculation……thus edging. For multiple orgasms, my wife will work her magic and I actually relax my perineum while the sensations build. Then once she gets me to the "edge", I can contract my perineum which triggers many rhythmic involuntary contractions without ejaculation. Other times the rhythmic contractions are trigger just by stimulation provided by her without me initiating the first contraction. The key for me is not contracting the perineum while the stimulation increases and no shaft stroking when close to that point of orgasmic contractions. Stroking is good to build that sexual energy but I have it can put me over "the edge". Above, I mentioned multiple stimulation and my wife working her magic. Many times our lovemaking goes like this. The usual kissing and playful nibbles. Moving on to touchy-feely to the more groping stage—ha ha. We both are very oral and believe that foreplay is as much the target as is orgasms so there wil be much licking and sucking. My sexual energy is ramped up as much by licking her awesome pouty cunt lips as anything else. I have as great of a time giving as receiving, so guys, don't sell yourself short by not being a great giver! Once the luvst is flowing my wife likes to suck my cock head and tweak my nipples. Some times while giving an intense bj, she will flick, tweak or pinch my nipples and I will orgasm. Sometimes she will suck my cock head, tweak my nipples and with one hand finger my perineum. This usually results in multiple orgasms. If she is feeling more adventurous and gives some external anal play, then there will be several uncontrollable contractions without ejaculation. Just rhythmic pressing or one finger tapping on my anus is the key. Other dry orgasms are achieved when the energy is very high and I place my cock head right in her g-spot area, that area that feels a little undulating or roughened just inside her, and she rhythmically contracts her cunt. Sometimes she catches me off guard and I orgasm without expecting it quite so soon. That is ecstasy! I hope this helps others….husbands and wives alike. It takes practice so get in there and get busy!

  9. HusbandInTraining
    HusbandInTraining says:

    Thanks for the heads-up! I also posted a comment on your post for Natural Male Enhancement. Brother, all of us guys need to know this stuff and stop treating this information as if using it means we're "less-than". I'm making sure that I'm prepared to give my wife my all. Therefore, you KNOW I'll be looking into this subject here. It's my goal to make her "tap out" before I do…all while loving her.

  10. CMLove
    CMLove says:

    Just saw this post, PatientPassion! Thanks so much for sharing and I applaud you for your stand for sexual purity! You will make some woman very blessed indeed! Stay strong and horny, brother!

  11. HV450
    HV450 says:

    It really is worth waiting for the right person. We were both virgins and, although our honeymoon didn't work out as planned, being obedient to God has given us a wonderful marriage.

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